Happy Holidays

The next few days will be busy for me but I did not want to leave this without a special Christmas wish for all of you. 

When I go to Church on Sundays I pray for all that find their way here. I ask God to watch over you. I ask Him to bring joy to your lives and to let you find love and happiness. I pray for your families and that you know how much God loves you. Then I pray that when you feel alone you reach out to God to comfort you. I say that in my other prayers for all of you. And I really do mean it. 

This year has not at all gone the way I planned. Does any year ever do? You found me just as much as I found you. I hope something I have said has made you think. Maybe I have changed your opinion or viewpoint on something. Or maybe I am the verbal punching bag you feel you need in your life to focus all of your anger on. Either way I have shouldered my fair share of good and bad this year. 

I am still here. 

I am still smiling.

I am still humbled by my amazing and wonderful life. 

My family and I wish you all Merry Christmas. May God bless you all with the best and happiest of days. 

I love you all for being here. Have a great Christmas, ya’ll!

About Samuel

Single dad of 4 beautiful kids, Heston & Alex my twin boys, and my daughters Peace and Sky. Dad of 2 angel babies in Heaven, Ryan and Talon. Divorced. Semi-retired app developer, business partner, Commercial Real estate investor, Chicago Bears & Chicago Cubs fan, vegan, lifelong Catholic, voting independent party member, guitar playing singer who owns a dog, and 2 cats. We live in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I started my first blog Janaury 1st, 2012. Official owner of NotBatmanYet.com and @NotBatmanYet Twitter account.
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  1. Sam, I hope you had a really great Christmas, and wish you only positive , special things for 2016.

  2. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, filled with love, laughter and joy, Sam!
    Love and hugs from Rhode Island! Xo

  3. Merry Christmas Sam and a Happy healthy New Year !

  4. Merry Christmas Samuel! I hope all your dreams and wishes come true in 2016. I cannot wait to read your book. Everyone deserves their chance at happily ever after!

  5. Can we not all agree that Sam, Lindsay, Jackie and Meri – no matter what the circumstance or WHO they are – deserve a happy holiday?
    Why would anyone take joy in someone being alone on Christmas?
    People mystify me.

  6. The man I have gotten to know is very sweet and kind. The finale interview where Meri talks about how compassionate, kind, and understanding he is that’s exactly who I have known. Samuel is soft spoken and very funny. He doesn’t pick on people or use humor to hurt anyone. He has proven to be a good friend to me and it looks like others here. He treats me nicer than some of my own rl friends. He listens he’s easy to talk to but most of all he shows me respect. I can see how anyone can fall in love with him so easily. I hope he reads this and knows I value our talks. He has really helped me out by encouraging me in my life. And also by praying for me even when I didn’t ask him to. He’s an old soul. No wonder Meri loves him so much. He’s an amazing human being. Merry Christmas Samuel and all here.

  7. Merry Christmas Samuel! I hope you have a relaxing & enjoyable holiday, filled with peace & love. Thank you for letting us follow you on your journey. It’s not often you get to really hear about the “other side”, and it is courageous of you to not only share yours, but allow thousands of strangers to tag along. You are an amazing writer & I am always so drawn in by your posts.
    Sending blessings to you and your family!

  8. I hope Sam publishes this:

    To Busted:

    ****No wonder you hate Meri so much. She has do much family and no one hates her.***

    That is where you are wrong. With Meri, a spiritually married woman, having an affair with Sam, do you honestly think this Christmas at the Browns’ houses will be Merry? Nope. It will be anything but merry because Meri has caused such mistrust in everyone around her.

    Doesn’t matter how much they will smile for the cameras, how many articles saying they are stronger than ever, no amount of twitter “I forgive and love you” posts will ever make them fully trust Meri again. I am sure there are hatred, smuggness, and passive aggressive behavior going on in that cul-de-sac. Open your eyes. Meri does not love Kody. She stopped as soon as Kody started favoring Robyn. That is why Meri had an affair with Sam. Now she is stuck in a loveless, polygamous situation when she could be celebrating Christmas with one man who loves her and no other. Be it Sam or some other monogamous man.

