Pay pal? Not really

So Paypal is a new and exciting headache for me to deal with. I was using my company Paypal business account and found out from Shelly…..don’t ever do that. So we took that one down.

Then I was using a brand new personal paypal account for the ebook pre-orders and found out from Lindsay….don’t ever do that. So we took that one down.

3 for 3? I had a total stranger that I had been talking to about all of this headache with Paypal help me set up a brand new business account solely for the ebook sales. He told me it would be easier to deal with and keep it separate from my other account. This way I can link it to anything that is not related to my companies. He seems nice. Maybe he just screwed me over. I have no idea let’s give it a try Lol I really appreciate his help but he explains things so fast and I couldn’t keep up while he was click, click clicking away. I just said do it for me please and he did.

So thank you Tom. You are a big help. We should be all good to go now. Sorry about that. This is obviously my first time with selling an ebook and it has been a difficult, fun? adventure already.

I have been working on writing this book for a few months at this point. What ya’ll didn’t know is the entire relationship with Meri I was writing private blogs on here that only I can see. To just talk about all of it. Those will never, ever be published here or anywhere. But from that, the texts, the voicemails, my memory, Lindsay’s memory and photos I compiled info information and timeline to make it into a book. It’s an ebook first, because I am a first time author who clearly doesn’t know what he is doing. My publisher is hands off for the most part. They advise me but it’s mostly all about the money. My editor is M.I.A. I have had zero contact with her or heard from her in a short while so I don’t know if she is laughing so hard at my book that she disappeared off the face of the Earth, or she is stunned by my brilliance she can not find the words to describe how well I did? I’m voting the first one for sure. Either way this is going to take a while. I hope to have the ebook out by Christmas. Looking at the calendar that’s a lofty goal but who knows, my luck may finally change?

I had a very busy week and a great weekend with Lindsay, Peyton and Parker. Those girls can shop until I drop. Which was apparently their goal because I’m exhausted and going to bed early tonight.

Anyone that has made it into my Twitter account are catching on to a special someone in my life. Not something I will share here just yet but it’s a great new friendship and we are having a lot of fun getting to know each other.

I will be spending 5 days in Morehead City, North Carolina for Christmas with 19 other people. A mixture of family and friends who didn’t want the usual Christmas. I can’t wait to get out of town and just relax. My last vacation was a whirlwind and it literally took me another week to get back to myself.

I’m also fighting off a small cold right now so I wake up sounding like a southern toad that swallowed a nest of killer bumble bees or a lifelong smoker, first time cougher. It’s not been very fun. This rain here is a bummer. I hope ya’ll had a great weekend!