Cold weather delays

I am in Chicago until tomorrow. We are getting slammed with a big snow and ice storm. I was going to fly out tonight but the risk is not worth it. I’m a good pilot but even I know my limits. 

I had a great Christmas. I took 19 of my family and friends to Morehead City, North Carolina for 5 days of Christmas fun. The past several years I had spent the holidays alone and caught up on work. This year I’m doing a lot better and really wanted to be with my family. It was stressful and fun. We stuffed way too much into 5 days. By the time I got home on Sunday I crashed. 

I will be leaving Chicago for a month. I’m going to Las Vegas for all of January to get that office pushed into the next level of commercial investments. There are a lot of great opportunities now that several large casinos are struggling financially. I plan to get as much percentage as I can to build up my west coast investment portfolio. My Los Angeles office is the smallest office I have but they make up for 65% of my profits. They constantly do such an excellent job I need to go out there more to thank them all. 

The 2nd weekend in Vegas I will be going to Seattle for 3 days. I’m meeting some friends there for a wedding. I’m excited to visit there. 

My ebook will finally be released in the next 2 weeks. If you have preordered thank you for that. I have 4700 + preorders. I can’t believe that many people are interested. A lot of them are from overseas. I didn’t know I had an international interest. Very cool! It will be followed up by the release of the actual book. In paperback only. I only ordered 1,000 paperbacks to be printed because I believe most of my sales will be digital. 

My publisher, as experienced as they are, have been a giant pain in my ass. I had no idea the headaches I would deal with writing a book. I’m happy to be almost done with this whole process. 

I have met an amazing young lady named Ellie. She and I have been talking for months and are planning for trips, fun, and good times together in our future. She is young, 28 and I am very attracted to her intelligence. She is very, very smart and she challenges me a lot. She is also beautiful. My first dark haired girl in a long time. I have always loved blondes. But like she said the blondes haven’t been working out its time for a change Lol 

I am happy. I can’t wait to spend New Years Eve in Las Vegas with Lindsay and her fiancée Ben. I know it’s going to be a drunken party of fun. She has been asked to host a vip area party by  a hotel on the strip and everything we want will be comped for the night. She texted me at 2 am this morning and asked me to make sure she doesn’t drink all the champagne by herself Lol She is still crazy and I love her for that. I can not wait to have a fun night. I need it. 

I hope everyone had a great Holiday season. I love ya’ll! Stay warm!


Happy Holidays

The next few days will be busy for me but I did not want to leave this without a special Christmas wish for all of you. 

When I go to Church on Sundays I pray for all that find their way here. I ask God to watch over you. I ask Him to bring joy to your lives and to let you find love and happiness. I pray for your families and that you know how much God loves you. Then I pray that when you feel alone you reach out to God to comfort you. I say that in my other prayers for all of you. And I really do mean it. 

This year has not at all gone the way I planned. Does any year ever do? You found me just as much as I found you. I hope something I have said has made you think. Maybe I have changed your opinion or viewpoint on something. Or maybe I am the verbal punching bag you feel you need in your life to focus all of your anger on. Either way I have shouldered my fair share of good and bad this year. 

I am still here. 

I am still smiling.

I am still humbled by my amazing and wonderful life. 

My family and I wish you all Merry Christmas. May God bless you all with the best and happiest of days. 

I love you all for being here. Have a great Christmas, ya’ll!

Free advertising

Since some articles came out about my book my website has exploded with site traffic and book orders. Yes the rag tabloids are printing false stories with the wrong name, wrong everything. But it’s making people want to buy my book. Or come here to ask me questions and ask about what my side is.

It’s awesome. So thank to the trolls and the rags to keep this going. You are all helping me sell my book. This afternoon I hit 2,000 preorders and counting!

Pay pal? Not really

So Paypal is a new and exciting headache for me to deal with. I was using my company Paypal business account and found out from Shelly…..don’t ever do that. So we took that one down.

Then I was using a brand new personal paypal account for the ebook pre-orders and found out from Lindsay….don’t ever do that. So we took that one down.

