Rumors, schrumors


I have moved back to Chicago. Which was my plan all along. I moved back by myself, which wasn’t the plan at all. But it’s okay. It worked out better this way. Peyton and I broke up before I left Las Vegas. She is a 26 year old ER nurse and we had dated 3 and a half weeks. Very sweet girl. She’s bringing her sister out here in December for a weekend to visit. We still talk everyday. We transitioned into friends because a long distance relationship would never work for either of us. I have no plans to start dating anytime soon. I think I started dating Peyton because I really like her a lot. And because it helped me get through everything that was going on.

There is a lot of things you people don’t know. Because I haven’t shared it. The rumors that have been going on for the past month are both hilariously riduculous to downright cruel, and sad. I would like to clear up some of the ones that were sent to me first. And offer to answer any questions or rumors that you have heard about. My only goal all along was to clear my name in this. The rest no longer matters to me. I locked up my blog with all of my posts while I moved. So I wouldn’t have to worry about anything while I was so busy. I plan to unlock them all soon. And continue posting my blogs. Because we are so close to the end, there is no reason to stop my story now.

For those that have left me encouraging messages, who reach out to share a thought or ask a question, I really do appreciate you taking the time to contact me. You are important to me and I do my best to get back with you as soon as I can.

For those of you that want to be mean, you can guess where you can stuff your comments. I ignore you for a reason. I delete your comments for a reason. And I also block/ban you for a reason. You were not directly involved with my side of the story. You have absolutely no idea what the hell you are talking about. Yet you find it in your best interest to not only make up and create lies, you run around the internet like you just solved a great mystery. You don’t know. You really don’t. So quit acting like you do. Because there are only 2 people that know what happened. Me and her. And she’s not talking, yet. She will because she has to cover her ass. She has to carry her lie like a torch on a dark night. So everyone can see her carry it. That way her family will believe her. But not all of them do. Over the weekend I’ve had conversations. I’ve answered questions and I’ve emailed proof. And had even more conversations. It’s been interesting.

Let’s get down to the biggest lie that was told.

Jackie Overton is me?

I am not a girl. My name is Samuel and I have never pretended to be a girl. Jackie Overton is completely innocent in this. Now other things in her life have come to light. And she has taken responsibility for whatever happened. Thanks to some very horrible people, one of them being you know who, this girl was arrested with her mom and forced to deal with internet rumors, lies, and the entire world now thinking she catfished a tv star.


It is a disgusting lie by someone that is trying to cover her own ass to save her show, save her dignity, and to not have to fully explain what “emotional affair” means. Erase the emotional apart and we’re finally getting at the truth. It was an affair. A real affair. Not some online whatever it’s called. That’s the lie being sold to all of the media. And why? Because if the truth got out, there would be a lot of really pissed off and upset fans. And that’s all that is cared about, isn’t it? Not by me. I don’t care what people think of this. If I did, I would actually go into hiding, run away, and never show my face in public again. If I did catfish someone, I would run as far away as I could, shut down all of my social media accounts, this blog would disappear and I would be off on another fishing trip. Because that’s what those type of people do. What have I done?

I have stood here in my truth fighting this the whole time. I have never hidden. Never refused anything. And instead of ignoring everything and not saying a word, I’ve been very public about my side and offered so much proof that it was a real affair, people started to side with me and start asking me questions. On my best day so far I had over 240,000 people read through my blog. Well over 1,000 comments. Not bad for a blog that used to get, maybe 50 hits a week. Maybe 2 comments a month.

And yet you don’t see me running to the media to say anything. Nothing. Not one comment, not one story sold. No interviews, nothing. Because that’s what is expected. Yet, I’m not for sale. My story belongs to me. I’m not going to sign my rights away so some stupid tabloid can murder my words and make me look worse than I made myself look.

I had an affair with a married woman. I did that. For 6 months. Do you really think we never saw each other at all in 6 months, and she continued to be with me? You’ve heard her say in almost all of the voicemails I love you. 194 voicemails. And I still have more. You’ve seen her texts talk about our life together, the dreams we had. Her wanting out. Her wanting a different life. And why did she want to go? Because she loved me more than she has ever loved anyone. She felt safe, wanted, needed, loved. She was honored, respected and listened to. And we fell madly in love. It was not an online affair at all. That’s bullshit! It was not an emotional affair at a vulnerable time. Really? Because when we started talking, and I have already posted all of those beginning texts, we found out how much we had in common. She started sharing who she was, what her childhood, adulthood, and life had been. We shared everything. The feelings came fast, the emotions that had been hidden inside for years, finally found their true home. And we both succumbed to temptation, over and over again. A mutual, and very satisfactory love life. Very.

What you see on tv is the struggle to hide the words she wanted to shout out. That she was in love. What you see on tv is someone struggling to continue to play the family life out. But what I found out, it’s not at all real. It’s a way to protect secrets that family has. It’s a way to make America love and believe that this lifestyle is quasi-normal. But there is so much truth that never gets shown, it was shocking.

I have not been threatened by any type of lawsuit or legal action or anything which completely shocks me. I thought by now the network would rip my blog away from me, sue me for millions, and tell me to shut the f*** up! But nothing has occurred. Why is that? Because a lawsuit attracts attention back to me. People will come here, see everything, talk to me, and because I’m not tied into a contract, I can tell my side. I can say my truth. I’m free to write whatever I want, as long as it’s truthful. And everything I have posted is the truth. Everything. I can say that, because not only did I show my lawyers all that I wrote before I posted it, I also was advised to edit out people’s names that were not apart of this story. That’s why a few of my text messages have those black boxes.

So what more can I say here?

