Weekend audible

welcome-iron-coffee-lg  It’s been a great first week back in Chicago. I have been running all over downtown checking out my buildings and projects. I love surprise visits to see how things are going.  It catches people off guard, I only stay a few minutes but I get to listen first hand on what people need or want. Then try to accommodate reasonable requests. Keep your customers happy and they will stay forever. 


My personal life is getting back to normal. I’ve been hanging out with my buddy Josh. He’s worried about me. He says I’m different. He says my soul seems sad or I lost my smile. I’m not sure if both or none are true. I feel okay. I feel like I’m working hard and going home proud of what I accomplished that day. But that has never been good enough for me. I push myself. I have to. I’m it. My employees have no one else to steer this ship. And I have all of our money tied together. If one fails, it will be a ripple effect across the board. This past month has been very tough. I’ve lost clients, leases, and a few will not be renewing with us. I understand, but I don’t understand.

I had planned on going up to my Lake house for the weekend. To really sit down and start writing this book. I have notes together, and an outline but no pages. The curve ball I got thrown this morning is that Peyton bought a flight out here and wants to come visit. I stunned her with my silence as soon as she said it. It took me a few seconds to recover and be the gentleman my grandmother taught me to be.

Sure, sounds like fun! What time do you get in I will pick you up?

Are you really sure it’s okay? You sound surprised?

No it’s fine. I mean it’s great. It will be great. Uh what time again?

My flight gets it at **:**pm.

Great. That’s really great. Haha Okay see you then. Fly safe. Bye


That’s what this feels like. I’m trying to be cool but I don’t understand this. I don’t know why she wants to come visit me. We have talked everyday on the phone, texted some. We are friends now. FRIENDS. I guess that means friends get to visit each other. But I was prepared to see her in December, with her sister. She’s coming alone. Staying at my house. Wants to see the big city.

Okay? I’m okay? Okay Lol Dang, it’s going to be fun. She’s a beautiful young woman and I have a great time with her. I’m just…

Wow, okay. Peyton is really coming here this weekend. Why?