August 2, 2015 – The Alaska Trip

She left for Alaska. On her flights I would text her, leave her voicemails, and send her voice memos so when she turned her phone back on it blew up with all of my love messages. I did that while she flew into Seattle and again while she flew into Alaska. We did our best to stay in touch. We really talked a lot that first night. She ended up staying in a separate house from the other wives and him. She was with the older kids and the other adults that were on the trip. Which made it perfect for us to talk a lot with privacy. She started sending me photos from there. It’s very beautiful from what she shared with me.

I was missing her like crazy. Still anxious, still nervous. But I was so excited for her. It was going to be a very busy trip. They had to film at least 10 hours each day. They never got 1 day off to just goof off. They had things set up each of the days for people to pick what they wanted to go do. And of course there’s always the challenge of feeding the people staying in your house. They all took turns on cooking but it was a lot of hard work.

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  1. Can you post one of the voice memos you sent to meri?

  2. Your cute texts while she was on the plane made me fall in love with you a little bit lol I’m not gunna lie, super cute 😉

  3. embarrassed voyeur

    It was heartbreaking to watch. He takes Christine on an anniversary trip with a marriage counselor in the back seat of the convertible plus they have an old friend from Utah show up too. Really romantic. He shows no love ever for Christine. They both look uncomfortable. The last scene is a rock building exercise on the beach (the counselor wanted them to build to show their feelings for each other) and Kody completely ignores Christine , refuses to listen to her and builds what he wants. The whole episode made me was sad

    • Oh. That sounds bad. But I’m sure there was a lot of really positive stuff they didn’t show. Like I said editing takes away a lot of good things and enhances the bad to make the show interesting.
      Refusing to listen is the common issue with them all though. It was something I heard about a lot.

  4. embarrassed voyeur

    If you watched the episodes you would see how they must edit it to show a preference to Robyn. It may not be true but that’s the way it is shown. Last week he had his arm around Robyn a few times and he is never shown with an arm around the other wives. We can see how much you like Robyn but if you only watched the episodes you would see the difference the audience is shown. Maybe TLC likes that spin on the program? The anniversary episode with Christine was a perfect example. Such a sad episode to watch and see how he treated Christine compared to Robyn..ok maybe it is all in the editing

    • That may be why I don’t understand why people keep saying mean things about Robyn. I haven’t seen any of it. I’m sure he does that with all of them but they don’t show it. Please keep in mind this “reality tv” is not even real. For the most parts it is, but tv shows have to keep things interesting and relevant. So editing becomes a huge part of the show. A lot of things get taken out because it’s not controversial, it’s not interesting enough or there is nothing to keep people watching next week. Reality tv has really changed the way tv shows go and they have to serve their audience. It means without people talking about this show, without a scandal, the ratings go to shit, the show doesn’t survive, and the tv people just move on to the next family or subject. These shows typically last 4 or 5 years. Because people stop watching. A scandal like this makes new people that don’t ever watch the show, tune in to see what’s going on. The ratings for this year I’m sure are affected. In which way, I don’t know. What I do know is people come to my blog, ask me questions and want to know my side. A lot of comments. Over 200 each day. I’m trying to get to the ones that have interesting things to say. Or questions that make me laugh. The rest, I read and delete.

      What anniversary episode with Christine? I’m sorry I don’t know what that means.

  5. embarrassed voyeur

    If I was traveling with my husband and he was constantly texting while waiting for the plane to take off plus all of the other times, I would be asking to borrow his phone for a minute. geeesh I know Kody is busy with Robyn but still, I would be noticing Meri at some time and ask what was up!

    • It was noticed and mentioned a few times. Please don’t say he is busy with one wife over all the rest. It is an unfair statement. They are all busy with the kids. Traveling with that group was a lot of hard work. She found time for a few messages here and there while traveling. That’s how much she loved me at the time. She found a way to stay connected. And I love her for that.

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