Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to wish all Americans a Happy Thanksgiving. I am in Paris and am leaving for Dubai in a few hours. Thank you all for being here. Travel safe, eat a lot, and Go Bears! I love you all. God bless you and your families! 

22 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”
  1. I support you. I defend you. I prefer to remain anonymous because I get attacked because of it.
    I’ve gone through stages…
    I believed you. I then stopped believing in you because truthfully I wanted you to prove your existence somehow.
    Then, after the Tell All, I just didn’t believe any of the story they told. I’m not necessarily saying Meri is lying but I think she didn’t tell the whole story and I feel like she will still reach out to you.
    I respect how you’re standing up for yourself.
    I’m sorry I doubted you.

    1. If I don’t stand up for myself, who will? I know I did not catfish her. She knows it too. Someday she will see what this false accusations have done to my life. I have to remain graceful for that day. I am still in love with her. It’s my love for her that has gotten me this far. And all of this support, anonymous or not.
      I’m sorry the trolls attack you when you show support for me. They can not take me down so they are growing so desperate, they go after anyone that talks to me. In the end they are stalking me. I hope they enjoy the show because my life is awesome Lol

  2. I was away visiting my family for Thanksgiving — I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving. I just finally caught up on all of your most recent posts and they break my heart. Since I’ve been away I haven’t yet watched the last episode, but I have it DVR’d. Not even sure I want to watch it.. especially after reading your recent posts.

    As soon as I found your blog and read a few posts I realized that you were being open and honest. I’ve already told you once before that I originally came here due to the story, but you’ve really got a way with words and you draw me in with your posts. I am thinking of you, and wishing you the best. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes for you. 🙂

  3. I’m missing your writing, Sam! I miss reading your insights about life, love and the world. Selfishly I need you to return home soon so you can start blogging again. 😊

  4. Don’t worry Sam, they will never know what my social media handles are. i don’t need their harassment on my Twitter feed. Forget about all this for today and just enjoy the holiday. I hope you are not alone.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Sam. I hope you are not spending it alone.
    Guess what! They are saying I am you because I defended you. They also made fun of my grammar because I didn’t check before sending and made a couple of stupid mistakes. These perfect, brilliant people can not believe there are people out there that support you. If they don’t believe you are real, fine that’s their opinion but their cruelty is intolerable. It’s never okay to be a cyber bully. Not only to you but to everyone that supports you. Even if they are right about who you are they are wrong and worse than who they profess you to be. Look in the mirror people, who is the stalker now?

    1. I love ya’ll for trying to defend me but please don’t. I had the affair, I posted all of this. In taking responsibility I have to also take both support and criticism. I am sorry that these trolls attack people. They look anyone up that show me support they go to their facebooks or any of their social media accounts and work as a team to harass people nonstop. It’s disturbing the lengths they go to. Please do not defend me it only draws these people to attack you. I can handle them myself, or I send Lindsay. Very sweet of you to show support. I hope you are okay.

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