New sneak peak response

The newest sneak peak that came out from the upcoming Tell All special is sad but more lies. Let me share my side of this. With proof 😉

To set the record straight Meri, was there any physical relationship with this person?

Meri says “No, I never met this person. I’ve never met this person. I’ve never seen him. I’ve never seen, um… You know the pictures that he sent to me were of an actor. And said that they were him.”


The first time we had sex was March 6, 2015. The next day we did a Disney trip. Here are the texts from that day that prove we had been intimate the night before. Click on the date to read it.

March 7, 2015


March 7th, 2015


Yes there was a physical relationship. Here is proof of it. This is one example. It was originally posted here: Intimate

This is a photo I took on April 18, 2015 of Meri laying in her bed. This was shortly before we had sex that night.


We had sex. It was very nice. We had been having sex for weeks at this point. Afterwards we talked and laughed at how sweaty and messed up her hair was. We talked and she said something that I felt she was comparing me to him.  I got pissed and left. So she started leaving me voicemails to explain what she meant. Here is what she said in the voicemails.

The 41st voicemail she says:

“Babe come on. What is going on tonight? Why are you struggling? My gosh I was not saying that being intimate with you was my worst, it’s my hair. It’s a mop. Oh my gosh honey, don’t. Please honey you’re really having a hard time with something tonight and I wish you would talk to me. Honey I’m here for you. I’m here. I haven’t gone anywhere I keep trying. Honey please. I love you I don’t know what’s going on.”

The 42nd voicemail she says:

“Baby I’m really sad. I feel like you’re pushing me away. You really misunderstood what I was saying. I’ve been…Laying here with you is very vulnerable. With, especially with my hair looking a mess. That’s all I was saying. All I was saying. Please don’t try to read anything else into it. Being with you is very special to me. It really is.”

In the 43rd voicemail she apologizes and tells me she loves me.

41st Voicemail 4-18-2015 4:29am

42nd Voicemail 4-18-2015 4:38am

43rd Voicemail 4-18-2015 4:45am

44th Voicemail 4-18-2015 10:28am

45th Voicemail 4-18-2015 4:30pm


To address the lie that I sent her photos that were of an actor. No. She has to go along with what catfish do. Catfish people send fake pictures. I never sent her fake pictures. But to go along with her false catfish story she has to say something. This really pisses me off.


You did meet the friend?

Meri says “I met the female friend. And she’s the one who I would talk to. There were, there would be times that I would be talking to him on the phone and he would have a temper tantrum of sorts and hang up the phone. And then I’d get calls from her saying you better fix this, you better call. You better call and tell him how much you love him. You better fix this situation. And so I’d have to. I felt in a place that I had to just do whatever it was that they said.

Lindsay met Meri in the parking lot of her hotel at the end of March to give Meri a box of stuff that had the stuffed panda bear, some love letters I wrote and a few small gifts for Meri. One was a blue Coach wallet. What was supposed to be a quick 2 minutes, here is your box, bye meeting turned into them standing in the parking lot and talking for over an hour about all kinds of things. They have a lot in common and Meri was asking Lindsay a lot of questions about me since Lindsay has known me for 20 years. From there they became friends. Meri contacted Lindsay a lot because she needed and wanted someone to talk to. Lindsay is not someone that ever contacts anyone. It’s very rare. She is too busy and could really care less about staying on contact with anyone that she barely knows. Meri would show up over at Lindsay’s hotel and the girls would talk for about an hour or so about everything going on. Meri would call and text Lindsay when we were fighting because she was upset and just wanted to talk. There were no threats ever made.  There was nothing at all said as you better fix this. That’s a total lie. There was never any pressure to talk to me and be in my life. If I was really this bad, why did it go on for 6 months? She is ridiculous! And she’s lying!



How did you find the courage to tell these 4 people the truth?

Meri says: It took a lot.

Robyn says: I made her.

Meri confided to Robyn about the affair on the September 6th weekend trip they took to visit Hunter at college in Colorado. That was the first time it was ever confirmed that Meri had had an affair with me for the past 6 months. We had broken up August 23rd, 2015. And finally ended it forever August 30th, 2015. I made zero contact with Meri since that date. I have not threatned her, spoken to her, contacted her, or even looked at anything on her twitter. Lindsay also has had no contact with her since August 24th, 2015 when Meri texted her and asked if I had moved on.

