Because of all of the issues, Meri and I stopped following each other on Twitter July 20, 2015. She was very worried the network would hear about the rumors and she wanted to keep everything quiet. I had asked her a few times to add me back because I was naive and really didn’t think it mattered there were rumors going around. She is smarter than I am, she knew it was going to cause problems. She was right.

She did not add me back to Twitter until after the affair was over, she added me back twice.

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This was just a typical day. Us trying to stay in contact while I was out of town.

I need to look at my calendar tomorrow, but I am pretty sure this was the day Meri had a medical procedure to see what was going on with her stomach. I may be wrong, but if I’m not Christine drove her to the appointment, waited for her, then drove her home. And Christine is so sweet, she or she had her kids check on Meri every hour to see if she was okay. Christine is a very sweet, kind woman. If this is not the day I will remove this and move it to the correct date.

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