Sharing is good

5106e2e3610e2f8d226e272bec798ae3  I have found out that by sharing my story a lot of other people are beginning to share theirs. I think it’s helping people. I love the stories. I get to hear how people met people they really loved  deeply. I’m also hearing stories that would break your heart. I’m so happy to be here for all of you. I’m doing my best to get back to all of the messages. Some days I can keep up. Sometimes not so well. I didn’t think this would happen.

I’m here. If you guys want to tell me your story, share your experiences I would love that. I’m here to learn. I have made a huge mistake with my life by having an affair. But for some reason it has turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’m building a new group of friends that aren’t judging me, aren’t demoralizing the things I have done. I take full responsibility for all of my actions and words. I want to learn. I want to do better. I want to learn from your stories.

My favorite topic to discuss with anyone is love. It has been the elusive dream of mine. I have never truly found the love that belongs to me. I want it so bad but I know God will bring it to me when I am worthy and ready. I thought I knew what love was 3 times in my life. 3 relationships that all turned out to be wrong for me. It’s hard to accept it. The further away I move from the feelings of love the more the clarity sets in. It’s hard to swallow. But I can’t give up.

I know there is a woman out there that will capture my heart and attention again. I know that she is waiting for me right now. And through the magic of the universe again I know we will find our way to each other. That’s the best part of love. The beginning. It’s so fresh and exciting. All the things you learn about each other. The things that you fall in love with.

Anyone else that is starting over, go out and date. Don’t say no to everybody. It makes you feel alone. If your friends want to set you up with someone, go for it. It might work out very well. I know for me I’m not ready to date. I need more time to deal with all of this. It’s been a roller coaster. With everything that was going on, being said, I really didn’t have anytime to grieve the loss of her. That’s where I’m at now. I’m still grieving. I really wish I wasn’t, but the truth is here I am. Still missing what we had.

I have hope to find love again. Someday. Not Yet. It’s worth it. Love really is something worth fighting for. I hope you all feel loved tonight. That you have found your special someone. And you can say I love you to the one person in the world you chose to be with. I remember what that felt like and it was darn good. Hold onto all of the good times. Life is so precious.

I wished we could all just love each other. And not have any conflict. I pray we all know what peace feels like. I know I am still seeking it.

I’m going to mass tonight then hitting the grocery store. I hope ya’ll have a great evening. God loves you. I love ya’ll too. Thank you for being here!