Book Deal

I have a publisher lined up. I’m currently looking for an Editor to help me write this book. Any help would be appreciated. Email me at


The book does not have a working title yet but it will be released on March 1, 2016! I’m excited to share all of my thoughts from this experience. 


18 thoughts on “Book Deal”
  1. I believe you Sam! She loves you and deserves love. I sincerely hope you can be together again. Was so nice to hear and see Meri happy.

    1. I was contacted 4 times by different publishers. I flew to LA with Lindsay and we had a meeting about it with a publisher I was interested in. We signed a one book deal with a non-exclusive contract. Meaning they are going to help get my book prepared for online distribution. But if sales take off I can self publish hard copies myself.

  2. Omgosh, Sam, some of these comments are awful. Who writes stuff like that? I’m sorry you have to read that. Remember that you have many supporters. ((Hugs))

  3. wow..I didn’t realize you got such hateful comments. I think I have lived a sheltered internet life and haven’t seen such messages like this before.

  4. After watching last nights show I found the stories and than your blog. I expected you to be bashing her and her family. All I am seeing is you defend Robyn and give subtle info on Meri. Why is she saying you catfished her when there is so much evidence here in her own words that prove otherwise? Did Tlc tell her to call you a catfish so the show can weather this scandal?
    There is a lot of people calling for Tlc to cancel the show. It’s sold to advertisers as a normal family who happens to be polygamists. How can they keep this show going after such a disastrous season? It’s not just Meri at least 2 of the other wives are struggling with him. No wonder she wants to leave. Kody doesn’t know how to treat women. He might be a good dad but he is a terrible husband!!

  5. Meri called you a bastard. You fucking loser still tryin to pretend you cared about her. u don’t even know what love is. U are a sick fucked in the head fool.

  6. God took your baby away before you fucked him up beyond recognition….do us all a favor and don’t have kids….we don’t want people like your kind walking around….your son deserved to die…I hope you follow him to hell

  7. Kill yourself. No one will love you. You are alone because you are a scumbag. Put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. Kill yourself you piece of shit

  8. Why don’t you get a rope tie it around your neck like a noose and jump off a chair. That’s what the newspapers said your mom did. Just die

  9. You should committ suicide. No one wants you here. Just die a lonely death like your mom. Kill yourself and get it over with scumbag

  10. the reason why I believe you are real and this is all real is because half of these text messages are boring back and forth normal things just like my husband and I text to each other also.
    and what woman who wants children still would say the kind of things Meri says to you if she never met you? im not buying her story. i think she is saying catfish so she can get away with having an affair but stay in her house now that it’s over. kody is either really stupid to believe Meri or doesn’t want to admit his wife was cheating on him.
    she was in love with you Sam. this is a love story not a catfish story. the two women coming out finally after all this media attention are trying to be famous now. that’s what happens when scandals hit the media. people come out of nowhere and say anything to get press time for themselves.
    you should have never let her go Sam. fight for her. she was in love with you there is no doubt about it.

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