3 for 3? I had a total stranger that I had been talking to about all of this headache with Paypal help me set up a brand new business account solely for the ebook sales. He told me it would be easier to deal with and keep it separate from my other account. This way I can link it to anything that is not related to my companies. He seems nice. Maybe he just screwed me over. I have no idea let’s give it a try Lol I really appreciate his help but he explains things so fast and I couldn’t keep up while he was click, click clicking away. I just said do it for me please and he did.

So thank you Tom. You are a big help. We should be all good to go now. Sorry about that. This is obviously my first time with selling an ebook and it has been a difficult, fun? adventure already.

I have been working on writing this book for a few months at this point. What ya’ll didn’t know is the entire relationship with Meri I was writing private blogs on here that only I can see. To just talk about all of it. Those will never, ever be published here or anywhere. But from that, the texts, the voicemails, my memory, Lindsay’s memory and photos I compiled info information and timeline to make it into a book. It’s an ebook first, because I am a first time author who clearly doesn’t know what he is doing. My publisher is hands off for the most part. They advise me but it’s mostly all about the money. My editor is M.I.A. I have had zero contact with her or heard from her in a short while so I don’t know if she is laughing so hard at my book that she disappeared off the face of the Earth, or she is stunned by my brilliance she can not find the words to describe how well I did? I’m voting the first one for sure. Either way this is going to take a while. I hope to have the ebook out by Christmas. Looking at the calendar that’s a lofty goal but who knows, my luck may finally change?

I had a very busy week and a great weekend with Lindsay, Peyton and Parker. Those girls can shop until I drop. Which was apparently their goal because I’m exhausted and going to bed early tonight.

Anyone that has made it into my Twitter account are catching on to a special someone in my life. Not something I will share here just yet but it’s a great new friendship and we are having a lot of fun getting to know each other.

I will be spending 5 days in Morehead City, North Carolina for Christmas with 19 other people. A mixture of family and friends who didn’t want the usual Christmas. I can’t wait to get out of town and just relax. My last vacation was a whirlwind and it literally took me another week to get back to myself.

I’m also fighting off a small cold right now so I wake up sounding like a southern toad that swallowed a nest of killer bumble bees or a lifelong smoker, first time cougher. It’s not been very fun. This rain here is a bummer. I hope ya’ll had a great weekend!


Preorder my Ebook – “Almost Meri’ed”

preorder-now  You can go to my website now and preorder my ebook. The title is “Almost Meri’ed”. I credit Lindsay for that one. We had been throwing book titles around on group chat on my phone with about 20 of our friends. And one 3am text said “Thank god you are still single. You almost got Meri’ed” The rest is history. It was the one book title that made me laugh and stuck out for being real and truthful. It kind of sums up the whole book. I did almost get married. And well, Meri’ed.

I’m using Paypal as the payment processing for 2 reasons. You get to feel secure about ordering my ebook. And you also have the option to get a refund if you either don’t like or don’t feel it’s worth the price.

After a month of arguing with my book publisher we agreed to sell my ebook for $6. I think $1 a month for my story is fair. I think $6 is a good price for a first time author of a book that has almost 200 pages. I worked hard. I would think anyone who really wanted to buy this book can come up with $6.

There are stories, photos, more text snippets, and a lot of things that I have never shared with anyone about my affair. Some great insight into what lead me to falling in love with a married woman and how it felt ending it with such public attention.

The ending is not at all what you expect. It’s a huge twist and surprise. One you have to read all the way through to understand. I worked really, really hard on this. And I’m proud of it.

It’s not a TELL ALL. Anyone that says that it is, is both wrong and really wrong. I’m not interested in spilling deep dark secrets and I do know a few. This is a love story. It’s my love story and my experiences. It is funny in some parts, it’s very humbling. It’s a great story. I think a lot of people will be able to connect with it and maybe learn somethings they never thought about love.

We are working on cover art now. It’s going to take a while for that. I am very, very picky about that.

I hope you buy my ebook! I can’t wait for all of you to read it.

Thanks everyone! Love ya’ll!