The texts are here:

8-24-2015 12:14pm
Meri: He obviously moved on?

8-24-2015 12:14pm
Meri: And is he happy about it?

8-24-2015 1:05pm
Lindsay: What

8-24-2015 1:05pm
Lindsay: He is not happy

8-24-2015 1:08pm
Meri: Seems it according to twitter. I just asked him for one thing then things can go back to normal. It’s up to him if he wants it. I never left. Nor would I. I am just waiting. Depends on how much he wants it I guess.

8-24-2015 1:15pm
Lindsay: Do you want me to call

8-24-2015 1:27pm
Lindsay: I called
8-24-2015 6:45pm
Lindsay: I am glad you texted me today. I was confused as to why you were asking me if he had moved on. I did not tell him we talked

How did you make her? How did you know?

Robyn says, I had been begging her for months to talk to me. I knew something wasn’t right. I was begging her and begging her to talk to me.


Robyn is telling the truth. Robyn was the only one checking on Meri. She did this about once a month. Meri kept telling her she was not happy with Kody and she wanted to leave. Robyn cried about it and said she loved Meri and wanted to work on the friendship part of their relationship so that she wouldn’t feel alone. When she found out from Meri in September she had an affair with me Robyn was very upset and cried and devasted.

I know that the family is going to stick up for Meri and I expect them to. But she is not being honest with them. She is only telling half truths or she is outright lying. I expected her to lie about sometimes but never this much. And she is offering no proof at all.

It makes me incredibly sad. To be denied from someone that I loved with all of my heart. I get it. I understand she has a show and a family to protect. But I was never a threat to her or to them. When it was done I walked away. It was her friend that kept harassing me daily and saying how much Meri hated me. I began posting all of this after weeks of this going on. And now here we are. I am incredibly sad over this.

The hardest part is watching her cry. I love her so much I never want to see her cry. It’s sad. All of this is sad.

About Samuel

Single dad of 4 beautiful kids, Heston & Alex my twin boys, and my daughters Peace and Sky. Dad of 2 angel babies in Heaven, Ryan and Talon. Divorced. Semi-retired app developer, business partner, Commercial Real estate investor, Chicago Bears & Chicago Cubs fan, vegan, lifelong Catholic, voting independent party member, guitar playing singer who owns a dog, and 2 cats. We live in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I started my first blog Janaury 1st, 2012. Official owner of and @NotBatmanYet Twitter account.
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  1. Just found your site, but can’t seem to get the vm’s to work. .is there another way to play them? Thanks! 🙂

  2. I’ve been reading everything on here for a little while now, but have never commented until now. I was just wondering if Kody has actually looked or listened to any of this? I don’t know how he couldn’t at least look into it! I mean, I’ve been in a similar situation, and when my significant other cheated on me, I wanted to know EVERYTHING, because at that point, all the trust was broken, so I didn’t want to just take his word for it. I’m thinking he has had to have seen some of this, even if it was shown to him by another person. What a sad story. It’s been very obvious she was not happy for a long time. And to me, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man, woman or unicorn because you two obviously had something special & shared mutual feelings of love for one another.

    • He was told things but refuses to look at it. He is scared to know the truth because he knows he left her alone and showed her no attention or love for the 6 months we were together. Guys just know so I’m sure deep down he believes she was in love with me no matter what lies she tells him.

      I really do hope they work on their marriage. If this affair was the wake up call for them I can live with that. Because no matter what anyone says I know for 6 months I loved her with all of my heart, I was not sharing my love or bed with any other woman and she believed I loved her and only her. I can live with myself knowing those things.

  3. If you were together the night before, didn’t you drive to Disney together?

  4. Just a quick question. If the texts prove that you had had sex the night before why would she need a description of you to know what you look like?

  5. Thanks for explaining. Sometimes it’s hard to follow comments so I misunderstood.

  6. In another post, someone commented, “maybe she’s pregnant,” and you replied you’d never had sex so it wasn’t possible. Here you say you’ve had sex… Which is it?

