Cold weather delays

I am in Chicago until tomorrow. We are getting slammed with a big snow and ice storm. I was going to fly out tonight but the risk is not worth it. I’m a good pilot but even I know my limits.  I had a great Christmas. I took 19 of my family and friends to Morehead City, North Carolina for Want more?

Happy Holidays

The next few days will be busy for me but I did not want to leave this without a special Christmas wish for all of you.  When I go to Church on Sundays I pray for all that find their way here. I ask God to watch over you. I ask Him to bring joy to your lives and to Want more?

Free advertising

Since some articles came out about my book my website has exploded with site traffic and book orders. Yes the rag tabloids are printing false stories with the wrong name, wrong everything. But it’s making people want to buy my book. Or come here to ask me questions and ask about what my side is. It’s awesome. So thank to Want more?

Pay pal? Not really

So Paypal is a new and exciting headache for me to deal with. I was using my company Paypal business account and found out from Shelly…..don’t ever do that. So we took that one down. Then I was using a brand new personal paypal account for the ebook pre-orders and found out from Lindsay….don’t ever do that. So we took Want more?

Sharing is good

  I have found out that by sharing my story a lot of other people are beginning to share theirs. I think it’s helping people. I love the stories. I get to hear how people met people they really loved  deeply. I’m also hearing stories that would break your heart. I’m so happy to be here for all of you. Want more?