I am not Jackie. I am Sam. I am not a girl Lol I can’t believe I have to even write that. It’s ridiculous. I don’t even know Jackie. She did not catfish anyone. I did not catfish anyone. And I’m not going to back down. Ever. I’m going to write my book about this whole experience. I’m going to go do interviews. I’m going to post more blogs, add in pictures, and talk to people that really want to know what happened. I am going to continue to block the mean people. I’m going to ignore the trolls who lie, create made up stories and post daily about things they know nothing about. How could they know? They don’t even know me.

Jackie did not do anything to her. Doesn’t even know her, has never met her as far as I know and is completely taking the full blame because no one can figure out this mystery. Where is the proof that Jackie catfished her? Where is the proof I catfished her? There is none! The funny thing is, the one that should have gotten the catfish blame is Lindsay, and because 90% of all the photos out there are actually Lindsay, not Jackie, all you have done is made Lindsay very, very famous. People come up her to all of the time. Take pictures with her. Ask her about her friendship and what the real story is. And they love her. Lindsay has a huge, fun personality. She is eating this shit up because this is what you all wanted. To make this story into something way bigger than it is. Congratulations. You have ruined one woman’s life forever, and made another one have an even bigger, funner life than she ever imagined.

So where does that leave me. Want to know why no one can “find the guy in the half face photo?” Because that’s my real photo. Same as the other photo I posted. That’s why in all of these months, and there have been at least 30 people searching everywhere for proof, no one can find anything. Because it’s me. That’s the real me. It’s not fake, photoshopped or someone else’s photo. Just me. I am 6’6″. I am very good looking. I have never looked my age, and I take care of myself.

So why don’t I post more photos of myself. I do. On my Flickr, and on my real Facebook account. I have over 1,000 people on that account. My real family and friends. And work associates. I update it often. I don’t put my photos on twitter. Or anywhere else. Just Flickr and Facebook. I will post photos of me on here when I am ready. But I enjoy keeping people coming back to read my side. That’s what a good writer does, keep them reading. Suspense. Mystery. Intrigue.

I would love to say that I got my girl in the end. That we have talked and someday when she is ready we will reconnect, and try again. But that’s not what happened. We broke up. We stopped talking. And now we are slinging mud at each other. Because I refuse to be turned into 15 minutes of scandal. My side, my truth is this.

I fell madly in love with this woman. She is the most intriguing woman I have ever known. She is so sweet, so kind. There are 2 instances I want to share to show what she is really like, in real life.

The first one, she had just pulled into the Costco parking lot. And overheard this woman talk about she needed money to get the key from inside of her vehicle. I guess they were locked inside. She didn’t have the full amount. She was about $20 short of what she needed. So what did my girl do? She got her stuff, paid for it. Came out and saw the woman was still there, struggling to get someone to help her out. She went right back inside, got the cash, came out and gave it to this woman. She helped a complete stranger. Why did she do that? Because she really has a heart of gold. She just wanted to help. She knew she would never see that money back and she didn’t even care. When she told me about it, I fell in love with her all over again. That type of kindness is how we all should be.

The 2nd example is she was out for a walk. 2 young Mormon girls were sitting on the side of the road, their car had broken down. She stopped to see if they were okay. She offered to help them but they had a ride coming. They talked  few minutes. She told them she would check on them in a few minutes and offered them water or something to eat. She was so loving and kind to these girls. When she got back home she kept looking out her window to see if they were okay because it was getting dark. Finally she saw their friend arrive to help them. It is her nature to mother people. To care for them. To help them. They were so appreciative of her kindness. They thanked her 3 or 4 times. This is why I love her still. Because she is an amazing woman. She really, really is.

Do I regret the affair? No. Do I regret the hurt it has caused all involved, yes, absolutely. It’s shameful for me. I feel really bad and I am sorry that it went public.

My truth is…

I am still in love with her. I pray everyday that somehow, someway we get back in each other’s lives as friends at least, someday. Not now, it’s too soon. But maybe 5, 10 years. Because there is a lot of good stuff between us. We deeply connected. We loved so much, and there is still so much more love to give to each other.

I think in time she will realize that these fame seekers that came to her with lies, bullshit stories, and forcing this whole Jackie is a catfish scheme on her will get cleared up by the truth. I know what she is claiming. I was made aware of it in depth this weekend. And I also know that she is still very confused. I believe she will leave. She does want out. But financially it’s not an option right now.

I would love to talk to her sometime. She has my number. But I’m not hopeful that will happen. It’s just a prayer, maybe a wish I have.

I pray for her happiness, and the happiness of her entire family. I pray she follows all of her dreams. I also pray she remember how much we did love each other.

And  I pray this story goes away soon. Because it’s emotionally exhausting. I’m so tired. Everyday it’s something new. Some more made up pieces or more lies.

And at the end of the day. I just miss her.

I probably always will.

About Samuel

Single dad of 4 beautiful kids, Heston & Alex my twin boys, and my daughters Peace and Sky. Dad of 2 angel babies in Heaven, Ryan and Talon. Divorced. Semi-retired app developer, business partner, Commercial Real estate investor, Chicago Bears & Chicago Cubs fan, vegan, lifelong Catholic, voting independent party member, guitar playing singer who owns a dog, and 2 cats. We live in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I started my first blog Janaury 1st, 2012. Official owner of and @NotBatmanYet Twitter account.
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  1. Lovewillleadtheway

    I’ve read alot of your blog and feel you are a thoughtful and true kind soul My heart hurts for you and for Mary. She is stuck,stuck living a sham and trying to keep the money flowing. I hope she wakes up and realizes money doesn’t always bring happiness. Not TRUE happiness anyway and that maybe some way you two can work it out. If not if its not in the cards I hope you can heal and find that love you are so desperately looking for and need like everyone does!
    I wish you luck in the future.