  7. Hi Sam,
    For Starters, I knew she was lying…my question is; did she divorce Kody so she was free to move on with you and play the the whole adoption thing to make it look good? Or did she really get divorced for the sake of the kids? By the way, i do believe she is being told to say these things for te show and to save her family..i actually do think deep down those tears are for you.

  8. Sam,

    I am soooooooooo intrigued by this entire thing. I NEVER read comments on blog posts but I have read quite a few on yours.

    I’m like a little private investigator over here so I am loving all of this proof you have. And the fact that you are willing to call people. That is awesome.

    This is not even my life and I am so intrigued by it and your story is amazing and I really just want to know more.

    I have been catfished before and so has my friend and someone wrongfully accusing someone of cat fishing is really shitty.

    You are awesome and I’d love to get to know you and your crazy story!!!!

    Best of Luck to you!

  9. Do you know if the Browns still consider themselves AUB or part of the Allred group (religious affiliation) I found it interesting that you said they hadn’t really even been doing church services.

    • Yes they do. Several of their own Church members both current or former have reached out to me to say that the family has completely changed and went “Hollywood”. They all have different stories of interactions with them and share opinions I did not realize from people that have known them. They all say Kody is controlling and has always treated Meri wrong.

      Someone pointed out to me today that in their religion they all believe they get closer to God through their faithfulness to their husband. Now that Meri has strayed but came back she is in self perseverance mode and will have to do everything Kody says now to win back her salvation to God. And that most likely Kody is going to punish her for making him look like a fool to the world.

  10. Don’t block me, I legitimately am interested in Lindsay and knowing if she is professional at work because her Twitter doesn’t come off that way.

  11. Hi Sam, I’ve read the comments and a lady keeps asking ‘what hotel’ and it seems like you are not answering her. You did say you never had a hotel room but after I started rereading your post, you clearly state that Meri would go visit Lindsay at her hotel 1) to return the box with the Coach wallet 2) to go talk to Lindsay… I guess she meant ‘what hotel was Lindsay staying at’. Don’t know why this is relevant. I guess they’ll try to pull out the surveillance tape but you know my thoughts on this whole thing. I couldn’t care less about details. Merci mon ami. Take care Samuel.

  12. No offense to Lindsay. You just make her sound pretty wild

  13. Is Lindsay a good employee, she seems wild and like the partying would make good work hard to do.

    • She is my business partner and can do whatever she wants. She is used to staying up all night to work so a day shift job like she does right now doesn’t work very well for her lifestyle. She never gets to work on time or stays until 5 but somehow she always gets everything done in a timely manner. She is one of those crazy geniuses who just figured things out so she doesn’t have to do much work. We do have 6 employees at the office she runs and she is the kind of boss that really does trust people to allocate work to them all. I’m more of a micromanager while she lets them do it all but swoops in only to fix mistakes. It seems to work better her way because the employees love her and always praise her hands off management style.

  14. I’m sorry Sam, I wasn’t very polite to you. I read her excuses and I got angry. It really upset me that Meri called it abusive. I’ve known abuse and it’s not a word I’d ever use to describe a relationship she voluntarily entered and I’m saying physically or emotionally! I don’t give a rats’ about that part. She sent you pictures of herself in lingerie with her pert little nipples showing through and is saying ???? I’ve got a hell of a body and I do not do that, ever! I (and most women I know in relationships) do not text and moan to other men! We do not send pics of ourselves in bathtubs, sucking f’ing bananas FFS. I’ll speak for my married friends, we do those innocent little teasing ‘moments’ to our husbands. I’ve sent doozies to my husband. He loves opening his lunch bag and has for years as I’ve sent numerous momentos with that ham sandwich. I guess what I’m trying to say in my verbal diarrhea is that women who do those little things, the pics, the texts, the longing vm.. they’re sending them to people they’re in love with, and I think it’s beautiful. What Meri sent to you and the things she said in texts, etc., is beautiful, yes, but now says abuse? That’s what is really ticking me off. Damn, own your infidelity Meri and move on!

