Book is finished

I stayed up all night finishing my book. The first draft is done. Now I get to work with my editor over the next few weeks to fix it. 

I have never written a book before so I expect to have to rewrite at least half of this. I guess we will see. 

I told my story following the timeline I have of the texts and voicemails. I have only posted half of all the stuff I have. I kept some that I will never share because it’s too personal. The rest tells the stories no one knows about. 

If I can work hard enough I look to release it before Christmas. First as an ebook. If there is enough interest I will self publish it into an actual real book. 

Im exhausted but for the first time since the end of August feel like this whole thing is off of my shoulders. I think I will finally sleep all the way through the night. It’s finally over for me and I’m ready for it to be done.

I am moving on.