This was the day before she was going to film the make up with Janelle episode. I asked her if I could share something with her. So she could start forgiving Janelle for all the really bad things that happened between them when they were younger. At that time we did not know they were going to film that scene the next day. It was a few hours after we both completed our worksheets that the producer came to her to ask if she wanted to give Janelle an answer finally. Meri said yes, I am ready. Because her answers on the worksheet showed her she was Judging Janelle for things that Janelle really could not control. There is so much more to this story, and Meri did share more about her relationship with Janelle than she did about the other 2 women. It was shocked, and sad to find out all of the many reasons they have conflicts. But 20 years have gone by, they are both not the same people at all from when they first became family. Time does heal all.


This worksheet is by Byron Katie and it’s called Judge Your Neighbor. It helps you understand to have a new thought about something that is really a problem in your life. I told her I wanted to do a worksheet on my secretary in Oklahoma. She could do one on Janelle and we would share our answers and talk things through. This is what made Meri finally decide to look at the issues with Janelle with a forgiving and open heart.

The other issue on this day was a guy threatening to expose voicemails he said he had from me and Meri. As trolls do, he was lying and trying to make her talk or at least talk one on one to him to get information from her. These people are ruthless, as we all have seen. They have no heart and will tell whatever lie they can to cause a reaction. It upset Meri so much. I had Lindsay go delete this twitter account and then Meri calmed down.

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2 thoughts on “7-9-2015”
    1. They have a lot of big issues and a lot of horrible history. It was 50/50. They both own the conflicts they created. I pray they do work on stuff because I believe they are both emotionally stuck at the young age in which the problems started. They have both avoided fixing things because they don’t even know where to start. Things were that bad.

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