This is what I woke up feeling…still

A friend of mine told me about a movie she went to see last night. So I checked out the plot on wiki and clicked on the imdb soundtrack info. I found this song and fell in love with it.


Check out these lyrics.


If you could know what I was feeling
you’d know that I belong with you
and in this love never defeated
living dying here for you

and everyday seems it will never end
I fell asleep to wake and it starts over again

I’ve got all the time in the world
and every night to think of you
and empty seems like to last forever
but I guess Ive got nothing left to lose
nothing left to lose

I gave my heart while it was beating
and handed it over to you
and it was so beautiful when it was needed
and know its all messed up and left in ruins

now everyday seems longer than the last
and all the faces come and go
but nothing heals the past

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