Book is finished

I stayed up all night finishing my book. The first draft is done. Now I get to work with my editor over the next few weeks to fix it. 

I have never written a book before so I expect to have to rewrite at least half of this. I guess we will see. 

I told my story following the timeline I have of the texts and voicemails. I have only posted half of all the stuff I have. I kept some that I will never share because it’s too personal. The rest tells the stories no one knows about. 

If I can work hard enough I look to release it before Christmas. First as an ebook. If there is enough interest I will self publish it into an actual real book. 

Im exhausted but for the first time since the end of August feel like this whole thing is off of my shoulders. I think I will finally sleep all the way through the night. It’s finally over for me and I’m ready for it to be done.

I am moving on. 



56 thoughts on “Book is finished”
  1. Awesome, thank you for responding to my posts and for your interest in a new friendship. I will be emailing you today. I guess you have my email. So please make sure that it doesn’t go junk mail. I don’t use it often. Have a Magical Day!

  2. Also, I know a lot of people have been contacting you, but would you like a new penpal? Not to prove anything to me or questions about anything about the show. But just a new friend. No strings attached. I’m married. But, I enjoy conversations with intelligent people such as yourself.

  3. Also, I know you say that Robyn is sincere and a good friend to Meri, but every scene of her crying, I never see a tear. On the contrary, I see her rubbing her eyes in hopes that a tear might come out. Am I the only one who has noticed this? I know you don’t watch the show, but has anyone on this blog ever seen a tear come out of Robyn’s eyes? From watching the show, I personally feel that Robyn manipulates Meri. Maybe she’s catfishing Meri and the audience.

  4. I posted the following on your blog This is a Message and a Prayer, but I see that you and everyone else is now posting on this one, so I will repost and hope to get a response from you. I wrote on that one because I was discussing what you wrote that day; which by the way, it was beautiful. Thanks.

    This is a beautiful letter from your Heart to Meri. Maybe, if she saw it, her heart would ache for you and she would stop posting all this nonsense on Twitter alluding to you. But, you blocked Meri so how will she ever see these beautiful feelings that you have for her? Any woman would feel happy and lucky to have someone feel this way for them. Maybe, if you unblocked her, she could see this and change her mind and heart about you and what she’s done to you. After you unblock her you could have someone casually tell her about it so that she can see it. If she has felt all that she has, she probably checks constantly to see what your writing about her, but she can’t see it and this could make her see things differently. I know if I was Meri, I would be constantly trying to see what you wrote about me. Btw, I know you have a lot people contacting you, but would you like a new pen pal?

  5. Sam that ihatejackieo is a child prey or so she said her relationship name is Tammy like a fat girl name she posted on twitter that she steals meds from sick ADHD kids. Her and Tom alto steal pictures from your site and pretenders they are you on Facebook msg boards. They got paid $1k to each sell screen shots and email to people magazine about Kendra selling Robyn out

  6. No, I meant here commenting here like nothaybfatty, but maybe I misunderstood. I don’t do twitter at all. I did the Google search like you suggested a couple of times and saw how horrible they were to you and that woman Jackie, who they are claiming in one breath is you and the other breath is Lindsay. They are wicked people! Glad you don’t waste your time reading their venom. Hope all is well in your world!

  7. I see the trolls are turning on each other and once again trying to drag you into their infighting. Gah! Trolls be gone! You think Sam’s going to trust YOU after YOU tried to destroy him?! Get real! 😠

  8. She’s got screen captures of threats made to u and she wants to help u out with proving on your blog. Maybe do a post just to the internet bullyin you received on twitter because it’s true. Plus there are no supposed victims that came forward the person from the in touch article was that lady you had the restraining order out on back in 2007 don’t worry got your back bud!

    1. I have blocked all of the trolls. I can’t see anything they say. Lindsay and I don’t look at any of those people’s accounts so we are not aware of any threats. Pretty lame to threaten someone on a computer. I have never put a restraining order on anyone. So again I don’t know what you are talking about.

  9. The twitter beasts are wetting their 2x panties. Hey dear did you get all the proof cassieirish and invisiblehawty sent u ok? I gave them your direct email so you have all the ip addresses and names. #Karma let’s fuck em up

  10. I think not only should you release a book you should dedicate it to the gaggle of women on twitter who claim t be victims of cat fishing. It’s funny they all gang up but if they we’re victims why didn’t they o Meri press charges like harassment or stalking? Meri did this for ratings and another season because most viewers hate Robyn and don’t care about a New baby. Sister Wives got another season because of you. No one even really cares about that Canadian tuxedo wearing Meri and only tuned in a.fter the sad voicemails were released.

