Preorder my Ebook – “Almost Meri’ed”

preorder-now  You can go to my website now and preorder my ebook. The title is “Almost Meri’ed”. I credit Lindsay for that one. We had been throwing book titles around on group chat on my phone with about 20 of our friends. And one 3am text said “Thank god you are still single. You almost got Meri’ed” The rest is history. It was the one book title that made me laugh and stuck out for being real and truthful. It kind of sums up the whole book. I did almost get married. And well, Meri’ed.

I’m using Paypal as the payment processing for 2 reasons. You get to feel secure about ordering my ebook. And you also have the option to get a refund if you either don’t like or don’t feel it’s worth the price.

After a month of arguing with my book publisher we agreed to sell my ebook for $6. I think $1 a month for my story is fair. I think $6 is a good price for a first time author of a book that has almost 200 pages. I worked hard. I would think anyone who really wanted to buy this book can come up with $6.

There are stories, photos, more text snippets, and a lot of things that I have never shared with anyone about my affair. Some great insight into what lead me to falling in love with a married woman and how it felt ending it with such public attention.

The ending is not at all what you expect. It’s a huge twist and surprise. One you have to read all the way through to understand. I worked really, really hard on this. And I’m proud of it.

It’s not a TELL ALL. Anyone that says that it is, is both wrong and really wrong. I’m not interested in spilling deep dark secrets and I do know a few. This is a love story. It’s my love story and my experiences. It is funny in some parts, it’s very humbling. It’s a great story. I think a lot of people will be able to connect with it and maybe learn somethings they never thought about love.

We are working on cover art now. It’s going to take a while for that. I am very, very picky about that.

I hope you buy my ebook! I can’t wait for all of you to read it.

Thanks everyone! Love ya’ll!