Moving day

Last night I had my Halloween party for my friends, my employees and our clients and vendors. I had almost 50 people in my house. We had a costume contest. I didn’t win. I dressed up like Charlie Brown and my pup was dressed up like Snoppy. I will upload … Want more?

Book Deal

I have a publisher lined up. I’m currently looking for an Editor to help me write this book. Any help would be appreciated. Email me at   The book does not have a working title yet but it will be released on March 1, 2016! I’m excited to share … Want more?


Because of all of the issues, Meri and I stopped following each other on Twitter July 20, 2015. She was very worried the network would hear about the rumors and she wanted to keep everything quiet. I had asked her a few times to add me back because I was … Want more?


This was just a typical day. Us trying to stay in contact while I was out of town. I need to look at my calendar tomorrow, but I am pretty sure this was the day Meri had a medical procedure to see what was going on with her stomach. I … Want more?


A lot of people think since I have a house in Las Vegas that I stayed in Las Vegas the entire time the affair was going on. That’s not true. I traveled a lot for business. When I came back into town I made sure we spent several days together … Want more?


This was another day of us both working and making time for each other. The bunny is a photo from her backyard that I had. Our word for going off topic was, bunny. Which both of us do all of the time. That is the playground equipment the kids play … Want more?