  2. Believe it on not yesterday was the first day I heard about Meri Brown ,Jackie Overton and you.
    I hope you will publish a book and give an interview on the truth. I believe what you said in Rumors, schrumors
    November 3, 2015. Please don’t delete your Blog or Twitter account. I think you are telling the truth.

  3. Wow….my heart breaks for u and her. I don’t understand why she would ever walk away from what u two had created. I have only read and listened to a small portion of your posts….but your version makes more sense than the “catfish” episode of last night. I’m confused as to why she would go with the version “sister wives” is now locked into….is she afraid of public opinion? A law suit? Kody? U can hear her love for u in the few voice mails I listened to….and the family dinner supports your version as she states she will just be gone. She should have gone with that as planned and would now have the relationship it seems she has always longed for. I’m sorry that things didn’t work out for the two of u….and for the pain that both of us are now living with!

  4. Thank you for continuing to post. You write beautifully and I enjoy your posts immensely. Please continue to share…

  5. Did you guys break up before this big Alaska trip they took?

  6. Looks as though Meri will be discussing you on the show next week. Did u see the teaser for next week? While telling her story, she’s crying and extremely upset.

    • I’m not watching it, sorry. The only reason she would be upset or crying is because we were in love and it ended. She wanted to leave. We wanted to get married. Have kids. She will go along with the story to save her own ass but deep down I know she misses me. We had the most amazing connection. That’s why I’m still in love with her. I’m sorry to hear she was crying. I hope she is okay, but I know she is just fine.

  7. Hey Sam,

    Just saw the commercial for next weeks episode… Meri calls you a bastard…
    ( or so TLC makes us believe)
    Google the preview..

  8. im still confused,,,,if cheryl was stalking you for 4 years why didn’t she just call you out for being a phoney? why and how did she get jackie’s name to attach to this? how would blaming an innocent person so u say like jackie give her any credibility? if i was jackie i would come forward and due whatever it took to clear my name, and can’t jackie sue for defamation of character?? like if she is innocent in all of this she should be able to prove everything, let ppl hear her voice isn’t jackie, and why isn’t lindsey posting pics anymore on her twitter? there are some suspicious ones like jackie and lindsey having the exact same running shoes??

    • 90% of the photos are of Lindsay, not Jackie. I don’t know the connection between Jackie and Cheryl. All I know is Cheryl is the one that put her name in this. If she takes legal action she will win because she has nothing to do with any of this.

  9. I have been reading your blog since I came across it, and I think you’ve shared everything much more kindly then most would, given the situation.

    It’s been obvious on the show that Meri is “over it” and unhappy. She seems angry at times in the group talks, rolling her eyes at Christine mentioning that Kody would be a great Dad for Robyn’s kids. I think Kody is insufferable, and his wives deserve a medal for staying with him.

    I know you’ve said Robyn is a sweetheart, and I’ll take your word for it. From the show, it’s obvious Kody favors her and spends a majority of his time there. It’s no wonder Christine struggled as much as she did when welcoming Robyn.

    Anyway, I haven’t posted before now. But I am rooting for you… And I hope Meri gets out of there as soon as she can. Everyone deserves happiness.

  10. would u be able to post pictures of the ones that are lindsey and the one that is jackie, jackie is on the cover of in touch and the mug shot right? to me lindsey looks very much older than jackie by far!!!!! no offence to lindsey but u can tell her lifestyle smoking drinking has affected her skin, jackie has some moles like under her left eyebrow and on her left cheek that are easy to see in each pic, for starters i don’t see those moles on lindseys pic obviously cause lindsey isn’t jackie lol

    You have to admit though that jackie overton is not a good person, many people have come forward as previous victims of her catfishing ways, especially that one women that jackie mooched off of and lived with for free and gave her thousands of dollars. She and her mom have also started fake company websites to scam people for someone with no internet she sure has a lot of websites in her name and many different alias to go along with her photos, no? Also all the drama she caused in the jim rome forum Why would you be willing to help someone like that? Its clear she has deceived and hurt a lot of people!

  11. Are you in contact with Meri now? I think that you 2 may have chatted recently or are currently chatting. Am I right?

    Thank you for always answering my very nosey questions! 🙂

  12. Will there be new blog posts today? 😀

  13. I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I do hope you and Meri end up riding off into the sunset together. Sigh. She clearly loves you. I suspect that Kody is making her lie and call you a catfish. He looks like he insists on being in charge and the other wives worship him. A sensitive, attractive guy like you must be a blow to the ego to a moron like Kody. Is there any chance that you and Meri will reconcile?

  14. Ok a few more questions if you don’t mind :)…sorry so nosey and I hope you don’t mind. When about did Meri and Robin go to Colorado to see Hunter? Was it just the two of them? Did Robin know for a while? Did she keep her secret?

  15. What happened to end a love like this? I find it so sad.

  16. When and why did you break up if you don’t mind me asking.

  17. When was the last time you spoke to Meri?

  18. You seem to have a good opinion of Robyn. Were her and Meri as close as what has been portrayed on the show?

  19. Will you be watching the Nov.15th show Sam and updating live on your blog?

    TLC knows it has a moneymaker now that you came into the picture..
    Before the show was just…Meh..


  20. Ok Quick question… on Sister Wives fb page one person wrote that Robyn knew about this relationship and chose to let it continue on. Any truth to that do you know?

    • That is false. This is the problem. People that had nothing to do with this are inserting comments and pretending they are somehow involved or have insider info. Robyn found out when they went to Colorado to visit Hunter. And she was devastated about it. Robyn did not know anything until Meri confessed to having an affair.

