Apology accepted

I got the apology I wanted. Thank you all for coming here. 

About Samuel

Single dad of 4 beautiful kids, Heston & Alex my twin boys, and my daughters Peace and Sky. Dad of 2 angel babies in Heaven, Ryan and Talon. Divorced. Semi-retired app developer, business partner, Commercial Real estate investor, Chicago Bears & Chicago Cubs fan, vegan, lifelong Catholic, voting independent party member, guitar playing singer who owns a dog, and 2 cats. We live in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I started my first blog Janaury 1st, 2012. Official owner of NotBatmanYet.com and @NotBatmanYet Twitter account.
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  1. I totally believe you too! I wish that you and Meri could reconcile. I think you are both wonderful people.

  2. I believe you—–I hope that if love was meant for the 2 of you that you find your way back to each other.

  3. how can you prove that you’re real? why don’t you post a video of yourself?

    • It makes me laugh every time the trolls have made a complete stranger question if I am real. That answer is obviously you think I am, otherwise why would you be here? I have been video skypeing people for over a week now to answer questions or just let them see me and my puppy. It’s a lot of fun. You either believe me or you don’t. But use your own logic and intuition. Don’t get your information from a group of fake named liars that hide who they are. I’m just me.

      • This is a question someone asked but they wanted me to delete it. So I will answer it so that person will get the answers.

        I’m wondering how all the attention has negatively effected you?

        It has made me not trust myself. For a very short time I didn’t even trust Lindsay. Because I don’t understand what a catfish is or what it really even means. Now that it’s been explained to me it really pissed me off anyone would ever call me that because it’s not true. At all. I have been harassed online, phone calls to my old work cellphone, to two of my offices which disrupted my work days. These trolls have contacted my family, spoke with my uncle and cousins forcing me to explain to my family why I had an affair with a married woman. It’s been stressful. And I blame myself for falling in love with the wrong woman. I regret it now, she claims she never really loved me. So I feel like a complete fool and it hurts.

        And why, if you didn’t want attention, didn’t you just let everyone keep thinking Jackie existed?
        I think there is a real Jackie. Who lives in Texas. But she knows nothing about this because she was not involved in anyway. The trolls picked her name out of thin air and claim she has done bad things. I don’t believe it. I think that’s just what trolls do, lie, create stories then spread it all over yo make people think it’s true. I don’t know who that Jackie is. And she does not know me or Lindsay or Kendra or anyone else.

        Wouldn’t it have been easier for you to just allow the media to think it was Jackie and moved on with your life?

        Yes but it was not her. I had the affair that’s on me. As soon as Meri unfollowed me on Twitter that’s when the trolls made up the lie that I catfished her. Because why else would she unfollow me. The truth is she unfollowed me because TLC had an executive producer named Amy Doyle follow me on Twitter to look at my tweets to see what was going on. To protect Meri she unfollowed me during a fight and then we decided to leave her off. But we were still together for 2 more months after that.

        You’ve said you don’t know Jackie at all so why not disappear in to the nothingness?

        That’s not living my life. If I was a liar, a catfish, that’s what those people do. They disappear or run. I have stayed right here the whole time and so has Lindsay. Because we are telling the truth.

        Your life and Lindsay’s life and Kendra’s life would have went back to normal months ago. Who cares if this Jackie person got harassed. We DO know she’s a horrible person and she has cat fished people before and she’s frauded people out of lots of money. So let her be harassed and you could move on?

        I don’t believe she has done any of that. No one has shown me a drivers license with her name and photo on it. No one has shown me any photos of her and the guy they claim to be her brother together at all. No one has anything with her name on it. There is no one coming forward with their real name showing any proof of anything. So I think it’s all lies from the trolls. Where is the real proof at?

        I don’t see how everything thinking you’re Jackie would make your life miserable?

        They say I’m a girl Lol I’m a guy. They attach her name to Lindsay’s photos and claim it’s all me. Total bullshit! It’s adding my name to horrible stories. Very frustrating.

        It would give you the distraction you need to fall back and out of this situation. Please some erase my comment. Thanks.

        I erased all of your contact info and I did erase your comment. I hope I answered your questions. I’m the one that has nothing to hide. I have proof of what happened. And I am real. Im just me.

  4. I love this blog

  5. You said you'd do anything

    And you have. I’m sorry I was wrong about you Samuel. You are a nice guy.

  6. I just “know” some of the extended family and they don’t believe it and said that Meri and Kody are strong as ever. Can I ask why you two broke up? If you are in love then why did it end? I don’t understand. Was it the public scrutiny? You seem to be hurting very much but it seems like Meri is having the time of her life right now. She seems happy and full of life. Maybe she wasn’t as in love with you as you were with her? I don’t say that to be rude, but she doesn’t seem sad and usually she wears her heart on her sleeve.

  7. The Brown family are laughing about this, they don’t believe any of it is true at all.

  8. I have never posted bankruptcy info of anyone anywhere! I also do not speak badly of the Brown family. You my dear are twisting truth and putting a spin on it. I am using my real name here. How many names have you used in various venues and groups all over the internet? How many facts about your life are real or fabricated? You have claimed to be married in the past, you also claimed to be single. You forget, that once you put something in writing on the internet, it doesn’t go away. You cannot even post a true pic of yourself. I believe you are mentally ill and I don’t say that lightly. I have a mentally ill son. I love and care for him. I wish someone would do that for you. I will pray for you. You need a miracle.