    She has so much family yet, Meri felt so alone. That shows anyone who have any ounce of commonsense that those Sister Wives aren’t as close as they want people to think. I have a large family and would never feel lonely because someone would care about me and my emotions even if I tried hard to hide them.

    So stop trolling and get on with your life. Sam attempted to set Meri free by showing her men can be monogamous and loving. Sam had shown Meri that not all men are like Kody. That was a good thing but I guess Meri wasn’t ready for such a beautiful gift like monogamy. Guess, she’ll spend Christmas crying at her wet bar while her “loving, wonderful, awesome, etc.” sister wife, Robyn, monopolizes Kody’s time during this festive season.

    Bottom line, Meri isn’t in a good place right now. Her sister wives and her husband barely acknowledges her existence. She is lonely, craving for affection and love, and will continue to do so until she leaves Kody. Kody is too into Robyn right now to care for the other three wives properly (sexually, emotionally, financially, and otherwise). Kody is probably spending Christmas night (and almost every night) in Robyn’s bed.

    Merry Christmas Sam and all readers! Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!

    P.S. Meri, if you are reading this, know that you are free to leave Kody and wives anytime. You deserve a man, a family of your own. I know you blame people on the internet for your affair but there are those still wanting you to find true love with an awesome man.

    I pray that your New Year bring you a new and exciting life with a monogamous man. And later, beautiful baby via surrogacy or adoption. That is my wish for you.

  9. Merry Christmas to you Sam! This is my first time commenting but I just want to say that I’ve read every post and have found your writing to be so compelling. I’ll definitely be ordering your book but would love to know when it will be released. I know it’s only $6 (lol) but I’d rather hold on to that until the book is actually ready to be sent. every dollar counts this time of year! anyway, keep writing and sharing your story!

  10. Have a very Merry Christmas, Samuel. Wishing you and yours a blessed holiday.

  11. "Busted" can't be trusted!!!

    Dear “Busted”,
    Is that all you have to do during Christmas? it seems like to me YOU are a stalker!! How could you contact someone’s family and spew hate when you don’t even have proof of what you’re relaying to them?? Are you that miserable? Looks like to me, you stalk this site and just wait until your next chance to pounce like a rabid dog. YOU are the one who looks insane and crazy, not anyone else here!! Imagine what that innocent family thought of someone calling them out of the blue like that!! I, for one, would be making a police report for harassment if someone called me to run their mouth about one of my family members.. Even if I didn’t associate with them anymore. You do realize that Jackie can sue you for slander, libel and Internet defamation amongst other charges, correct?? Read up on it.
    I agree with Sam.. You need prayers and please, go get you some Jesus!! Everyone else, have a blessed Christmas and a Happy new year!!

  12. I spoke with your cousins and father, Jackie. While everyone else is having a Merry Christmas, you’ll be in your chair, on your computer, like always. Your own family wants nothing to do with you. No wonder you hate Meri so much. She has do much family and no one hates her.

    • This is how sad the trolls are. They contact a lady’s family who has nothing at all to do with any of this, they lie to her family and tell them horrible stories and for what reason? We all need to pray for these sick twisted people. Even the week of Christmas they still cause harm.
      Very sad group of people.

  13. Have a wonderful holiday and I hope you are enjoying your trip. Sam, you say that the year did not go as you planned but I know that you know it went as God plans. God always has the right plan for us.Maybe what we want but what we need. I have to say, listening to you and your spiritual soul has brought me back to finding the peace I lost the past few months. Looking forward to more stories about the new chapter in your life. God Bless!

  14. Happy Holiday to you and your story with Meri has been fascinating to read. I’m looking forward to reading your book and I have enjoyed reading this blog.

  15. Merry Christmas Samuel! I hope this next year finds you in good health, your business continued prosperity and the love that you deserve. God bless!

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