  21. I understand that it is important for you to tell your story. But how can you say that all you have shared on this blog has not hurt Meri in anyway and she is doing fine? Are you on contact with her?

  22. embarrassed voyeur

    Can you tell us what she is busy with? She hasn’t joined in much with the activities on the episodes this season. I hope we can get some insider things from you on how they live. I don’t know how they can support that whole crew on what TLC is paying them. The mortgages on those houses have got to be a big
    nut each month. Mary’s daughter goes to a private money money

    • She has 2 jobs plus her main job of filming. She has a lot going on daily. Weekends she’s a little less busy.
      They all live with a budget that does not cover monthly expenses. Money is still tight with all of them.

  23. Follow the script. Lol. I feel for that family. Those are not real marriages.
    Well Sam I hope everything works out for you 🙂

  24. I thought the same thing, Sarah. She looked and sat it down, but I thought hmmmmmm

  25. Thank you for answering. I have to say that this is better than you selling your story to the press because you get everything out and in your own words. It’s so hard to believe what’s in those magazines anyway.
    Do you know at what part of the show did you and Meri break up? I know u don’t watch the show but I’m sure u know abt what was going on during that time of yalls break up.
    This last episode, her phone went off cuz she got a text message or a call and I was like, I wander if that was Sam.

    • You are welcome. That is exactly why I did not sell this to the magazines. I don’t need the money they offered and I knew they would twist my truth. Then I would have no way to defend myself.
      The experiences I have had with 2 tabloids, they take one crumb of truth and make up all of the rest. Remember they are a business so they have to sustain themselves be keeping news interesting. Even if it’s lies.
      When we broke up it was near the end. If anything was filmed after we broke up it was nothing I’m aware of.
      I do know the network is covering it up to save the show.
      And she will claim we never met and I sent her fake photos to go along with what a catfish would typically do. Don’t believe it. She’s trying to save her own ass.

  26. When are we going to see another photo, Sam? Even if it’s just one of you and not you and Meri.

  27. How’s it going, Sam. Read most of the comments and your answers. Thanks for your time and efforts.

    I know you said Meri loved her sister wives but did she ever speak about her husband?

    Are we seeing the true Kody on TV? I know you don’t watch the show. As a viewer, I see that Kody seem to constantly insult his wives, Janelle, Christine, and Meri. At times he appears to be annoyed with them. He admits to not spending much time with them since Robyn entered the relationship and he also admits to not spending time with their children. He appears to be totally in love with Robyn. Almost like an 18 year old boy getting laid for the very first time.

    I know in some of the texts and voicemails she compared you to Kody and said there was no comparison because you are the better man.

    Did she ever say what made you better than Kody?

    • Did she ever speak about him, yes.
      Are you seeing the real of any of them? No. It’s edited.
      Yes she did explain and praise me many times for being a better man. And those are details I won’t expand on. Great questions, thank you!

  28. Kody is a misogynist and I can’t wait to see you vindicated. Wishing you the best and hoping you get the girl in the end!

  29. I hope you take TLC and Kody Brown to the cleaners. Good luck, Sam!

  30. If what you say is true about Jackie Overton, I really feel bad she has had to endure what she has. Would you consider helping her and Della financially with their legal battle?

    • I offered she said no thank you. Lindsay offered but I don’t know if she accepted it. All I know is she needs money but will not sell her story or accept my help. I feel bad and I tried. I was only able to talk to her one time. She refuses to answer my calls or texts now. She is really pissed off.

  31. A heads up! The show in 11/15/15 is titled ‘Meri Catfished’. Get your DVD and Lawyers ready!

  32. Sam, you could create a post where you list the dates of updated blog posts. Readers can just refer to that post to see what has been recently updated. Maybe something like that would work (probably not as time consuming too)?

  33. I just wanted to say that there’s no doubt in my mind what so ever that there was an affair. This happened, it’s plain and clear. My question is, why do you believe her family was so okay with accepting and forgiving this affair with you? Have you heard or do you know how Kody took the news of you guys’ affair? Meri looks so crushed on the show now, is it because of losing you or how Kody is dealing with her unfaithfulness?
    Sorry so many questions.

    • They were all upset. Robyn was devastated.
      He thinks it’s all bs and told the wives to not talk about it at all.

      We were still together during the current season. Anything where she is emotional is after we broke up. She told someone several times she was so confused and still loved me after we broke up.

      But now she has to keep the catfish story going. So she’s going to follow that script.

  34. I read above that your not posting for revenge which is understandable. She seems like a great woman in a difficult possibly loveless sexless marriage (my opinion)
    I’ve been in that type of relationship for 3.5yrs before. I saved text pics. Pics he sent me. Just in case right. Sadly in these types of relationships the cheater usually always goes back to the spouse bad relationship or not.
    I believe your story and kinda think the J.O person (name?!) is made up by tv network to calm the situation. Plus you love her. If you didn’t you’d post pics and out her. But your not. Not yet anyways?!

    I’d love to read the book and hear about the truth because I’ve also been where she is. Feeling like you don’t wanna be there but kinda stuck. Possibly unloved. Like nothing. Suddenly this man comes around and shows you some love, compassion and attention. I’m wondering if this, possibly, next episode she’ll say something about this?!

    When do you think you’ll post evidence? I know doing so will cause issues and hatred towards you from her and others maybe. Also do you think or know if Kody knows the whole truth?

  35. Ugh!

    My French is a little off! I meant to say sorry for being so selfish to ask for the blog.
    Not that you were selfish!
    Sometimes I speak Franish- French and Spanish..
    Thanks for keeping us updated!

