March 3, 2015 Evening

  1. I’m not sure how to add the attachments in where the link is showing up so forget that. I’m attaching the photos I have. During the backup of my phone I did lose somethings. But as you can see I still have a lot. Okay let’s get to this section of the texting.
    I sent her the poem that is one of my favorites. Then I had to sit through a meeting at work. I was distracted. At this point, things are fresh and new. And you just want to talk to each other all of the time. I kept daydreaming about her. Have you ever been through that before? You meet someone and it’s not just a boom but a sonic BOOM in your life. And you can’t stop smiling? This is how I was feeling about this. The more we talked, the more we liked each other.
    During my meeting I drew a Mickey Mouse. A horrible rendition, but it made me laugh. It made her laugh too.
    When she said Lord give me strength. This is when she was filming the scene with Janelle coming over to talk to her. We were texting right before that. She asked me to make her laugh to calm her nerves and I tried. I don’t know how well I did. But she appreciated it.
    She called me around 8:30 and we talked about filming. This was the first time we ever talked about the show. I didn’t really ask anything because I wasn’t really into it. I was more into why Janelle felt she needed to talk to Meri about something privately. I didn’t know they had issues. And Meri really didn’t go into depth at this point with me. She just explained they had issues for years and she wasn’t really wanting to work things out with her. It bugged me when she told me that. I put a pin on that and left it alone for that moment.
    We were both exhausted heading into the night. She was doing homework. I was doing work emails and we were texting.

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