  15. I don’t care if you are real or not, Meri cheated on her husband/family, emotionally or physically, IT DOESN’T MATTER. Telling another person ‘I love you’ in a romantic manner when you’re supposedly married (spiritually or legally) is cheating. She’s clearly lying. I always said if my husband would physically cheat on me on a one night stand, drunk, under certain circumstances, I could maybe forgive him to keep the family unit but emotionally cheating, to me, is an even bigger betrayal. You can’t recover from that as he clearly has checked out of our marriage. I’m lucky, he’s done neither but watching her cry foul (only after getting caught) and ‘abused’ is disgusting to all women in abusive relationships. How dare she? Abused? Come here and I’ll show you abused! Til you’ve lost a damn tooth or had to go to work covered in make-up to hide your black eye, you have no clue. I’m extremely angry at her defence tactic, it’s not working with me. I used to watch the show just to try to understand polygamy, not anymore. They’re not getting another viewer, not another dime from me. I’m done with the Brown deceptions.

  16. I didn’t see that she said that. Lindsay has not ever been arrested. Yet. She keeps working on it Lol

  17. Good for Meri! I think you should move in so all the sister wives have another dude to spend time with.. Why should he be the only one able to switch partners all the time.. NEXT✌🏼

  18. Samuel, it was very nice talking to you on the phone. You are a man of great character. I wanted to send this message on here as further testimony that you are who you say you are.

  19. Hi Samuel,
    I’ve commented on another post in regards to dropping me a line if your ever in BC. I’m single looking for love too 🙂
    Anyways, I’m concerned for your friend Lindsey. How is she holding up? I heard that she was arrested? I’m so very sorry that she’s been targeted so unfairly. Having someone you love hurt you is one thing, and I know how that feels, but to come after your friends is inexcusable. Shame on her.
    Oh my gosh, I’m getting absorbed into your life. lol

  20. I believe the term is actually “keeping sweet.” It means being submissive to your spouse and submissing to him only and above yourself. Just because she may not be religious in daily practice anymore, does not mean the religious indoctrination that is established as a young child and earlier has gone away. I have been out of my abusive situation for over 15 years and still struggle.

  21. BTW if you desire to discuss more about just how devastating spiritual abuse can be and how it will make you do some seemingly crazy things, you may email or call me. You don’t have to publish this if you don’t wish to. Just wanted to throw this out there.

  22. Here’s a thought. I have read all the way through. I have not watched any of this or the last two seasons. However, I always felt sorry for Meri. I am an abuse survivor. Most of my abuse took place in a religious environment. It is likely Meri is being manipulated in regards to her faith and beliefs to obey her “husband” and step under “his protection” which also works out very conveniently for TLC. I am sure she desperately still loves you and cannot escape of she doesn’t feel confident that you will be there for her to help her through the backlash. Spiritual and emotional abuse are devastating. Sam, have you considered that she may be just trying to do what it takes to get out of the situation she is in by “playing sweet.”

    • I am so sorry to hear your story and thank you for sharing that. I will pray for you. What does playing sweet mean? I have never considered she is doing anything for religious reasons because they don’t hold Church services that often. And when we did talk about religion she couldn’t remember a lot from her Bible. I know she believes in God but she was not living the polygamist life or principal for the 6 months we were together. It was more like living as a separated or divorced situation because they really didn’t spend much time together at all.
      Yes he is very controlling. He would tell her what to do. When she would argue with it they would get into huge fights then she would call me up and vent about it.

  23. Lol! $5 a teardrop…That had me in stitches!

  24. Samuel will you please call me. I’m emailing you my number. It’s the Heather you Skyped with. I have some more questions. Pretty please

  25. Wow. Meri is really laying the victim hood rather thick, isn’t she?

    Meri is the one who was breaking up her family. She is on TV every year since Sister Wives started proclaiming her love for Kody, her sister wives, and the children. She was the one, after getting divorced, that remained spiritually married to Kody when she could have walked away.

    If she didn’t want to be bothered by you or tear her family apart, she could have told Kody and her sister wives at the very beginning instead of keeping it a secret for 6 months. She was the one who sent all those photos, voicemails, and texts to you knowing she considers herself still married to Kody. Anyone who is married and honor their commitment to their spouse and child/children would not pursue a relationship online or offline if they were happy and concern about the welfare of their family.