  36. Is there a link to the shows you were on? Although this unfortunately is sad for you, it is fascinating to follow in real-time. Thank you for your candor!

  37. I have to say that, the only reason I am following with such interest, is the fact that I am also trying to move on from a broken heart. I’m glad I didn’t have to deal with media, trolls or the whole world, following with morbid curiosity. Whether or not this whole situation is true, I can relate to the “scandal” it caused in my family & friends when we broke up. The he/she said, the picking of sides, etc. I wish you well and Meri really deserves love. Unapologetic, fireworks love. You only get those once in a lifetime, if ever.

    • I pray when she leaves she finds a great guy that will love her as much as she deserves. She was so happy with me. It was an awesome thing to witness and so humbling I made her feel so free and loved.

      I’m sorry to hear about your ending. The best thing is you get to meet someone without all the bullshit that you went through. You will find the right person for you. Love has a way of finding you at the time you aren’t even looking for it.

  38. Sam,

    Désolé que mon dernier post était un peu égoïsme vous souhaitant le meilleur!

    Bonne Nuit~

  39. Which lake is your house on in Lake Forest? I’m thinking of moving to Chicago and would love to live on a lake.

  40. It’s evident that many of us are curious about the situation and all those involved.
    I think the Q & A’s could go on and on…
    Ever thought of a Podcast? You could have a forum for questions and have us tune in for the answers.
    – Merci pour votre temps!

    • I do an online radio show twice a month with a friend on her channel. We take callers during the 30 minute show but I have no interest in doing this topic on that show or a podcast. That’s why I’m writing my book. To share my thoughts and feelings about it all. It’s not going to be a bash book or a way to unload all this insider info I have. It’s about what I went through and how the relationship impacted me.

      Je suis heureux de voir que vous etes ici!

  41. I think the greatest proof would be for you to prove you are who you say you are though. At least one would think… But thank you for responding to my comment! 🙂 I am waiting impatiently for the book and photos! Have you found that editor yet?

  42. As proof of your existence, I would suggest that you make a video of you showing you logging into your blog or some other real time proof that you are indeed Sam. I think that would help most of us truly believe you. I have been following this story and I truly am fascinated by it all. No disrespect to you at all in this comment, but have you thought about doing something like that to clear your identity at least? That seems to be the biggest mystery of all that people are confused by. Best wishes on your book! That is a very tight deadline with work and travel as well!

    • I appreciate your suggestion. I don’t feel any need to prove my identity. Either you believe me or you don’t. That’s not something I concern myself with. I understand people think I’m not really Samuel, but they are wrong and I really don’t care. All that matters to me is proving my side of this story. Great comments. Thanks.

  43. Hi Samuel! When you re-open posts, Is there a way for you to tell your readers which blog posts have had photos added? It is time consuming to click through old blog posts searching for something that may not even be posted yet. Hoping to see those long awaited photos soon!!

  44. I know…I understand why you did it…just sayin’….hey thanks for taking the time to respond to me today…I am glad I decided to leave a reply 😉 …its kinda like a chat, yet super public…hehehehe…Have a great night!

  45. wow….this story just keeps getting weirder…I dont know what to say…I feel bad for everyone involved. EVERYONE 🙁 I would like to be part of the solution, the resolution if you will…I am not sure what that looks like….but I would love to see this resolved in a positive way…it seems like so many people enjoy the drama of it all, they seem to feed off the negativity of it all like emotional vampires.
    I cant deny that this whole thing has been so interesting to watch…but at the end of the day we are talking about real people here with real feelings and there is an underlying sadness in this..I have seen this whole story bring out the worst in people…you included…I am sorry but I think releasing all the voice mails and private conversations with her was not your finest moment…I get it…I understand why you did, but it is not something that would make any future woman feel safe with you emotionally…it seems like every body involved has pain and trust issues…honestly that just makes me feel sad…I do not enjoy seeing people act out from pain.

    Hurt people hurt people

    • I understand your opinion. I did not release anything out of revenge. I’m not mad at her at all. I’m replying to her public, national comments. She had her say. Now I’m having mine. And she is doing fine. This has not hurt her in anyway.

      It will be over soon.

  46. …wait now I am confused…when did you talk to Jackie? How did you get her number? has Lindsay spoken to her as well?…so she has no internet and has not even seen or read all of the articles?…omg that must be so strange for her to have random people walk up to her and ask her about Meri Brown…I bet that first conversation you had with her was really really a trip for her……mind officially blown

    • She found Kendra’s number online. One of her friends saw it and gave it to her she said. She texted Kendra and asked her wtf was going on. Kendra gave Lindsay the number. Lindsay talked to her. Then I talked to her.
      She said her friends started calling her about her name being online with someone else’s photos attached to it. She was very upset and asked me to stop writing in my blog so the whole thing would go away. I explained to her that she can clear her name quickly. But I was going to be attached to this story permanently and I had proof I had a real affair. She just wants to be left alone.

  47. You said you added photos to some of your posts so I tried to look back on them but they are all locked…

  48. yes…I totally get it, and honestly depending on where it was posted and whomever shared it, it could come back to haunt me actually. But I totally respect your privacy and i would not want to record you without permission…the last thing i want is a lawsuit ;)…I really feel that if people heard you they me be more open to believing you….on the other hand maybe me getting in the middle of this is a bad idea <3 :/…just post another pic of the other half of your face 🙂 I thought that was a great idea…or get an artist to do a portrait of you, if you want you can only post half of that pic as well…I think people just need to feel that you are listening to their request to see you.

