I got a lot of things set up for next week. I will be in Chicago. My floors are getting torn up and replaced. Not only do we have to let the wood get settled into the temperature of the house before it’s installed, but it also can’t be walked on. Hard to do with 2 pets and myself. A week back home will help me get those 2 homes prepared for my moving back. Which is going to be sooner than I thought. Mark is in a good place and I feel confident he can handle this office in Vegas. He has been working with OKC and Chicago offices learning a lot from them. He was a blank slate when I hired him which made it easier for me to train him how I want things to run. And he’s very respectful of people. That’s the most important thing to me.
Today will be my last day in this office for a while. I’m going to Utah in the morning until Saturday night. Sunday I’m packing my stuff and flying to Chicago Sunday evening. I’m excited to go. I really am. A week there will do me a lot of good right now. It’s what I need.