7-29-2015 – The Famous Banana

We were flirting about a certain sexual act a woman does for a guy. I am a huge fan of it, and I do love bananas Lol It started because we were both eating a banana for breakfast. And it sort of went from there. She was teasing me. That’s why she sent me the photos.

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About Samuel

Single dad of 4 beautiful kids, Heston & Alex my twin boys, and my daughters Peace and Sky. Dad of 2 angel babies in Heaven, Ryan and Talon. Divorced. Semi-retired app developer, business partner, Commercial Real estate investor, Chicago Bears & Chicago Cubs fan, vegan, lifelong Catholic, voting independent party member, guitar playing singer who owns a dog, and 2 cats. We live in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I started my first blog Janaury 1st, 2012. Official owner of NotBatmanYet.com and @NotBatmanYet Twitter account.
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  1. You gotta realize too that even if you are real Sam the question about whether lindsey is real and not jackie still needs to proven, there is alot of evidence pointing toward lindsey and jakcie being the same person!!
    Sam everyone cares about Lindsey and Jackie because most people believe that you Lindsey and jackie are the same person. So like @embarrassed voyeur said ears are like finger prints and jackie certainly has some unique ears!!!
    Ive noticed though that since jackie was arrested Lindsey has stopped posting pictures of herself on twitter which is suspicious to me im afraid!!

    • Lindsay is not Jackie. They look similar but most of the photos out there are of Lindsay. People are putting Lindsay’s photos online and adding Jackie’s name. Lindsay is the one that became friends with Meri. Jackie does not even know Meri and had no money to travel to Vegas to see her. It’s ridiculous.
      Lindsay’s Twitter has been locked up for months. It is loaded with photos. She’s been hanging out a lot at the WSOP downtown and has a lot of photos with professional poker players on there.

  2. embarrassed voyeur

    I was just watching a true crime program and they said that ear shapes are as good as finger prints. You should post a picture of Lindsays ear and the other lady’s ear and prove everyone wrong 🙂

    So you broke up 6 weeks before this story hit the internet? What was all the fighting about?

    • No one cares about Lindsay or Jackie. The media has already made that situation worse. People come here wanting to figure me out.
      Yes. A lot of it was about when she was really going to leave and when was filming going to be done so she could leave.

  3. I still don’t understand why in the world you both split up? There was no reason to break up.

    • We had been fighting a lot. And we both decided to stop working together. She tried and tried. I just gave up and walked away. Then 6 weeks later this ridiculous catfish story comes out in the media and that’s when I realized she was saving her own ass so she wouldn’t have to admit the truth.

  4. Signing up for messages about new posts

  5. So if Lindsay lives in Las Vegas, why was Meri visiting her in a hotel room in Vegas? On one of your posts you said Meri was stopping by Lindsay’s hotel room…

  6. I don’t know…the photo of Lindsay in the car with Meri is identical to the photo of Jackie in the car with her mom who was arrested also. They have the exact same hair, exact same smile, exact same coloring. Those photos make it hard to believe, you have to admit…

  7. Thanks for the reply. But don’t you agree that Lindsay and Jackie look very much alike? Almost identical?

  8. So I have a question…the photos of Lindsay at Disneyland with Meri look just like the Jackie catfish lady. Is that really Lindsay in those photos? And if it is, is that why they are linking the two of you together?

    • Those are Meri and Lindsay. Jackie does not know Meri they have never met or talked. Meri is lying saying Jackie is involved. She had nothing to do with any of this. Her name was pulled into it by Cheryl Crisafulli.

  9. embarrassed voyeur

    I hope you can send out the link to voyeurs signed up here because I am twitter-hopeless. I need a Twitter for Dummies first. I find it difficult to use and I would never find your link

  10. embarrassed voyeur

    I must live under a rock because I didn’t hear about this whole love story until recently. I watch Sister Wives too but never read a word about Meri and Sam. If you get shut down..what happens to us. This is the most interesting thing I have read in a long time. Can someone really shut you down?

    • You will have to read the book. I do have a second website up that all of this content has been copied onto. So if this one disappears everyone can go to my Twitter and the new link will be posted on there.

  11. In last week’s episode of SW when Meri was sitting at her desk and she received a text, was that text from you?

  12. Then why post all of this to hurt her? Are you scared she will file a lawsuit? And again no pictures? Sorry just curious.

    • Nothing I have posted is hurting her. Why would it? I know I will get sued. Honestly I can’t believe I haven’t been shut down yet. I look forward to my day in court where she will have to swear under oath to tell the truth.

  13. I must say I too am addicted to this story lol. Mostly because I feel for Meri and want her to experience happiness.
    What do you think of the latest stories of Robyn hating Meri off camera? Supposedly there are texts where Robyn is complaining bitterly about Meri.

    • Robyn loves Meri very much. Those are lies by bad reporters who listen to trolls that feed them false information. There are no text messages like that. If there were they would be out in the media by now.

  14. Thanks for answering my previous questions, Sam. I truly appreciate the fact that you are communicating with your audience. The Brown family are being so secretive and calling concerned fans “haters” for asking questions.

    I have been following your posts and may need to go back to understand but I am confused as to who contacted who first…How did this whole affair began?

    Also, you are an educated, financially well-off, and attractive guy, what made you choose Meri?
    She seems so different from you. Some people say she is unattractive (Personally, I have no opinion on her looks), she is needy and whiny, and not highly educated. I know all those cliches about opposite attracts and people can’t help who they fall for but it seems so odd. Especially since she has a child and been in a polygamous relationship for so long.

    Are you attracted to needy women? Did you see something in Meri worthy of you?

