A Course in Miracles

I am finally getting to studying A Course in Miracles. It’s going to be a long time before I’m done with it. But it’s so worth it. I learned so many life lessons the last time I tackled this book. I’m so happy to be sharing it here again. I know that’s why most of you come here.

Here we go.

ACIM01 ACIM02 This is the book I bought. This version is the 2nd edition and includes everything in it. The book starts out talking about the Miracles. They are a little confusing because some of them negate each other. I found that hard to understand at first. 






So what does that mean? Nothing real can be threatened? Nothing unreal exists? Huh? And how do you find peace from those 2 sentences? I promise you by the end of this book you will fully understand but for now, take it for face value. Nothing real can be threatened. If something in your heart or mind is real, then that’s it. It’s true, and no one or nothing can touch it. That’s how I interpret this part.

ACIM04This is where it starts to get confusing. There are 50 miracles. I have highlighted some of the ones that I really liked. Miracles are expression of Love. If you believe that God does Miracles, then this is God’s love to us once the miracle shows up. Or if you believe humans are capable of making miracles happen, then it happens the very moment your life is in need of a miracle. I believe it comes from God and God uses us to create the miracles for others. I believe that through prayer any miracle can happen for you. If you believe, your miracle will come. Not always when you want it, but in time, it shows up. And to me, that’s proof of God.

ACIM05To me miracles are service. It’s an act of hope that creates a great amount of love. I don’t really understand 21 here. Miracles are a natural sign of forgiveness? I don’t get that one. I think it means that we forgive our life for getting in a place where only a miracle can help out. But I’m not really sure on that one.


I do believe 36 on this page is my favorite. I think miracles realign your life into it’s true purpose. When you receive your miracle it becomes a shake up in your life and you really focus on being your best.


This final page sums it up. Miracles are everyday in your life. You just have to become more self-aware to recognize them. You can have a really bad moment and someone shares a smile with you. That can be a miracle. Or you are out of cash and your car broke down. You are crying and a total stranger offers to help. There’s a miracle that happened because your life needed it.

I like that there are 50 miracles but some of these are repetitive and a little confusing. It gets easier as we go on.


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