Summer music

Im sitting in this park listening to some Celtic music thinking of everything that’s changed in a week. My future was rock solid and I knew exactly where I was heading. Now? I have no idea what I’m doing. 

I do know that I will be in Chicago all next week. My rental house is getting new floors and I can’t be there. Lindsay said I can stay with her but I need to get out of town and get myself together. There’s a lot going on and I want to get my 2 homes ready for my big move back. I think by the end of next month I will move back to Chicago. Things are so up in the air I don’t know if that’s what will happen. I’m not really a planner until I make a final decision. And I’m just not sure right now. 

These people sitting in front of me are smoking pot. I thought it was one of those vapor cigar things but Lindsay told me its pot. It smells weird. 

Its been a long day. We are going out to eat when we get enough music then I am going home to crash. We are going to the airport at 6:30am to pick up Lindsay’s friend Bob. He’s flying in for a week. He lives in Dallas. He’s supposed to be a big ol guy so she wanted my help to get him around. I hope they have a great time. 

Ive had a great Saturday. It’s been busy. I hope ya’ll have a great evening! 


I got a lot of things set up for next week. I will be in Chicago. My floors are getting torn up and replaced. Not only do we have to let the wood get settled into the temperature of the house before it’s installed, but it also can’t be walked on. Hard to do with 2 pets and myself. A week back home will help me get those 2 homes prepared for my moving back. Which is going to be sooner than I thought. Mark is in a good place and I feel confident he can handle this office in Vegas. He has been working with OKC and Chicago offices learning a lot from them. He was a blank slate when I hired him which made it easier for me to train him how I want things to run. And he’s very respectful of people. That’s the most important thing to me.
Today will be my last day in this office for a while. I’m going to Utah in the morning until Saturday night. Sunday I’m packing my stuff and flying to Chicago Sunday evening. I’m excited to go. I really am. A week there will do me a lot of good right now. It’s what I need.

Cookies and prayers

I grilled out again tonight. I’m really enjoying getting time to actually cook again. It’s fun figuring out what to eat. I admit I do stand with the fridge open looking inside for a few minutes. It can be hard cooking for one.
I baked cookies. I’m sending a dozen home with Mark tomorrow. To thank his moms for baking that awesome cake. It was really good. We sent the cake pan home empty which pleased them. They are really nice people. It’s still a little weird to me, but it’s who they are. And it’s interesting talking to them.
This week is brutal. My schedule has been jam packed. Meetings, phone calls, Facetime, Skype. You name it. I’m pushing myself to stay busy but it’s those quiet moments where my mind starts to drift into the past. Focus, focus, focus. That’s all I can do to get to Friday. If I can make it to Friday, it will be one full week and I know I will be okay.
Friday will be about Utah and the 2 houses I bought there. The demo is finished and it’s all about fixing them up now. I’m excited to see what the 2 contractors have gotten done. I hired a project manager to oversee both properties and she’s doing a great job. I’m going up to pick out paint colors, flooring, granites, and tiles. Then will go back in 2 weeks to see it all finished. I’m looking to sell first. If the houses don’t sell, I will rent them out to whoever at a fair price. Utah is an emerging market for real estate so it’s going to be fun to see what offers I get.
I got asked out on a date today. Which was very weird. I was talking to this woman and she was smiling and asking questions and then out of nowhere she asked if I was single. I said yes, and she said are you dateable? What the heck is that? I said yes….I think? She said guys that look like me are usually assholes. Lol I told her I was a nice guy but I had no interest in dating right now. Check back in a month. She said okay and left. Mark said that’s 2 days in a row I just laughed.
I am doing okay. Things seem to be going very smoothly in my life and I prefer to keep it that way. I’m making new friends and going out. Hanging out with Lindsay has always been scary/exciting. Hanging out with Lindsay in Vegas is a whole other level. We go downtown and I swear something always happens. That girl can make a friend just by standing next to them for 3 minutes at a crosswalk. And the people she meets are really cool and fun. I wish I could make friends that easily. I’m more reserved. Not really shy, I mean I can be. But I’m more cautious because I don’t really know my environment yet.
As I’m sure ya’ll have heard by now, a reporter and a cameraman have died due to an ambush on live tv. I did not see the footage and I don’t want to. I have already prayed for both of them and their families. And I prayed for the guy that did it to find peace in his next life. It’s so sad to know that these 2 folks woke up and went to work, never even thinking this would happen to them. I pray that everyone is safe tonight. And happy. You only get one swing at life, make it the best you possibly can.
I’ve still reading my book. The next section is a lot to take and I’ve had to read it a few times over. I’m excited to share my thoughts on it. The mind blowing stuff is much later, this beginning is more about setting the foundation of new ideas. It’s very inspiring to me. I love studying books. Heck, I just love books. I read way more than I watch tv. Although my tv is full of the most random shows you can think of. We won’t get into that, I don’t want to embarrass myself by sharing my tv watching habits. Lol
I hope ya’ll had a great day. Know that God loves you as I love you too. And enjoy the rest of your evening! I’m going for a walk.