  49. How do you know Jackie doesn’t have internet access?

    • Because when I talked to her that was one of the first things she said. She has no internet she has no computer. She has a flip phone that is a prepaid one. With no internet on it because she can’t afford it.

  50. embarrassed voyeur

    They gave this artist a picture of Kody with 3 babies. They said make me a drawing like this but replace his babies with drawings that look like Robyn’s kids when they were babies. You had to see the whole episode..Robyn brought it out like it was a masterpiece and my mouth dropped ( like I am imagine the other Mom’s did ….creepy

    • Thank you for clarifying it. It still sounds like a very sweet gesture. If it is an art piece what’s the harm in that. I do see it being viewed as disrespectful to their biological dad. But I think she did it with a big heart full of love.,

  51. lol…I would not call it a “facebook” interview….I would call it an opportunity for people to hear your voice and listen to the emotion and kindness that is apparent when you talk about this relationship. You are obviously a very spiritual and thoughtful person, I would just like permission to record you so some people on “facebook” could hear your voice, they have only heard Meris’…it was just a thought, an idea, a possible way to show people who you are…no pressure, but if you are ever wanting to do such a thing I would be a safe person to do that with. We would talk about it before I recorded anything.

    • Let me noodle that one please. I think it’s very nice of you to try to help, but must people have made up their mind. I’m doing just fine staying here and connecting directly with folks. Too many times things have gotten twisted or made things worse on me. Can you understand my hesitation?

  52. embarrassed voyeur turned out creepy looking. You can’t re-write history to make things go the way you want them to go. It was disrespectful to their biological father. I’m sure Christine was thrilled to have her kids likenesses pulled and Robyn’s kids replace them.

  53. no not for a blog….just for facebook…I am not a reporter, I just a person 😉 I was one of the people that had a 3 way calls with Kendra…and I really appreciated your openness to share your feelings…I was pretty tired and caught off guard when she said you were available to talk so I did not really have any questions to ask. But I did not think you sounded like Jackie, and I think that other people should have the opportunity to hear your voice. I know one thing for sure is you really loved her, and she really loved you…that I know is true

  54. Thank you for answering our questions, Samuel. I’m just wondering… if you still like Meri and care for her, why don’t you watch the show? I would have used every opportunity to get a glimpse of the person I was in love with. 🙂

    • Because it’s too soon to see her pretend to want to be there when I know the whole season she was saying I love you Samuel, I want to leave. We wanted to get married. I can’t stomach seeing her sit there and not be true to who I fell in love with.

  55. embarrassed voyeur

    Robyn had an artist take a picture of a young Kody and 3 of his kids as babies and make a new drawing of Robyns kids with Kody as they looked as babies. It was a darn weird way of re-writing history. My creep meter went bing bing bing…Robyn wants to pretend that the kids biological Dad is Kody..

    • Oh I didn’t know that. I think that’s a very sweet gesture to give a glimpse of what it would have looked like. An artist rendition is just an art piece. If it was a photoshopped photo to create a family photo that would be inappropriate and weird. But art pieces they are meant to stretch your imagination. I think that’s awesome. I bet it turned out great!

  56. This is kind of mean but…with everyone so desperate to have a picture of you and Meri together, just go to the “artist” that did the portrait of Kody and Robyn’s kids together and have it made. Robyn created a “memory” using Christine’s family photo and substituted her own children in Christine’s children’s place.
    Just have yourself replace Kody.
    It seems a okay by the Browns to do that.

  57. Yes, that’s why I want to move from the ‘burbs into the city – to cut down on my awful commute!

  58. Yes! One of the reasons I’m moving from the ‘burbs to the city is to cut down on my commute!

  59. Your IP says Oklahoma

  60. I’m glad you’re a answering questions, that helps a lot.
    But how do Jackie and Lindsey look exactly alike?
    And your websites and phone numbers are listed under Jackies name?

    • They look similar. 90% of the photos are Lindsay. Not Jackie.

      None of my websites have ever been listed in anyone’s name except mine. I have 4 websites right now.

      You are getting info from trolls who photoshop stuff then post it around like its true. I’m glad you are asking me directly.

  61. Yes, I’m from the North Shore as well. Might be moving to the city this summer if I can unload my townhome. I’m vegan, too!

  62. Since you’ve broken up with that 26 u/o and you’ve moved, are you thinking about getting back into the dating pool at all? I’m single and local 😉

    • Local as in you live in Chicago? I’m still in love with Meri. When I start dating I want someone local who can deal with my big life. I travel a lot and will be spending all of my weekends at my lake house up in Lake Forest.

  63. I though you went to Disneyland with Mike and Meri and her daughter. Was that another trip?

  64. embarrassed voyeur

    I’ve never posted to a blog before and I am taking up waaay too much of your time but I hope you will post more stories and voice mails to go along with them. Such interesting reading and it shows your part of the story. I promise to still buy the book 🙂 I’m confused on some of the names, like Kendra and the Cheryl C lady. I missed out on that part of the story

  65. Yeah right, every legit business has an online presence.

  66. But it wouldn’t be you who catfished her, it would be Jackie, so that doesn’t make sense.

  67. embarrassed voyeur

    I think the season must be close to being over but I just read this online, so maybe she will spill the beans.
    Not sure how accurate the Daily Mail is….~likely talk~ doesn’t mean ~for sure ~will talk. I thought it sounded like she will talk about being sad about the divorce and that she brought her depression into the family because of her not feeling well..illness..etc..She has been a real Debby Downer for sure this season. I can not see her spilling this affair to the group in an filmed episode. Too embarrassing.

    According to the Daily Mail, Meri Brown will likely talk about the catfishing scandal and the effect that it had on her family during the next episode of Sister Wives. In a preview for the episode, she’s shown crying during a confessional.