    Again, thanks a lot for your posts and your answers to my other questions.

    P:S. I would really buy a book if you ever decide to publish. I would be great to have the voicemails written down.

    • Everyone thinks we started talking March first on Twitter and that’s where we met. That’s not true. We had started talking much earlier than that about the Liv products. We started talking publicly to each other on March 1st. She responded to something I had to say and we spent the next several hours talking back and forth. That same night she followed me on Twitter and she direct messaged me. Those are on this blog to prove it. I really thought that was it. But the next morning she direct messaged me again wishing me a happy birthday. Again I thought well that’s nice but that will be it now we won’t talk again. She kept messaging me. And we talked all night in direct message. Then I gave her my number. Within ten minutes she called me. We talked a few minutes. Then we started texting. All of this is on my blog. She kept contacting me. Because she said I was funny and was making her laugh.

      I didn’t choose Meri. Meri chose me. But when we started talking and I found out how much we have in common I had a huge crush right away. I was open and honest about the crush. And she liked it.
      Meri has a huge heart. And I think she is very beautiful. She is exactly my type. Blonde hair sweet, smart, and a nice ass. That’s the girls I go for.
      I don’t think she is needy I would say she was starved for attention. And I gave her all of my free time. We spent a lot of time together everyday. She is an amazing woman, very kind and I fell in love. She is my soulmate. And now I get to live the rest of my life knowing I found the love of my life and we can’t be together. It’s very difficult.

  15. Me and my tech person are the only ones that see the email addresses.

  16. I hate to be a complainer,,but geesh it’s hard to read all of this the way it is chopped up. I want the book too or maybe a Lifetime movie would be even better! I wish at some point, you would put all of the comments and your answers on one page so I could see when a new comment is made by you. It’s hard looking for new information. Yes..another one of your embarrassed voyeurs but dang, this is all so interesting. It would be interesting even if the one participants wasn’t a minor tv celebrity.

  17. I have been reading this blog religiously and checking back often for updates.
    My thoughts regarding why the blog is so appealing is that you know it was a true love story. To me, who you are is really irrelevant.
    I don’t care if you are Sam, or if you have another identity. As an avid reader, I would certainly pay money if this was a book. Don’t give too much away in case this is an option for you. I also don’t mean to insult you, but it may even work to your benefit if by chance you are another identity and not Sam. Don’t give away the gold until you have spoken with a publisher… Just sayin… Please post more soon!

  18. Talk to meri. Seemed like you guys were so in love, win her back n get married n u guys should start ur own tlc show lol it be nice

  19. I’d break up with my boyfriend if he was in love with someone else

  20. How does Peyton feel about you still being in love with meri?

  21. Why have some of your messages been deleted?

    • If it’s a screenshot of messages that just say hey hi how are you good or us saying each other’s names I don’t post those. There are also some sexually explicit texts that I will never share.

  22. I am not a huge fan of the show but I am one of those who truly wish Meri, Christine, and Janelle should break away and find men/relationships of their own.

    I know reality TV is scripted but many instances seem so real that I feel sorry for the way Kody treats his wives.

    It is really sad that Meri turned her back on you like that. Maybe she is so afraid, maybe Kody has something he would reveal to the world that Meri rather keep secret. Whatever the reason, don’t go so hard on her.

    I hate to do this to you but if you don’t mind telling us, how is your feelings for Meri now? Do you still love her? Would you take her back if she apologizes in the news about her catfish lies? Or will you just wish her well and move on?

    I ask this because you must be hurting now due to Meri’s betrayal.

    Finally, thanks for showing us your side of the story. I am sure the Brown will have something differently to say on their reality TV show. Those people will do anything for money.

    • I am still in love with her. She is an amazing woman, so sweet and kind. If we ever talked again I would listen. As for taking each other back I really don’t know. If it’s meant to be it will happen someday. But I’m dating Peyton right now. And we are happy together. Great question but until it actually happens I really don’t know.

  23. You didn’t know that? Everyone wants her to leave. I will be so disappointed if she stays with that dumb ass

  24. Ok i get it but why not post a picture to prove to everyone? Or u 2 together would make the Trolls go away

    • I have been posting photos and will continue to add photos to the posts.

      I do nothing to prove anything to the trolls. They are all liars and horrible people. I’m posting this to tell my side of the story with proof for all of her fans. So they know the truth of who I am and what the affair was all about. It’s working because a lot of people are reaching out to me asking questions or offering support. Apparently a lot of her fans want her to leave. I did not know that.

  25. So is your name really samuel cooper?

  26. Hi just curious why your Facebook got disconnected? Everyone is saying because you did not have an i.d. is that true?

    • The trolls report the Facebook account I use for my blog. They have done it before. I reactivite it when I get time to do it. It’s not my personal Facebook where my friends and family are on there. They do it to annoy me. And it doesn’t bother me. I will get over there and open it back up. It amuses me they keep trying to bug me. Nothing they do bothers me. They are horrible people. They are legit stalkers.

  27. God this is crazy. I’m shamefully addicted to this story. Quick question: You have stated that you and Meri were planning to get her out. Was she planning on staying in contact with her sister wives and children or was she wanting to leave the family all together?

    • The plan was to move her into my rental house which is 2 blocks from my house in the same gated community. The houses are 5 minutes from her house so she can still be around the family for events and meetings. After a few months when she got everything worked out the plan was to move back to Chicago together and get married. She always said she wanted to still be in the family for the kids. Not so much for the adults.

  28. she say “i thought you said yours was pretty long” that sounds like she hadnt seen it was she talking about something else no disrespect just a question thanks

  29. Haha, that’s funny. She’s not as innocent as she likes to portray 😉

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