A Course in Miracles

I am finally getting to studying A Course in Miracles. It’s going to be a long time before I’m done with it. But it’s so worth it. I learned so many life lessons the last time I tackled this book. I’m so happy to be sharing it here again. I know that’s why most of you come here.

Here we go.

ACIM01 ACIM02 This is the book I bought. This version is the 2nd edition and includes everything in it. The book starts out talking about the Miracles. They are a little confusing because some of them negate each other. I found that hard to understand at first. 






So what does that mean? Nothing real can be threatened? Nothing unreal exists? Huh? And how do you find peace from those 2 sentences? I promise you by the end of this book you will fully understand but for now, take it for face value. Nothing real can be threatened. If something in your heart or mind is real, then that’s it. It’s true, and no one or nothing can touch it. That’s how I interpret this part.

ACIM04This is where it starts to get confusing. There are 50 miracles. I have highlighted some of the ones that I really liked. Miracles are expression of Love. If you believe that God does Miracles, then this is God’s love to us once the miracle shows up. Or if you believe humans are capable of making miracles happen, then it happens the very moment your life is in need of a miracle. I believe it comes from God and God uses us to create the miracles for others. I believe that through prayer any miracle can happen for you. If you believe, your miracle will come. Not always when you want it, but in time, it shows up. And to me, that’s proof of God.

ACIM05To me miracles are service. It’s an act of hope that creates a great amount of love. I don’t really understand 21 here. Miracles are a natural sign of forgiveness? I don’t get that one. I think it means that we forgive our life for getting in a place where only a miracle can help out. But I’m not really sure on that one.


I do believe 36 on this page is my favorite. I think miracles realign your life into it’s true purpose. When you receive your miracle it becomes a shake up in your life and you really focus on being your best.


This final page sums it up. Miracles are everyday in your life. You just have to become more self-aware to recognize them. You can have a really bad moment and someone shares a smile with you. That can be a miracle. Or you are out of cash and your car broke down. You are crying and a total stranger offers to help. There’s a miracle that happened because your life needed it.

I like that there are 50 miracles but some of these are repetitive and a little confusing. It gets easier as we go on.



I have owned a house in Las Vegas for the past 8 years. I called it my condo because I only used it for boys trips for a weekend or vacations with my family or friends. It’s been a party place the entire time. And I’ve loaned it out to my friends so they can have a fun weekend in Vegas anytime they wanted. I upgraded it through the years and did a lot of landscaping out back. I finally sold the house. I am in a different phase of my life and owning a party house set up for movies/sports nights, pool parties, and all kinds of guy stuff just doesn’t fit my current life. I bought a rental house 2 blocks away from that house and moved into it. That’s where I’m living at for the moment. I’m going to be moving again soon. While I’m here I’m upgrading and changing out the flooring. It’s out of date big time. I already had a company remove all of the rocks in the backyards and lay down sod. I’m having to water it a lot so it gets some growth. I was told several times it’s going to die on me. But after a while it will grow. And be a nice grassed backyard. That’s what I’m hoping for at least. The inside of the house is pretty big. It’s going to be a nice family home for a family that is looking to upgrade. I’m getting a lot of the things fixed in the next 3 weeks. I think it’s going to come out really well.

I hired a kid a few months ago named Mark to help me start the Las Vegas firm. We have an office finally and are working on a lot of different investment deals. I had originally planned on flipping houses but it’s a softening market and I might get stuck sitting on them for longer than I want to. The price ranges I’m buying the houses for are great, but the upgrades and all the fixes leave a little profit. And that concerns me. So we are shifting things around and moving forward with our casino investments. I’m going to concentrate now on buying buildings. There are a lot of great opportunities here and I’m excited to see what kind of deals we get. I love buildings. I love standing there looking at it and dreaming in my head the things we can do with it. It’s like my own personal Monopoly game. Mark is doing a great job. He asks a lot of questions and gets things done on time. He is still not very confident but he’s getting more comfortable. He comes from the FLDS faith. He has 2 moms. Which is a little weird but they are both very nice. They both have long hair and wear long, homemade dresses. They are very pretty. He says they don’t wear dresses everyday but are always covered up. I guess that’s a religious thing. He is a nice kid and he’s smart. He is working hard to provide for himself, his family, and his Church. I guess his family still tithes to the FLDS Church because his dad and moms both have family still involved and he said if they stop tithing, they will always worry that their money isn’t going to help our their relation whether they agree with the beliefs or not. His dad and 2 moms left the faith before he was born. But they travel back to visit family and have to act completely different around them. I like Mark. He’s a good kid. I think he’s going to do a good job when I go back to Chicago. He is always finding things to check out or talk over. I like seeing how ambitious he is.

