attitude  It’s so interesting to me to have all of these feelings bubbling up now. Why didn’t I feel them before? And now it is much too late. It feels good to have the memories of my past. I feel connected to Source and at the same moment I realize it’s no longer the same. I feel I am suffering. But I need to. It’s time for me to take responsibility for what I create in others. I am a master at words. I know that. It’s a special gift I have. I have written so many letters recently. With no home for them to go to. Because I’m too ashamed to send them. Or maybe I don’t now if they will even be received well. I hesitate.

I know I have the heart of a lion. But deep inside I’m just a scared little kitten. I’m facing my fears daily. I’m healing. I’m growing. With the help of my friends, I’m finally realizing my life isn’t so bad. I can be me, and be perfectly okay.

I have laughed more than anyone I know. I have loved so deeply. Yet no one has ever stood by me. Except one. She is incredible. She is the reason I’m back here blogging.

I wish her all life’s happiness. And I smile knowing we will speak again soon. I truly love her. And she does know that.