    How is she claiming she wasn’t going to leave ever when the Alaskan dinner was her telling the adults she might just leave? What an orange skinned liar. Also saying YOU MADE HER SAY SHE LOVED YOH AND WANTED TO BE WITH YOU? That doesn’t make sense because the voicemails sound like she was just done masturbating and is deeply in love or infatuation.

  11. Sam I believe you and want to help you get the trolls on Twitter like ihatejackieo did you know she’s a hacker her fake twitter name is Jill Reid Google her and you readers will see how she harasses people on twitter and Facebook she has a fake Facebook account using an email jackieoverton@Hotmail. I want to help

  12. Can’t wait for Kody et al to get their comeuppance. The only thing real about them is that they’re polygamists. They don’t practice the basic tenets of their faith, i.e. the coffee drinking. They’re simply frauds who have figured a way to make a living off their alternative lifestyle and then they have the audacity to put out there on the Internet that you’re a fraud.

  13. Hey Sam, will you be selling your book on Amazon? Also will it include pictures of yourself and Meri?

    Finally, I read some news articles that still say that you are a woman (Jackie). I cannot believe how much the Brown family and their fans have fooled the world. Meri knew you were a man. Quite obvious she was sexually attracted to you (the banana pictures). Sad that she will not admit the truth.

  14. Rofl Lindsay on a great title . Or you could name the book..
    sister wives and lies
    Keeping sweet behind the lies
    Catfish is bullshit
    Meri Brown and Sam Cooper.. the Truth

  15. We are in town from Arizona and met Lindsey tonight at the Mgm grand in Las Vegas. We both watch Sister Wives and couldn’t believe the story Meri was trying to tell. It didn’t make any sense. I have been reading this blog and was hoping to see Sam instead we saw Lindsey at our hotel. We talked at the bar with her and 3 other girls. She bought us shots and left us a bottle of champagne. She also threw $1000 into a crowd of people. How do I post pictures here to prove this?

  16. I will have to seek you out Lindsay to say hey. My husband and I just booked a stay at the Stratosphere.
    We usually stay on Freemont St but decided to change it up a bit. Truth is, not a fan of the Strip but love old Vegas.

  17. Well the book will probably be an interesting read!

    I am curious though. Samuel, you seem smart and like a good person. Heck you apparently are a successful business person.

    So my question is, why does Lindsay vet everything for you? It just seems strange, almost like she is your “keeper”. Do you not trust yourself? Are you unable to judge situations for yourself? Does she “approve” women for you too? It would be very awkward for most people to have to gain “approval” by someone for everything before the person being “approved for” is almost “allowed” to speak or see something.

    Strange – please help us understand, as this seems, well, dysfunctional at least. I don’t think I’ve seen this question posed here before.

    Just honestly curious.

    1. Great questions. I think it’s ridiculous you say Lindsay vets anything for me. All she does is weed out comments on my blog. The reason is because I don’t have time and she is very fast at this stuff.

  18. all of the comments go to my email. if it’s interesting funny or a good question i leave it in the que for him to approve and reply. as you see when he reads it he usually approves it then replies right away.

    we went from getting 2 questions a week to over 200 a day. some days there are over 500 questions or comments. who has time for all that? so i leave some but most get deleted. and the mean ones you get both deleted and banned by me. he doesn’t know how to work the ban system very well that i installed on here. it’s both ip location based and based on other activity.
    you want to know im real come to vegas. i go stratosohere friday, saturday, and sunday night. not hard to find me my friends are loud and we take over the bars there.
    if you wanna keep believing bullshit then go somewhere else. he has told the truth here and the book tells a lot more of it. lots of shocking things I didn’t even know.

  19. Hi Samuel, I was really hoping you wouldn’t be so vague about the link still. Posting all those voicemails and labeling them? But for some reason this request, not so much.

    And also, you definitely are screening my comments. No idea why, as I’ve been nothing but supportive. Hoping you post this comment.

  20. Hi Samuel!

    Wondering why you never posted the video of you dancing with Lindsay?

    It didn’t involve Meri; and you actually said you would.

    Still would love to see it as the others seemed to really enjoy it!

    Hope my comment makes it through as,I don’t seem to be making the cut anymore.


  21. When you have the motivation take full advantage my friend!! I’m sure it’s an amazing story and have faith that you did a great job putting it together!! Keep your head up and smile, you did a good thing!!

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