March 5, 2015

The flirting is non-stop on both sides. On the phone mostly. We had talks about what was going on. How it felt. Why she was flirting with me but she was married. She kept telling me her marriage was not what I saw on the show. She kept telling me how it wasn’t working anymore. How it hadn’t worked in years. She was opening up to me because I was being so honest about my feelings for her. She struggled. I asked her to stay open to her own feelings. And whatever she felt, tell me. So she did. She began to open up to me more and more. Because she felt happy. She felt wanted. All the things she wants to feel all of the time.
The butterflies became a special thing for us. She used to post butterfly photos or quote photos all of the time. She started posting them after I would say something sweet that would make her feel butterflies in her stomach.
This was the day my secretary found out I could get free for the weekend and go to Disney. I decided to take Mike with me. He lives in Denver. I called him to make the plan and he was excited. I’ve known him since he was 8 years old. He’s graduated college and is working as an intern now. So this was a big trip because I hadnt seen him in a while. Plus I really didn’t want to go to Disney alone and meet up with Meri and whoever she brought. It felt weird so I invited Mike.
This was the first time Meri was going into class. The rest of that semester I called her every time, we talked as she drove there. She called me after every class. And I only missed once because I was working. It became a special thing for us. This is also the day when the endearments started.

The guy in the Batstash photo is not me. I’m sure some people will think it is because I’m such a huge Batman fan, but it’s not Lol Meri found that photo online 2 weeks before her and I started talking publicly. She kept it and didn’t know why. I call that fate. I believe in those things.
This was the night her daughter flew into town. We were on the phone while she was driving to pick her up. She called me back when she got home and got her settled in. We talked for 2 hours. Then she called me back after 20 minutes and we talked more.


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