March 21, 2015

She was showing me it was time to go get a pedicure, which she did the next day. She was also showing me she put the panda bear I got her on her bed.

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  1. Thanks so much for answering. Yeah you’re right there are times that she gets a lil too dark.

  2. Do you know if Meri gets a spray tan or if she uses a tanning bed? I’ve always been curious about that. Thank you.

  3. Samuel Do you plan to do any interview?

  4. IMO, you are right to be honest with Peyton. I would rather someone be forthright with me, instead of trying to feel something they don’t. You and Meri’s love was very powerful. It takes time to get past that.

  5. Hi, you never elaborated on Peyton’s visit. She didn’t choose to become a public figure but you did mention she was coming for the weekend, a surprise visit. You also said she had something to tell you. Can you tell us?

    • She came here to get away from work for a few days and she said she missed me more than she thought she would. We stayed up until 3am talking. She says she is starting to have feelings for me and wanted me out of Las Vegas to see if I can focus on her or if I’m still not open to letting her like me. She said I’m so guarded it was hard for her to get to know me there, and here there might be a chance for something to develop. She said as crazy as all of my life is, she sees something in me. And can’t walk away from that without at least trying. So she came here to see what happens.
      We agreed we are not falling in love we like each other. She asked me to try. She asked me to focus on her and give her a chance to see if anything develops. I told her I can’t. She was very upset. We had a nice time and a lot of deep talks but she’s not Meri. No one is Meri and I am not in any shape to get serious with anyone. So she asked me to think about it when I dropped her off, I said nothing and she got pissed off and hopped out. I did not call or text her last night so this morning she texted me a very long message and I’m still trying to figure out how to respond.

  6. Me (the original)

    Someone else is using my moniker!
    I did not accuse you of being a woman.
    Hey Me- (you)
    Get your own handle, Merde Tete!


  7. So Mariah was ok with meri leaving kody? Kody was okay with it? Ugh, kody disgusts me. Don’t marry women and then discard them. Pig

  8. I personally like Robyn. She’s loves meri more than kody loves meri for sure.

  9. Wow, she told them in July she wanted to leave. How long will they be able to keep this charade of a marriage up. She must be very lonely. This is all very sad. I bet if it wasn’t for the show she would have been gone already.

  10. embarrassed voyeur

    As you say, it is probably in the editing. These are my observations from watching episodes but when Robyn showed up, Truly was just born and it seemed as if Kody was all about Robyn. I think last night is the first time I have ever seen him touch Christine in a playful way. He is all over Robyn in many episodes. He really seems to ignore Janelle. Robyn wanted that jewelry business and none of the wives wanted it but Robyn got her way. She comes across very whiny to me. I know you said Meri likes her but the recent episodes and editing doesn’t show that at all

    • You are probably right I never watched the first seasons and have seen nothing from this year. He has an easier relationship with Robyn but that doesn’t devalue any of the other 2 marriages. I’m sure they all have their good and bad times.

  11. embarrassed voyeur

    hmmmmm…how do you know all of this insider info? For some reason I always feel like you are channeling Robyn and most of the audience comments I read…they don’t like Robyn.. but you do.. Is she your insider?
    That would be SO cool but of course, you could never squeal 🙂

    • My lawyer emailed me this morning with that information. I’m sure it’s public knowledge and not insider info.

      I do not understand why people do not like Robyn. She hasn’t done anything but become a part of the family and actually help calm things down.

  12. embarrassed voyeur

    Last nights episode was a yawner. I know these reality programs have to take trips and do activities to film but this was one of the most boring programs they have shown. Ratings will surely be up for next weeks episode.

    • The next three weeks. They are doing a two part Tell All after the finale. TLC is milking the affair for all its worth. Sad to see that happen. I loved her, it wasn’t anything but love. I never asked her for anything but to stay open to me.

  13. Maybe she was referring to Kody about being a bastard and not you.. It could have been edited. My favorite part of the preview was when Kody said that it sounded like Meri was planning on leaving the family. I see a text bubble over her head that says ” Ya think?”

    • In July Meri told all of the wives in a therapy session she wanted to leave. They were all supportive and said they all wanted her to stay in the kids lives. It was supposed to be an intervention type discussion to figure out why Meri was not spending time with the family.

      The truth is she wanted to leave years before I came around. She had been in a bad marriage the past 10 years. After that therapy session she sat down with him 2 or 3 times to talk about if he could get her a place in Vegas, or help her move back to Utah, or figure out a way for her to leave. They were also starting to talk about doing the spiritual divorce. So him acting surprised she wanted to leave is bullshit. All of the adults and her own mom and daughter all knew she was talking about leaving.

      And none of them except Robyn was saying please don’t go. Robyn cried and cried about it. She really does love and value Meri.

  14. In the teaser last night for this coming up Sunday she calls u a bastard, now if u were a woman wouldn’t she have called u a bitch instead?
    Did u think she would tell this story on her show?

    • Until it airs you don’t know the context of that comment. They edit everything to be interesting, not factual. I do agree with you that wouldn’t be the term to use if she is referring to me.
      No I never wanted to be apart of that portion of her life.

      I am sad she is exploiting our story for ratings.

  15. A stuffed animal seems a bit juvenile

  16. Why did you get her a panda bear?

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