    I really don’t know how she could fix her mouth to say it was your fault and that you pursued her to try and break up her family. Or that you threaten her.

    This whole situation is getting worse every time Meri tries to blame you, Sam, for her actions. She is a grown woman. She lives in the US and was (and still is) free to say no to any relationship she doesn’t want. She wasn’t forced to be with you. IMO, she is guilty and should just tell the truth. Viewers are starting to see a very bad side of her and her family which is not good in the long run.

  26. Thank you for your response Sam! Everything you said, was like you read my mind! I had the same questions! Can I ask you 1 more? Will the truth ever come out? Ok 2? lol Do you have a picture of you and Meri together that you could black out just your face? I think that would help a LOT of peoples doubts! If your face is blacked out, you could keep your privacy but end all of the doubt!!!!

    • The truth is coming out. I respond to things as I see them here on Twitter on my Facebook or my snapchat. And I respond to what she says on tv.

      I will be posting them without my face blacked out. There is no reason to hide me and show her if I am going to do that

  27. Is what “Heather” says above true?

  28. Heather,

    Wow, perhaps you should email Meri and maybe she will stop lying and playing the victim knowing there is proof out there. Implying she stayed for 6 months because of some fear she had that she’d be outed .. Laughable really. If I was being blackmailed can’t imagine I’d be masturbating calling out my blackmailers name.

  29. Hey Sam – I was wondering since you made this blog do you get paid anything? I mean it is kind of like advertising for the new episode? I would hope you get something out of this. Because I just see a guy like you would have had no trouble moving on. For your age and looks there are many number of women way prettier, sexier, intelligent and fine. Meri has Utah mannerisms. She did not really leave him because of her background of thinking the best you can be is one of four wives to some little fuzzy man. I dont know. Maybe once she had you she couldnt handle a good thing. If you have never had good sex then whammo she did then she has had her eyes opened. I think she will have other lovers on the side and stay with the Kodes to keep the money rolling her way. I dont think she gets paid enough to put her life out there like she has though. I would be so embarrassed if it were me. But it wouldnt be me. I think you end one relationship before starting another. And I got no problem kicking a cheating man to the curb. Cause honey, I got one fine azz and I know its worth more then a man who randomly sleeps with a mini harem of unattractive women. Well Sam, move on babe… lifes too short to sit and stew over a lying ho.

  30. Samuel,

    The turmoil from this backlash must be incredibly unreal feeling. You are being dragged through the mud, while being swallowed up in. The hardship of a breakup from a very real relationship. You’re handling it (publicly) very well. Even to the extent that in your position, you’re being spit on, you won’t and haven’t said a mean thing about her. In fact, you continue to support her and wish her the best. This doesn’t sound like a catfish of Ill intent at all. But a man who is hurt. Strangely enough, this would have been a closed book had she not been a reality star to a show like this. Instead, you’re being drawn up as some creep. I don’t see that.

    Then again, before I saw your blog, I never did.

    I feel like there’s something in this family that isn’t right. And none of this comes from a mistrust of plural families. There’s something I simply get a bad feeling from when I see the dynamic of the family. I could totally see someone trying to woo over one of the wives and making fame, but it wouldn’t be a quiet guy, it would be a noisy ruckus of a person proudly beaming that they single handedly took down some TV star. What’s happening doesn’t make sense.

    Meri (allegedly) is lying, or telling half truths, but her pain is very real. She’s obviously using real pain to back up her false stories. Perhaps it’s hurting her even more so to be lying.

    What if she’s being forced to lie? What if, for the sake of appearance, she’s forced to lie? Plural marriage and Kody is all she’s known. It wouldn’t surprise me if the threat of losing everything struck her one day in the form of family shaming once this came out. Maybe Kody does know EVERYTHING, and the story created was done so to “protect” them?

  31. It was said i was a troll and Jackie also..

    there’s some mean people in the social media world.

    Always believed in you Sam! !

