The Return of the King

I am back home in Las Vegas after an emergency out of town. Everything is getting better day by day but it’s going to take time. I have to figure out how to completely change direction in my life. I have a few ideas but I’m moving gently right now. I suffered a major loss and I am still pretty fragile. 

Some nice things were sent to me in my short absence. I appreciate everyone who reads this blog. Ya’ll make it worth it. You really do. 

I will not be working for a few months. I’m taking time off. I have to. I’m leaving all of my business stuff in capable hands and I’m going to enjoy my life. Life is too short. In the blink of an eye, this all goes away. 

God has given my this chance. I’m going to make the best life possible. I am renewed and happy. I am very happy. 

I realize how much I mean to people and I am going to work on myself. Get things together. I am ready for a brand new kind of love in my life. When God wants her to come into my life, she will. And I will hold Faith and Pray everyday that love finds me. It’s all I have ever wanted. To belong to someone.

I love ya’ll for being here. I have some great things to share. I’m going to start writing everyday. Stay tuned, my friends 🙂 

2 thoughts on “The Return of the King”
  1. I got so nervous! I thought you were gone, as in passed away! I know you blocked me on Twitter and I totally understand that you ate entitled to your privacy! When I thought you were gone permanently I felt awful. Thank God you are alright! Thank You God!!

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