  9. Again, the only thing you need to do to “clear” your name is prove that you are real, not bash Meri or post more hurtful stuff. Post a picture of you holding your drivers license.

  10. Will you take a picture with a sign that has the date written on it?…really that will just prove that you indeed are Sam. That would end all the questions….super simple

    • I have already done that for a few people that have been nice and respectful to me. And I have also Skyped with 4 people since Thursday to prove I am me. That’s why people believe me and have been apologizing.

  11. I’m sorry but I think you are wrong for posting this so publicly! You are not a nice person, you enjoyed the spotlight and the cat and mouse game. Your friend Lindsey is crude and you hide behind her!. I have zero respect for you. You mentioned your cat being in heaven with your son. No catholic believes animals go to heaven! You never mentioned your beloved fiance perhaps holding her baby in heaven! Please just go away!

    • Lindsay is a very loyal and good friend to me. You are well known for talking badly about that family and posting all of their bankruptcy papers on Facebook. You and your fake Twitter accounts do not matter to me.

  12. It doesn’t matter whether or not she loves the attention, you are speaking evil of her and leading others to rejoice in wrongdoing. There were plenty of ways to deal with your family’s opinions without publicly releasing personal voicemails of a vulnerable woman who clearly did not intend for anyone else to hear what she was saying. If your aim is to clear your name, again you could have done that without releasing personal conversations. What the “court of public opinion” is saying is that you don’t actually exist, and there’s a very easy way to clear that up that does NOT involve vengefully leading others to rejoice in someone’s sin. You acted out of revenge, not love. Also, you are saying you slept with someone you are not married to which is a sin regardless of whether or not she is married to someone else. You say you love Jesus, but if you truly do, you will follow His commands. I hope that you truly do repent, whoever you actually are.

    • She began giving personal accounts of our relationships with her friends long before I posted anything. Her new friends went into attack mode and made my life hell believing her. I defended myself. And now everyone can form their own opinion.

  13. I get that you have had a relationship of some sort with her, but it doesn’t prove you aren’t the Catfish everyone is saying you are. Can’t you post a photo of you two together?

  14. Wbhshensley
    Have a great day!

  15. Yes I have everything. If I need to clear anything up again of course I will post it. I’m not scared of this. And if I was lying I would never stand here saying or doing any of this. I would either remain silent hoping it would go away, or I would delete all of my accounts and run away. I’m happy to answer any question.

  16. If you ever truly loved her, you never would have done this. You could have shown the proof to your family privately, there was no need to embarrass her publicly like this. You’ve proven that you’re a hateful and vengeful person and in no way a follower of Christ like you claim. If you do not repent and turn to Christ as your Savior, you will spend forever in hell.

    • She isn’t embarrassed at all she loves this attention. I pray you never have to go through the court of public opinion in this internet based world. But if you do the only way to clear your name is to share the truth. Because no one will ever stop until they are proven wrong. I do love her very much. It was her breaking our silence and her friends harassing me that caused this. I had kept silent until those same people contacted my family. That’s crossing the line. Now that I proved my point I get my life back with my family supporting me. And I get to go find the love of my life. Because clearly she wasn’t it.
      I have already went to confession, repented my sins and I ask God daily for forgiveness. I’m working on forgiving myself because I struggled from day one with cheating with a married woman. I never took that lightly.

  17. Happy for you Sam. It’s time for you to take your life back. Forgive yourself too! From my point of view you have been a gentleman all the way through this crazy time!

  18. My family is Catholic. They weren’t very forgiving when I told them I had an affair with a married polygamist tv star. I mean would you believe it before you read about it? They couldn’t even wrap their head around this. I disgraced myself because I was in love. Now I have to earn everything back. This is my rock bottom. I’m as alone in the world with a lot of hate being said to me daily. I pray to forgive myself someday.

  19. No Meri did not apologize. My cousin and Uncle apologized for not believing me about all of this. But when I had more and more stuff posted proving this really happened when I’m not only throwing any personal future relationship with any woman right out the window as well as ruining my professional career forever they realized I was telling the truth. Because only someone telling the truth would do that.
    Meri will continue to say I’m not real, I’m fake to go along with the main story the trolls created 2 months ago. That way she will never have to admit we had sex several times and fell in love. And that’s on her because she is more about counting her fans and followers than actually stepping up and saying I loved Sam.

  20. lawsuit???!!! oh my gosh! like i said before, don’t expect a statement from the brown family. this will be swept under the carpet and life will back to normal by monday, that is the nature of the internet. if you really want them to stop then you need to ask meri to make a statement, oh wait, that will never happen. ah well, just ignore the trolls, it isn’t you they are mad at, they are craving drama.

    • I had all of that posted knowing I will be sued at some point and I don’t care. I will settle it out of court because she will win. I did it and I would do it again to clear my name with my family. Let the haters do or say anything. I got my family’s support and that’s all I wanted back from this mess.

  21. dude, don’t be a tease, everyone has already taken screen shots, lol! better to stand by your words then bait people and delete. some advice for you would be to protect your heart and not be so trusting.

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