  32. Sam, I just watched the first 15 minutes of the Tell All show coming up in Sunday! In it, Meri said “His goal was to tear apart this family”….. I was just wondering what your feelings on that is? I guess I just dont understand! WHY would you have any desire or need to break that family apart? That just didnt make sense to me! So Im curious, Whats your take on that?

    • She said that? Lol If that was my goal why didn’t I run to the tabloids? Or sell all of this proof? She is desperate to save her own ass.
      My goal was to end up with her and get married to her. I wanted to love her. And when it was over I stayed quiet for weeks. If my goal was to tear up the family why have I never contacted anyone in her family and tried to upset them with all of this proof? She is lying. Again.

  33. Why not put this to bed, and do your own interview for TV. I understand the desire to remain in your quiet life, but so much is being said that attacks you and puts you in a bad light. From what you have said it threatens to do damage to your business and relationships with friends or family. If it were me in your shoes (I also do not like the spot light at all), I would say enough is enough. It’s time to tell my side on TV for the same viewers of Sister Wives and anyone familiar with the issues. Here I am, this is the truth. Call her out. By not doing that, you give her all the power.

  34. In the text, Meri refers to the one thing she asked for and then things could go back to normal. What did she ask from you?

  35. Sam,
    I have been reading your blog and have tweeted my confusion about how a meri can speak so sweetly and obviously be in love and never met? In doing so I was told I was stupid and told that you aren’t real and that I need to do research. Social media is my form of entertainment and during down times at work like to see what’s going on. I really hope for your sake and sanity that she admits she met you, “Sam”. I laughed literally out loud when I was told to do research- you seem like a great guy and am sure someday will find the “one”. I also questioned the trolls on twitter that perhaps TLC concocted this whole catfish story to save face since the duggars and honey boo are gone – wish you the best in life, love and happiness – don’t let this deter you from finding love again. I’ve been in love with my hubby for over twenty plus years and we are still like giddy teenagers – real true love is out there.. promise!!

  36. Old Town. A bit south but works. Thanks.

  37. I think I will have to google Pump Room. That name, in itself, screams less than appropriate Lmao. Thanks. I will check into that first. 😀

  38. Samuel,

    Not really a post with this current topic. You’re in Chicago from what I gleamed. So our daughter recently moved there in July. Works for a large consulting firm there. I don’t want to name it. We are going to visit next weekend since she can’t make the trip home. Going to sound dumb. Looking for a great eatery for dinner and drinks that would still be appropriate, nice yet fun, while having a group from age 47 to 14 for the evening. There will be maybe 6 of us. Any recommendations? We are a close family that just likes to get together, have good conversations and laugh a lot. Chicago is a big city and hear that Lincoln Park and Lakeview are good places to hover. Let me know if you have suggestions in those areas!

  39. Sam,

    just curious do you know what Meri says when the tell all interviewer asks her have you told your family everything? That question is on the coming attraction they have on commercials

    • She is not telling them everything. She is lying and playing victim. Instead of just admitting Yes I had an affair with this guy. Yes I fell in love with him but it’s over we broke up. That’s all she had to do. Instead we all get this side show circus bullshit. That’s her choice.

  40. Anonymous,congratulations on your engagement . I’m happy to hear that you’ve found love again. I wish this love in time exceeds what you once had prior.

  41. Gosh, thank you. That was quick and expeditious with my post request. Much appreciation.

  42. Sorry Sam. I typed my email wrong. Fat fingers! So glad to see it awaits approval tho. You can post, if you wish I guess. Just take my name off :/

  43. Samuel,
    I find myself perplexed by this whole situation. Bizarre is a word that comes to my mind. Without question I have been drawn in and have the primal need to find understanding and truth about what is real here. I have watched Sister Wives since its inception. Mostly due to the curiosity of plural marriage and how that way of life could be beneficial. Even prior to this latest ratings grab storyline, my faith just still could not reconcile it. Your story is plausible to me. Quite frankly, is heartbreaking if true. I apologize for not being settled with declaring validation on either side, yet share that both are viable. Yours more than Meri at the moment since she appears to remain unspoken about much. I’m not sure exactly why I am sharing except than to say regardless of where the truth lies, I hope for peace for you both. It would be untruthful not to share that I am hoping you are able to unequivocally show, without any question, that your truth is valid. It will move mountains within the Hollywood Machine Making Reality TV World as well as the”catfish” machine that has dominated other avenues. Not to mention the Plural Marriage believers into thinking that wives are simply “wives” lacking the fundamental need of being valued as human beings…strong women. I’m not sure if this will actually hit your page, I actually hope it doesn’t. I don’t want to get in the mix of others, don’t want any negative bashing about my own thoughts. I wanted to just share what feels to me to be an unbiased perspective?

