10 thoughts on “March 25, 2015”

  1. It looks brutal. She said “It was nice to get to talk to someone, I don’t get to talk to anyone..” “Bastard.”

    I mean that after this you might get tracked down by paparazzi. Even if you don’t talk.. It looks crazy.

    1. We talked everyday for 6 months. She said she told me things she never told anyone, ever. She does not open up to anyone because she can’t. I was someone that she felt like she could say anything to. I felt the same way. We were very close. I hate to hear she looks upset. But I know she is doing fine.

  2. Did you see the preview for next week’s Sister Wives season finale?

    Meri is crying saying, “There were times when I knew he was feeding me a load of bullshit..”

    I would guess the media will be looking for you to interview, get pictures of you & ambush you at your work after this.

    Are you nervous about that?

    1. And they will be wrong. Even the trolls will check the photo and see it’s real and came from my phone. All photos have a digital imprint on it πŸ™‚

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