A letter of hope

To my love,

I am so in love with you sometimes I can’t even stop smiling for a whole day. I find myself thinking about you and I melt. You have touched my heart and my soul so deeply. I don’t know where I begin and you end. We have become One. You are my heart and soul and I love you so desperately.

Believe in love again, as I do. Believe that you are worthy of this feeling. Trust in me to open your heart and kiss all your scars. I love you through everything. I could love you through anything. I love you enough to give you all that I am without question. You are the greatest source of inspiration for me. I can’t believe this is happening to me. To us. But I am so humbled by it. By you. I pray God has kept you safe and loved. I am here now in your life to be your rock, your biggest fan, and your champion of love. Put all of your worries on me and I will be there for you.

You are all I need. You are my greatest blessing and I aim to put all others before me to shame by oving you more than you know. To me love is a building block into creating the feeling of home. And I couldn’t be happier to say you are what home is to me. I love you for the gift that you are to my life. I wake up alone every morning waiting for my chance to speak to you and see you. I am humbled by your heart. Your capacity to love me is the greatest feeling. I love you and  I wnt us like this all of the time.

I choose you. I have always picked you. Even before I met you. You are my dream come true and my best answered prayer. I am proud of us. We have found love and a way to communicate on a deeper level. I love everything about you. And I love you. Forever.


Love Always,


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