    I have read your posts and all responses. I remain intrigued. Sunday, to me, will give me no answers while watching what the machine labels a “Tell All”. There will be no remarkable revelations. I am sure it will be vague answers, leaving many questions, and a united “Plural Marriage is great” facade. It’s TV for goodness sake. They have a show begging for another season. IMHO, if you are validated and can be brought into the mix, I would surely watch another season! Lol! Not likely, just thought that would be a sure fire for good TV! I’m half joking here 😏

  44. Dale, suppirt group would be nice but I don’t like talking about it much. I’m happy now it’s always in the back of my mind but I’ve moved on now and engaged to An amazing women. I hope that Sam you find closure is all this craziness and that you find happiness I mean true happiness the kind you felt with Meri, the love you feel won’t go away but it will be a mere passing thought of a time when things were extrordenary that made you the person you are today. The lessons you learned through all this will be a great toll for future reltionships weather it be with her or someone else.

  45. Dale, suppirt group would be nice but I don’t like talking about it much. I’m happy now it’s always in the back of my mind but I’ve moved on now and engaged to An amazing women. I hope that Sam you find closure is all this craziness and that you find happiness I mean true happiness the kind you felt with Meri, the love you feel won’t go away but it will be a mere passing thought of a time when things were extrordenary that made you the person you are today.

  46. Vegans dang spellchecker! !

  47. Veans are peaceful people with good souls ~ we have a healthier way of seeing the world ~we are kinder and more compassionate~ again take it easy on all this and be good to YOU!!

  48. Sam ~me again ~ reading your blog daily is exhausting and sad~ this situation must be taking a toll on you I hope you are taking care of yourself ~ did you say you are vegan ? Me to and its important you eat well and exercise and rest with all this going on ~ guess I am a mother with no kids (haha ) 🌺

  49. Sam – thanks for answering my questions (ie definition of a troll😈) I hope TLC dumps them and I hope your name and these INCREDIBLE performances Meri puts on is finally exposed and you can at least feel like something true & just came out of this. Meri plays a good victim but to those of us who have actually been abused it’s a slap in the face. She’s doing these pathetic Twitter things where she just won’t quit alluding to you – I don’t think I could take the high road anymore the way you have!

  50. I know Meri casually and I know she’s lying. I can back that up as well. You’ve said things that have turned out to be true, almost verbatim, on the show. What infuriated me is her claims of abuse and fear. I’ve been in a relationship like that and I’ve seen just the opposite going on with the two of you, that makes me livid! I’ve asked her about it and am now a troll or liar etc. You love her so I won’t say anything bad about her but I don’t believe her side she’s telling now, not for one second. Best to you.

  51. Anonymous I’m sorry you’ve also had this happen. It’s devastating!! It took me over 20 years to get over the love of my life. Although, my name is Dale and I’m a female my exes grandson is named Dale, born before we met..ironic huh? .. I’d like to think every time he says his name he thinks of me and has some semblance of guilt for the heart he broke and the life he destroyed.

    We should all have a support group! These loves of ours go off and live and we’re all dead inside

  52. Ang.. Thanks.. I see ! I didn’t call him names or say anything derogatory. Through watching sister wives from the start you can tell Kody isn’t really the team player he’s wanted everyone to believe. The truth of just how narcissistic he really is was the episode where he and Christine went on a honeymoon with the therapist and Kody treated Christine as though she was insignificant. christines feelings were pushed aside as was her opinions. I think all these women minus Robyn are starved for emotional connection. Women don’t cheat for sex the cheat for the emotional aspect. Wanting to feel loved and desired

  53. Not the one that starts To my love ..I’m so in love with you . The one that was a really long long one. You kept apologizing for how long it was.