    “They have no idea how bad it is,” Meri says in the Sister Wives promo. “They don’t know what I brought into the family.”

    • Tabloids make stuff up. Don’t believe tabloids especially from people that were not directly involved. The so called sources are usually internet trolls that don’t know what they are talking about.

      I guess you will need to come back Sunday what was said because I don’t watch that show.

  68. Thanks for the update Sam, my question is did you contact jackie or did she contact you to get this situation sorted out, do you know why jackie hasn’t made any public statements to clear her name? thanks for reading!

    • She found Kendra’s phone number on the Internet. She texted Kendra to ask wtf was this all about. Kendra gave Lindsay the number. Lindsay talked to her. Then I talked to her.

      She is trying to straighten out her legal trouble and her moms legal trouble also that’s why she is not talking about any of this publicly. She will once she gets that stuff worked out.

      She told me she does not know Cheryl or anything about the Nick blog. She said she has had death threats and is being harassed.

  69. It’s her culture to not be physical, she fell in love with kody without the physical too

  70. Can you please answer this one question (I know it’s been asked before). Why is there no online information about you or your company? Also, it must take tons of time and energy to post these blogs, upload the voicemails, etc. Why wouldn’t you just post photos of the two of you together?

    I have been a close follower since this “scandal” broke but I’m losing interest waiting for the promised pics.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Because I’m not an online guy. I don’t need to advertise my companies because they do locally within the communities they are in. I have 2 investors. Me and Lindsay. I don’t need other investors for anything I do. I have enough money to fund all of my projects.

      I paid someone to put all of this online. I don’t have the knowledge or the time to do this. She uploaded it into a draft with the date. When I get time I look at it, write a summary and publish it. The photos are being added in to each posts if you go back through them. It’s a slow process because I need to make sure the photos go to the right post by date.

      Why post the best stuff first? I’m building an audience and telling my story first.

      Great question. As long as I’m shown respect I don’t mind answering questions.

  71. embarrassed voyeur

    I don’t think she will talk catfish. I think the preview sounded more like she was going to say what her medical tests revealed. I think if TLC had film about her revealing her catfish story they would be yelling from the rooftops about it. Don’t you think filming was done for the season before this all blew up? A catfish story would be a rating bonanza…embarrassing for the family but not for TLC.

    • They basically film every other week the full year. If what everyone keeps asking about involves the affair it would have been taped after August 30th. And with all the media attention she will have to address it sometime. Expect an edited version of she does. And as always I will answer questions afterwards. There has been questions about the dinner she was at.

      She went to dinner with just the adults. She told them she has been struggling. Maybe she would like to go to Greece for a month, maybe she would like to get involved with Danny Gokeys charity work, maybe she wants to travel. She said 3 or 4 things to them. That part I do know about because the entire time she was in Alaska we were on the phone at night. He wasn’t even staying in the house she was in the whole trip. He stayed in the main house with the other 3 wives. So that her and I could talk.

  72. That doesn’t make sense, why would you sue meri for mentioning your name?

  73. I thought the idea of Meri being catfished in this day and age,as they say,sounded off. Its just not realistic to fall for someone and talk the way she did to you w o there being some kind of physical connection. You sound genuine and very sincere in your feelings for her. Your side is more believable than hers & the fact that you’re going out of your way to answer questions makes me believe you more. Good luck w your book and everything else in your life.

  74. Hi Sam, I am not a troll but I’ve been following the story. My question is why was Meri at Disneyland with Jackie Overton?

    • She wasn’t. She took Lindsay to Disney to have fun. It didn’t work out they rode one ride because Lindsay got sick and threw up from food poisoning. So they drove home and Lindsay was sick the whole way back. The other trip I took Lindsay with me and Meri went with her daughter and one of her sons.

  75. What is Lindsay’s last name?

  76. Would you be willing to do a phone interview with me so everyone can hear your voice? We can talk about it before hand. It may help you sort our your thoughts for the book.

  77. I just wanted to write a note of support. I believe you. The Browns fib and obfuscate often. You have been nothing but candid and authentic about your experience and feelings for Meri. Best wishes for healing and peace.

  78. How would Meri or TLC zero in on a complete stranger, Jackie Overton to accuse her of being a catfish?

    • That name came from Cheryl Crisafulli. She was mentioned in one of the first InTouch Weekly articles. This woman has admitted to stalking me online for 4 years. I do not even know her or know who she is. She claims we met online dating. I have never signed up for or tried online dating, ever. What her connection to me is I have no idea. But she claims to know Jackie. We asked Jackie and she has no idea who Cheryl is. So my guess since nothing else is adding up is she is a fame seeker who tied herself to this story and used whatever stalking info she has from watching me online for the past years to try to convince people she knows me. It’s a game and it has caused this mess to grow into a big big lie. And you know who fell for it because the catfish story gets her out of telling her husband and her family that we had a real affair.

      It’s called damage control on another TLC scandal to save her ass. Throw out a name on someone and go along with the rumors instead of doing any type of due diligence to find out the truth.
      It’s a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  79. Thanks for telling us your side of the story and taking the time to answer questions. Meri and her family are going to tell their side soon and it looks as if it is all scripted. The whole season Meri is checked out and now that this whole situation happened, she suddenly showing a lot of emotions.

    I know you said you don’t watch the show but I hope you will not mind answering questions after Meri’s story about the affair has aired. It would be nice to hear your rebuttal of her version of the affair.

