March 2, 2015 – My 42nd Birthday

0042 0050 0935 0938I had deleted all of my Twitter direct messages because she told me to. She didn’t want incriminating evidence. But what I had forgotten was all of these Twitter notifications went into my email. Which I pushed into a Twitter folder. That’s why I have these. It shows how we started talking to each other privately on Twitter DM. I screenshotted them to make it easier to read because on my phone it’s so small I couldn’t tell what it says.

After talking with Meri and one other person the night before, the night flipped into the next day. It was my 42nd birthday. Meri followed me on Twitter. I followed her back. She left me a direct message thanking me for a fun night. And to me that was it. I didn’t think we would talk anymore on twitter. I went to bed.

The next day I went into work and she direct messaged me again. Just wishing me a happy birthday. I said Thanks, you are very intriguing to me. That was all. Again, thinking okay well that was really nice of her. Now, that’s it, we won’t talk again.

I worked all day. Then she sent me another direct message later that evening. And we started talking for the next 8 hours. Up until 2:00am my time. At this point I was in Yukon Oklahoma living in my house and working in my OKC office. She was in Las Vegas so it’s a 2 hour time difference.

Here are some of the other direct messages. I’m working on getting my side to fit into between so you can see the whole conversation. I have to do one side at a time to figure out the time of each message.

633 634 634a 635 637 638 640 641 644 645 646 650 651 651a 653 654 655 655a 656 656a 657 657a 658 658a 658b 659 659a 659b 701 701a 703 708 713 717 720 720a 722 723 724 725

I teased her late into the night and said you should call me and tell me Happy Birthday. It was a joke that went back and forth. I gave her my cellphone number. And she called me at 2:31am my time. We talked for 4 minutes.

This was our beginning. It was not what I was looking for. I was not expecting to become friends with her. And I did not target her. This was me, talking to a new friend. I have never cared that she’s Meri from tv. In fact it was harder that it was Meri from tv than if it was just Meri from Las Vegas. What we had was a very fast connection. It took us both by surprise. And it was awesome!

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