March 1, 2015

I have known Meri before all of this started publicly. We had talked back and forth but it was the night of the Divorce episode, last season’s finale show that we began talking so people noticed. We began talking on Twitter. Then she followed me on Twitter and we began Direct Messaging. Here are the public tweets that I sent out that day. This is from my Twitter archive. We did not start Direct Messaging each other until March 2nd. I have all of those too.

With twitter you have to read from the bottom up. Sorry about that format but that’s how it archived.


5 thoughts on “March 1, 2015”
  1. we know you had a real online affair and meri fell in love. We dont know if you are sam. post one picture of you and meri together and everyone will belive you and you can then get what you want be it closure or publicity…the choice will be yours. the fact you wont do that is what puts dought in everyones mind we need to see it to belive it. everything you post proves the affair we belive it, now prove its sam thank you

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