1. She gets paid for all of this. Her friend gets paid for selling stories to tabloids. I get paid nothing. I have to pay for my blog and the hosting package. My intention is the truth. I am writing a book about our love story and will price it so cheap anyone can afford it. Then donate the money to a group that helps women escape polygamy. I work I don’t need or want money from this.

  1. lex

    the voice mails i believe are her, but until u can share a photo of you two together, then the doubts of if you really are sam or instead you are what the media says will linger… it’s so obvious that’s the only way to confirm, and yet you don’t shut it all down

  2. RB

    I’m sorry, but I still don’t see this as proof you met in person. Her statements are vague (wishing you had been alone, can almost visualize you together) and don’t sound like absolute proof you met in person. Still not convinced fully, but will keep reading! 🙂

    1. I am not asking anyone to believe me. All I have asked is you keep reading and let the story unfold. It’s a huge shock what I shared. Of course your first reaction is no way Meri would never do that. But, she did. So now with the thought, she might have had sex with him, keep reading. When 2 people are intimate it brings them closer and during an affair you become desperate to sneak any amount of time together that you can. We hid this well for a long time.