March 25, 2015



10 thoughts on “March 25, 2015”
  1. It looks brutal. She said “It was nice to get to talk to someone, I don’t get to talk to anyone..” “Bastard.”

    I mean that after this you might get tracked down by paparazzi. Even if you don’t talk.. It looks crazy.

    1. We talked everyday for 6 months. She said she told me things she never told anyone, ever. She does not open up to anyone because she can’t. I was someone that she felt like she could say anything to. I felt the same way. We were very close. I hate to hear she looks upset. But I know she is doing fine.

  2. Did you see the preview for next week’s Sister Wives season finale?

    Meri is crying saying, “There were times when I knew he was feeding me a load of bullshit..”

    I would guess the media will be looking for you to interview, get pictures of you & ambush you at your work after this.

    Are you nervous about that?

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