My construction business is booming. We have 12 divisions and they are all booked nonstop. Even in the winter time we have jobs lined up already. It is funding all of my investment firms and gas stations. Which is good since my gas stations are not doing so good anymore. I don’t make money on the gas, I make money on the things sold in the store. And listening to everyone we put in cafes to build up the coffee business. That’s the only thing saving my ass right now. Who knew coffee was so important? I don’t drink the stuff.

I’ve been able to travel and see my family a few times this summer. Being back in Nebraska is always a good time. So many memories of growing up there. It’s where I come from, but it was never my home. Texas is also one of those places I grew up but never really considered it home. I feel home in Las Vegas. I didn’t use to feel like it here.

Home to me will always be Chicago. It was my first big, bold, courageous move as an adult. I left Nebraska knowing I would never live there again. I loved my times in Miami and Miami Beach, year after year. But Chicago, man that’s a great place to live. I love it there. As soon as I get my businesses set up in Utah and Las Vegas I will be moving back to Chicago. And I plan to stay there for a long time.

I have met some interesting people in the past 5 and a half months of my life. All for the better. I have learned a lot and have found myself being more open and honest about my dreams. Work is finally calming down so I will have more time to write and read my books. I love read. I’ve been able to cook a lot more too. I usually prep everything on Sundays but this week I’m going to try to just cook. It’s different. I need different in my life.

I am adjusting to everything. A lot has changed the past few days and I am getting myself together. I know that things are going to be okay. This week at work is going to be tough. But no long hours. I’m getting burned out. I have a cruise to the Caribbean coming up soon. I’m looking forward to that. A week on a boat. I love to travel. I’ve been doing a lot of that. And I’m going to Dubai in a few months. I will stop in Paris on my way. I love going overseas. The Dubai office is finally starting to show a profit. It will be great to go see what my brokers there have purchased and what they are doing with it. It’s a booming part of the country and I’m proud to say I got in on it early. All of my connections through construction helped me find the right people to partner with to start a firm there. The laws are backwards and everything is 10 times bigger and more expensive than 5 years ago, but it’s a beautiful place on Earth. The architecture there is amazing. You can stand out on a hotel balcony all night just looking at the skyline.

I’m on my lunch break. I need to finish my sandwich and get back to work. I have miss ya’ll. I hope ya’ll are having a great summer! I love the comments. I only publish a few of them. The rest I just smile at. Thank you for coming here. You are loved!


The Book of Mormon

I listened to the entire Book of Mormon on audiobook. After 30 hours of it I finished it and came up with a few thoughts. I do believe that the Book of Mormon is a Second accounting of Jesus Christ. But I also believe that some of it was inspired by the Old Testament. There are far too many stories that are similar. I think that it’s a great book and everyone should read it in order to educate yourself on the Mormon faith as well as open your mind to possible other beliefs in this world. I bought my own copy off of and will read it again someday. To me it’s more of a text, not so much scriptural context. I really enjoyed the stories and finding new names of people in history who I had never heard of before.

I struggled through the first few books. But once I got past that, it kind of flowed and made more sense to me. I am glad that I got a chance to read this book and I really enjoyed learning about another religion. I made contact with a few people that run Mormon based websites to ask questions along the way. They were very helpful to me and we began emailing back and forth about different sections of the Book of Mormon. I value their input, although we will never believe the same way. It was a fun experience and I’m glad I took the time to learn about this. Up until a few months ago I honestly did not know what Mormons believed in.

Rowboat Book Club Book #32

We finally are getting to a real mystery. I hope everyone loves mysteries. Agatha Christie, The Unexpected Guest.


On a foggy night, a man called Michael Starkwedder breaks down near an isolated house and, entering it, finds the body of a dead man slumped in a chair. A woman stands over the corpse, gun in hand, and confesses to the murder. She gives her name as Laura Warwick, the wife of the dead man. She explains that he was always drunk and abusive. Michael decides not to turn her in to the police, and the two decide to come up with a cover-up story to protect Laura. In the end, they settle on an enemy from the past, by the name of MacGreggor, whose son was run over by Richard Warwick, the dead man, several years ago. They slip a paper in Richard’s pocket with the date of the accident, saying “Paid in full.” Then they stage the murder so it appears to have been recent, alerting the residents of the building.

The police are soon alerted and begin to investigate. It is revealed that MacGreggor is dead, and suspicions are exchanged. Meanwhile, Michael discovers that Laura was having an affair with another man, whom she believes murdered Richard. He, however, believes her to be guilty. Finally, it is revealed that Michael is MacGreggor and he had come to avenge his son. He shouts this to Laura, along with the fact that he cares for her, and jumps through the window, running away.