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  1. What did kody know about you? What was his reaction?

  2. Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully answer all my questions. I imagined that Kody was emotionally/verbally abusive and so I appreciate your validating that. I am surprised that Meri sought a divorce in part because she was fed up with Kody, but I’m very happy she did. It shows that she wasn’t manipulated and was standing up not only for Robyn’s kids, but also for herself. I am shocked that she was telling Kody about you!! Wow! He must have been livid! LOL It’s so easy for the man in a polygamous situation to just turn to another wife when one of them isn’t behaving the way he would like. I’m glad that Meri turned the tables on him. I can at least be comforted with the fact that Kody got a little taste of what he has done to his wives all these years. It must have really shaken him up. Good for Meri!

  3. Did you and Meri ever Face Time? Also,when you talk about going for walks, were those together, or did you go for individual walks so that you could you could talk to each other on the phone?

  4. Who is she talking about? Who is she?

  5. (I have been trying to submit this comment, but keep getting an error. Please ignore/delete any duplicate posts I may have entered on mistake)

    I have a lot of questions that I hope you will answer: What does Meri say in the cut-off bottom part of that text? Who is Meri referring to when she says she wants to be honest with her? Why did Meri throw Kody out of the house? Does Kody evenly divide his time up between the four women, or does he play favorites? Is Meri afraid of Kody in any way? Is she afraid he would yell at her, financially harm her, or perhaps emotionally abuse her in some way if she goes against him or stands up for herself? Or does she have an equal voice in the relationship?

    I know you’ve said Robyn is a very sweet person, but is it possible Robyn manipulated Meri into getting a divorce from Kody so that she could marry him? I do believe it would be pretty easy to manipulate Meri, and Robyn sure has gotten everything she wants since she became a part of that family. Finally, do you think Meri will ever leave Kody, and do you think Kody will take another wife eventually? Thanks for any answers you can provide.

    • I’m sorry you are getting an error message. There were no duplicate messages. I will see about getting the errors fixed. Thank you for telling me about that.
      The cut off part on any text has a name a phone number or an address on there that I don’t want to post. She said a name in that text. So I blacked it out.

      She meant one of her friends. They were talking about me and Meri wanted to be honest about the situation because she felt she could trust her. This same friend later screwed her over and Meri was very mad at her.
      She threw him out of the house because she did not want him sleeping in her house anymore. He does not pay any of her bills and she was tired of fighting with him over me. So she kicked him out.

      He does not spend even amounts of time with them. He goes to each house as needed. He rotates where he sleeps. The nights he was supposed to be at Meri’s he spent at Robyn’s instead.

      Yes and yes. He is verbally and emotionally abusuve to her. She told me the past ten years she has been in a bad marriage with him and unhappy. They have had good moments off and on but for the most part it has been over for years.

      She has had no voice in the relationship. He dictates where they go and what they do on date nights, he argues until the wives just shut up cave in and let him get his way in order for the fight to stop.

      Robyn did not do anything to get the divorce to happen. Meri wanted to protect those kids and she wanted to divorce him because she is unhappy with him.
      Any story saying Robyn manipulated or did anything to make the divorce happen is a total lie and shame on people for saying that. Robyn is a sweet woman who loves Meri very very much.

      Meri will leave Kody as soon as she financially can afford it.

      I’m sure he will. Eventually Robyn will get too old and he will want a new younger wife. That’s how polygamy works. Older men with younger women.

      Great questions thank you.

  6. So is she saying in this text that you both have met in person? How can you be the catfish then? Confusing story for sure