I am in Chicago until tomorrow. We are getting slammed with a big snow and ice storm. I was going to fly out tonight but the risk is not worth it. I’m a good pilot but even I know my limits. 

I had a great Christmas. I took 19 of my family and friends to Morehead City, North Carolina for 5 days of Christmas fun. The past several years I had spent the holidays alone and caught up on work. This year I’m doing a lot better and really wanted to be with my family. It was stressful and fun. We stuffed way too much into 5 days. By the time I got home on Sunday I crashed. 

I will be leaving Chicago for a month. I’m going to Las Vegas for all of January to get that office pushed into the next level of commercial investments. There are a lot of great opportunities now that several large casinos are struggling financially. I plan to get as much percentage as I can to build up my west coast investment portfolio. My Los Angeles office is the smallest office I have but they make up for 65% of my profits. They constantly do such an excellent job I need to go out there more to thank them all. 

The 2nd weekend in Vegas I will be going to Seattle for 3 days. I’m meeting some friends there for a wedding. I’m excited to visit there. 

My ebook will finally be released in the next 2 weeks. If you have preordered thank you for that. I have 4700 + preorders. I can’t believe that many people are interested. A lot of them are from overseas. I didn’t know I had an international interest. Very cool! It will be followed up by the release of the actual book. In paperback only. I only ordered 1,000 paperbacks to be printed because I believe most of my sales will be digital. 

My publisher, as experienced as they are, have been a giant pain in my ass. I had no idea the headaches I would deal with writing a book. I’m happy to be almost done with this whole process. 

I have met an amazing young lady named Ellie. She and I have been talking for months and are planning for trips, fun, and good times together in our future. She is young, 28 and I am very attracted to her intelligence. She is very, very smart and she challenges me a lot. She is also beautiful. My first dark haired girl in a long time. I have always loved blondes. But like she said the blondes haven’t been working out its time for a change Lol 

I am happy. I can’t wait to spend New Years Eve in Las Vegas with Lindsay and her fiancée Ben. I know it’s going to be a drunken party of fun. She has been asked to host a vip area party by  a hotel on the strip and everything we want will be comped for the night. She texted me at 2 am this morning and asked me to make sure she doesn’t drink all the champagne by herself Lol She is still crazy and I love her for that. I can not wait to have a fun night. I need it. 

I hope everyone had a great Holiday season. I love ya’ll! Stay warm!



  1. James

    I hope you have a great time in Vegas! I am glad your New Year is off to a great start with Ellie! My New Year is also off to a great start as well. All good things come to those who wait. It took 4 years for my disability to get approved but I waited it out & it was finally approved. May 2016 bring us all happiness and joy.

  2. Annie

    Have a wonderful New Years! Sounds like an amazing time will be had in Vegas! One day I will get out there…
    Congrats on your new beginning with Ellie. I wish you the best. That is also great news about Lindsay!
    Safe travels!

  3. Sarah M

    Your New Years plans sound so fun! I’m glad to hear you’ve found new love but I do wonder about whether you’re ready for love given that you don’t seem to truly be over Meri. I speak from experience having started a relationship a couple of months after experiencing heartbreak. I carried so much baggage into my new relationship that I messed it up from day 1. Anyway it’s none of my business really but look after yourself and give yourself time.

    I tried to email you about the book release date but neither of your email address seem to work. Thanks for the above info about the date though, you answered my question.