Another day of both of us working and making time for each other. I had injured my foot very badly. It was crushed. I had a cast on it for a long time. Then I began physical therapy. Meri  started helping me walk when I was able to rehab it by walking on my own. She was a very big help to get my foot feeling better. She had found this baby batman outfit and sent it to me. We were talking a lot about having kids together at this point. She does want another baby. Just not with him. The B of M blog is referring to my Book of Mormon blog post. I read the entire book and wrote a summary of my thoughts. It was very interesting to read what her religion is derived from.


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4 thoughts on “7-3-2015”
  1. I feel so sorry for Meri. To want a baby so bad with someone she truly love but can’t…it must really hurt. I truly wonder what was said or going through Meri’s mind when she called you a catfish. Do you think Kody or TLC was looking for another story line and came up with this whole catfish idea to sort of sweep Meri’s affair under the rug? The Brown family are suppose to be this happy polygamy family but it is so clear by watching them on TV and now all of your posts, that the Brown family aren’t really happy right now and haven’t been for a very long time.

    Thanks for your efforts in reveal the truth about Meri’s love for you. I hope she comes to her senses and realize what she has lost.

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