This was the day they filmed the forgiveness scene between Meri and Janelle. They set it up around noon time I think I remember. Meri called me before they mic’ed her up. She was very nervous. I told her to keep asking herself, Who would she be without that negative thought about Janelle, she said she would be much happier. And she confided she thought Janelle would be much happier also. I kind of got on her a little and said Meri, Janelle has been in your life longer than Kody. She has been your sister all of these years. Start treating her like it. Hug her. She said she would think about hugging her. But she didn’t think that would happen. She said she had to go.

A half hour later she called me back and said I just got back you won’t believe what just happened. The crew is literally running over here to do a one on one interview with me about it, Oh My Gosh Samuel, thank you so much for helping me, thank you thank you. I feel really good! I feel great! And she had to go. About another half hour ago she called me again and told me what happened. What you see on the show is how it went. She got up and hugged her, then they both started crying and they said I love you to each other. Meri told me the producer said that was like Christmas to us. This will be a really big moment for the show. It’s been a long time coming. On that day Janelle tweeted out right after, Amazing things happen when you least expect it. I think later she deleted that tweet, but it may still be up. Meri told me that in the one on one interview after they filmed the scene she told them about the work and the worksheet. She said a very dear friend, meaning me, had talked to her a lot about forgiving Janelle. Which is true. We had talked about it off and on for months. Because I never really understood what the issues are with them until she opened up to explain it. There’s a lot. On both sides. It was so good to know that they are going to work things out. I have never seen that scene because I am not watching this season, for obvious reasons. But I am so proud of Meri. She was nervous and she decided for herself to forgive and love instead of holding onto more negative feelings. She was so happy afterwards. Her mom was in town and the went shopping. I told her to buy Janelle a little gift. She said she would think about it. It was a really good day! So proud of both of them. They do love each other, they just don’t know how to communicate with each other at all. They never learned how.


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  1. Why do you have to say mansion instead of house. That’s weird.

  2. @Anonymous says:
    October 27, 2015 at 3:07 pm

    I don’t think Kody is being a husband (physically) to Christine. Look at their anniversary episode. Christine begs Kody for affection and love. Kody tells her to honor the family and Christine would honor him and he’ll love her for that. Polygamy is on hell of a ride with lots of conditions.

    Sadly, Meri is choosing Kody over Sam. Look how much Sam is in love with Meri. Willing to love her unconditionally. Yet, she calls Sam a catfish. I really wonder what Kody is doing to those poor women.

  3. What does she mean when she says “baby that’s you???” It seems like you sent her a photo and she was asking if it was a pic of you. But if you had been together in person she wouldn’t need to ask if it was you because she would recognize you or not. Genuine question out of curiosity here. Thanks

  4. What is the text behind the blacked out box?

  5. Forgiving janelle for what?

  6. Curious, do janelle and kody have a relationship beyond coparenting their children? seems like kody probably is a husband to (meaning physical with as well) to mostly Robyn and a little Christine, not meri or janelle.

  7. Sounds like you actually give great advice and really cared about meri. Wow. That’s love.

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