March 3, 2015 The Afternoon

  1. I got hardly any sleep. It was one of those moments in your life that you just feel really good. We talked all night and really shared a lot of personal things with each other. She was very different than what I thought. She is not like she is on tv. There she is not as open. She is guarded and likes to keep it light. With me she was having fun but also had long deep conversations. I was intrigued by her. Even more so after the first phone call.

So we talked. I went to bed. I got up and went into work and tried to stay awake. I think I got 4 hours of sleep. It was brutal. But I was really feeling pretty good.

I did have birthday plans. I was supposed to go out to a restaurant where my friends had a dinner party waiting for me but I blew it off. Because I didn’t really want to go celebrate my birthday and I was enjoying the conversation. Later on that day Meri sent me a quote photo. And we started texting again. But briefly. Later on in the afternoon I called her and we talked for about 40 minutes. Discussing the disney trip.


This  the quote photo she texted to me to begin talking to me. Very cool, huh? It fits me perfectly.

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