It’s so interesting to me to have all of these feelings bubbling up now. Why didn’t I feel them before? And now it is much too late. It feels good to have the memories of my past. I feel connected to Source and at the same moment I realize … Want more?

Change is good

 Good evening my friends. Things have sure changed since the last time I found time to write on here. I have begun a new relationship. It’s exciting and scary all wrapped in one. I can feel my heart skip a beat when I’m around her. She has all of my … Want more?

The big 4 2

Tomorrow is my 42nd birthday. I’m taking the day off of work. I have no plans and no idea what to do with myself. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. It really is nice living here. The stores are close. The neighborhood is quiet. I look out the windows a … Want more?