  54. I won’t. It was only once and it was in reference to him posting those of us not believing Meri will find out soon we’ve all been wrong

  55. The one near Disney

  56. I have and it was great at the beginning and then it went south after a year of being together a lot like you and Meri. It was intense and passionate and something that I have never felt before and out of the blue she stopped talking to me and wouldn’t take my calls or answer my texts. It took me about 3 years to fully get over it but I have not stopped loving her I’ve just moved on and try to stop my every thought be consumed by her. It’s tough but she hasn’t reached out to me, at least Meri has in her own way. Don’t let her go Sam it’s a once in a life time thing.

  57. You’re not alone Dale, if you don’t agree with them and their camp of twitter vigilantes their go to is to call everyone Jackie. Lol

  58. Yiu have shown that you aren’t lying, as much as it sucks that you have to deal with this I don’t think you should give up on her. You clearly love her still and I’m sure she does as well. A love like you have described and show us doesn’t go away just like that regardless of how upset you guys are at the situation. I’ve been there and to this day I still love the person will all I have. Once people see you like pictures of you I feel like everything will be put to rest and you can move on and live your life as you were maybe even with Meri. Never say never, don’t give up on what you want fight for it fight hard. You seem to be an amazing guy now show the world just that do what you feel say what you want. You got this 😀 Good luck

  59. From the little bit that was shown about the tell all, I knew she would continue the lies. What struck me as the most horrific of all is Meri saying your abusive. It’s bad enough to deny the one you loved ever existed but to claim your abusive is horrendous on all levels. She has slandered you in every which way. I’m sorry saving your ass doesnt justify ruining someone’s reputation. Tell tlc to give her a polygraph. Go to court and sue for defamation of character . I’m sorry she deserves to be exposed and you deserve to have your name and reputation restored !!!

    I twittered Meri how can she treat someone she knows she loved like this and then I twittered Kody saying hes lying to himself if he believes her and because my name is Dale he claimed n posted I was Jackie with another alias and I was trying to continue this catfish bs.!! Can u imagine how dumb he is!!

    I have a question.. Where can I find the love letter you sent Meri the very long one?

    • As funny as that is please don’t contact him. This is a guy who has no idea what his wife was up to for 6 months. Let him live in whatever fantasy he has that she loves him still. He gets enough shit from people.

      Which one? I sent her several.

  60. Sam, do you have any pictures of you and Mary together?

  61. You know something Sam. I am not convinced you and Meri are over for good. Both of you have made a mess of things. You for posting personal embarrassing things and her for lying and denying your existence. If your love was as real and powerful as it seems, love will find a way. Love can bring the both of you to forgiveness.
    Thank you for answering my question so thoroughly.

  62. What hotel did you stay in?

  63. Sam, did I miss something. Have you seen the tell-all already? How do you know these questions and answers?

    • On this I am specifically answering what was sent to me by a reporter. It’s on a two minute clip. You will have to go find it Im not going to link to it, it’s bs.

      I have known for a few weeks what the finale filming would include and last week I found out what the tell all would include. That’s when I started posting exactly what she would say. Specifically that she would say she never met me that I sent her fake pictures and I catfished her. All lies.

      A TLC employee has befriended me because she thinks Meri is lying based on the editing material she has seen. She has been asking me questions so they know how to handle the show to make it more interesting. And know how to ask or phrase certain questions that they would never think to ask her.

      I also have a mutual family friend, NOT KENDRA, of Meri’s who reached out to me months ago out of anger and when we started talking I was answering questions and proving things to her. Over the course of several weeks she has also contacted me asking things letting me know what is going on and trying to get me to stop posting stuff. She does not want me to say who she is, but she is one of Meri’s personal best friends and she now believes me but is still waiting for Meri’s side to come out. She said she loves Meri and only wants her to be happy no matter what the plan is but she saw how much I changed her life and thanked me for making her happy and realize she can stand up for herself and use her voice. She said I have empowered her to be herself again and I brought love to her that even Meri admits she didn’t realize she could feel.

      That’s how I know so much Lol

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