    Also, I don’t put too much into gossip magazines but Radar article had me questioning things:

    “Sources told the magazine that “Robyn absolutely knew from the beginning that Meri was being Catfished,” and “sat back and just watched as the whole scam unraveled.” (A pal of Robin’s named Kendra Pollard-Parra insisted to the magazine that the man exists.)”

    Do you know how Robyn found out about the affair between you and Meri? Also, Kendra admits that you are indeed a man. Did you ever meet or communicate with Kendra?

    Wishing you well. Taking time out of your busy life to answer questions from strangers is very much appreciated.

    • Meri told Robyn in their hotel room the weekend they went to Colorado to visit Hunter. Robyn knew nothing at all and she was devastated as soon as she told her.

      I have not met Kendra. I have talked to her a few times. And we video Skyped. She also had me talk to people on the phone a few times on 3 way calls to prove I am real, I’m a guy, and I answered questions about the affair.

  80. If you really want this to end, just post a picture of you (Sam) and Meri together.

    Not voicemails, texts, or pictures of Meri and Lindsay, but pictures of you two.

    Until then, I can’t follow this or believe you. It’s too suspicious.. That’s why you’re getting so much hate.

    • I’m not getting that much hate. The funniest thing happened. As soon as I blocked about ten people most of all my hatefilled comments stopped. The IP address shows up on each comment. So I can see when someone posts several comments with different names, and the same IP address. Same thing on Twitter. I blocked a few accounts and now I don’t see anything the trolls say. Sometimes ignore and delete work out great.

  81. TLC is alluding to your story being the subject of next weeks show. it wouldn’t be. There doing that to get people to watch as its ratings week. How a show gets paid by sponsors is determined greatly by ratings week. Basically TLC is “cat fishing” the viewers. Sorry for the pun, was just to easy. But I’m being serious. I’ve seen next weeks show it mainly focus on Meris health issues. I find it sad that TLC is using your relationship with Meri to gain viewers while being untruthful about what really happened. I wish you well. The fact you haven’t spoken to media or sold your story speaks volumes. No matter who or what sex you are. I’m not hating please don’t take my comments the wrong way. The only thing I think you did that was shady/wrong was release the voicemails. But I’m not privy to the whole story. Good luck.

    • If they mention it will be her saying we never met or I sent her fake pictures. Anything to keep her catfish storyline going. If she mentions my name at all my lawyers are prepared to sue her, her family, and the network for slander, libel, and defamation.

      I am not a storyline for ratings. I’m a guy who fell in love with a woman who wanted to leave that show and family. I will be really pissed off if she uses this story to boost her show.

  82. Who is Samuel Jacob Christianson? Some people on the internet say it’s you. He uses the same symbols you use, peace sign, heart & smiley face. This is what confuses me and keeps me from believing you 100%. I am not a troll. I hate some of the awful things people say about you on Twitter. Instead of posting facts and proof they are just saying some really ugly stuff. It is really sad. I am only trying to seek the truth. Please answer. If you don’t than I have to believe you and Samuel Jacob Christianson are one and the same.

    • That was my original blog name but they are spelling it wrong. It was a faith based and spiritual based blog called Samuel Jacob Christian Son. I did not want my last name on the Internet at that time. Lumping it into a last name is the trolls talking about something they made up. As a domain name it looks like so it’s an easy assumption. However anyone trying to claim that was my last name is wrong.

      Great question!

  83. Sam, Thanks for your honesty–Yes, I will buy your book, I wish you Love and Happiness in your new home,,, and I hope that Meri can make it out into the real world without too much damage,,, she deserves a chance at happiness too. I am sure that a lot of folks look at you as a new friend, post when you can friend ,,, God Bless.

  84. embarrassed voyeur

    I was able to access your twitter and as a non-twitter person, I find twitter weird and really don’t understand it and I can’t imagine how you ever met her on there.( I know..wait for the book)….but what is the flikr that you talk about on twitter and how do we see that?

    Plus, I don’t see the halo that you see above Meri’s head. Those stories she told sound self serving to me when I pay it forward, the fun is never telling anyone about what I did.

    ok and yes..I do need to get a life 🙂

  85. You could see Meri is just so empty inside in the recent episodes. Oh how I would love for this to end with the two of you together and happy! I wish you all the best Sam and pray Meri finds the strength to get out when she has the chance.

  86. embarrassed voyeur

    It’s better that you aren’t watching. She looks depressed, seems uninterested in anything the family is doing, when Kody talks on the couch, it’s like she is looking off into space and counting the seconds until she can get off the couch. I thought it was all because of Robyn being the new favorite wife. I live under a rock and missed all of the drama that was really going on.

  87. embarrassed voyeur

    Pretty amazing to get that number of visitors to your site. I have felt sorry for Meri this season . I thought it was because of the divorce and how she seems to be on the bottom of the sister wives pole.
    Now the magazines are saying it was because she was catfished. Can you explain why she didn’t leave with you instead of publicing the current story she gave to People Magazine, etc.? Do you know if next weeks episode talks about her catfish story? The previews made it look like that was going to happen. Do you know when the filming was going on so we can figure out what was happening with your relationship while the film was being made? I know you are not a public personality but she is and it’s all so interesting..Sorry for being so nosey 🙁

  88. Thanks for the recent posts. I’m far too intrigued by this whole situation than I care to admit! I do have a question, though. You concluded this post by saying you hope this story goes away soon. I believe it will as soon as you post photographic evidence. Are you planning on doing that soon? If you did, I would buy your book hands down and know others would as well. Thanks for reading.

    • Yes I will just a few. All of the photos will be in the book. I’m going to start writing it this weekend. I have some notes written down but I will finally get time to sit down and start. I don’t know how to write a book but I have a goal and a deadline. And my book will not be very expensive. I will sell it for $20

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