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watch  There are a lot of questions in regards to my twitter account. I lock up my twitter account when I’m either traveling or I am out of town. The reason is every time I announce I’m going out of town the trolls have used that opportunity to spam my twitter account with their bullshit. I got tired of it. In order to stop it I locked up my account and kick off anyone I don’t really know. This causes problems for people that are actually wanting to support me and begin a friendship with me. But I hope those folks understand my reasoning.

I have tried making friends with a few people that Lindsay was telling me don’t trust them. They are trolls trying to act friendly to get to you. I didn’t listen because I’m both naive and stupid. They were nice, respectful. I just assumed I knew better. I was wrong. One of them has decided it would be fun to give out my cellphone number. So now I receive No Name or Private number calls at any hour of the day which I refuse to answer. It’s another annoying part of my life right now.

What are they going to say to me if I decide to answer? What kind of woman would call someone you don’t even know, to harass them or let them know they have my number by repeating to call. Who does that? Is there life that boring or is my life so interesting they need and want to be a part of it for a few seconds? What joy can you get to run back online to your troll friends and say I called Samuel! I got him on the phone. Creepy.

If you got kicked off my twitter prior or during my Paris and Dubai trip I’m sorry. You are someone that I don’t know well and you are someone that doesn’t communicate with me. So you were viewed as a threat for a few days. If I’m wrong, let me know. Anyone that reaches out to me I forgive. Anyone that tells me I’m wrong, I do listen to and I try to correct whatever it was that we disagree on.

Please understand the trolls are a devious group of liars. They spend a lot of time talking about or Lindsay. It’s very disturbing. Thankfully Twitter and Facebook are finally listening to my lawyers and beginning to do a second sweep of these accounts to get them offline. Because it’s legitimate stalking.

If you don’t believe me go look do a search of my twitter name. @notbatmanyet You will see the amount of horrible people talking about me, or Lindsay. Saying disgusting things. Sending me photos of dead animals, dead babies, making threats. This is why I block so many. And I know that it’s causing me to lose out on some very decent, very supportive people in my life. At this point I trust Lindsay. She is the most loyal person I have ever met and she checks people out to let me know if they are bad to be around or not. She has a 100% record of telling me who is a troll and who isn’t. It is only when I don’t listen to her that these things happen.

Yes I had an affair. I’m the one standing here admitting to it. Is that reason enough to cause a group of women to sit on their asses all day, everyday, even on Thanksgiving, to harass me? Don’t they have kids to raise or husbands to take care of? Jobs? What is in their life they feel they must continue this.

I stopped talking to Meri August 30, 2015. And have had zero contact from my side to her since then. She is the one that has contacted me. And I refuse it. I don’t look at it. I don’t care.

So who is the one stretching this out? She is going around gathering up anyone that has ever known me or can claim they talked to me a little online over the years. I have had this blog off and on since January 1st 2012. Yes I have talked to a number of people online in regards to my blog. Some of them I know well. Some of them I don’t. And they are running to her for the attention of a celebrity with the most insane stories. All calling me Jackie. Or calling Lindsay Jackie.

It’s a lie that these trolls are creating. There is not one shred of proof that I am Jackie. Or I am a girl. Or I am Lindsay. Nothing. What they have is created stories, lies, and photos they have photoshopped to make it look like I catfish people. It’s not true. If she wants to continue to listen to these people who have motivation of getting attention, media attention, maybe money from her or media, that’s okay. Because the truth is not one person, not one media source, no one has ever come forward to prove I am anyone but who I say I am.

Please don’t listen to this group of people. Don’t buy into the bullshit. Don’t take their harassments. Ask anyone on my twitter how they are harassed just by following me. I have locked up my account this time because I have begun to share photos of myself and my life. I’m not going to hide that stuff away. A lot of people are asking for it. I’m showing it. Finally. Because that’s how you get to know people online. The ones that can become friends. The ones that are nice and respectful.

I trust people until they give me a reason to trust them. Lindsay trusts no one and makes them prove they are trust worthy. Together we are doing our best to bring peace back to my life. Things have significantly calmed down and I’m so happy for that. Because even I don’t deserve this amount of shit in my life.

I told my side. I gave you all proof. I have answered your questions, I have video Skype, Facetimed, and talked on the phone with over 50 people at this point. There are a lot of people that believe me. Because in her own words, she showed and said how much she loved me. And that all the other things on this blog point to it was more than what she said on tv. I didn’t have to do much of anything but post what I had. Because I knew she really did love me. I knew what our plan was for her to leave. And now I’m dealing with her lies. And she is lying. I get it. I understand why she has to lie to her family. To her fans. Because that money source is all they have. I was never out to destroy the family. If I was, I would have just started tweeting to them with photos and links to the voicemails. It was pretty simple and easy to do. I left them all alone. When we broke up. It was an epic fight. And in the few minutes of the fight ending I texted her “I will leave you alone”. And I have.

She hasn’t. So who is the victim? How can I harass or endanger her or her family if I stopped talking to her the day we broke up? How can I target someone without running to the press to sell this story? Why is my name not in any interview sharing my side? Why are there zero reporters that claim they spoke with me. Any of these rag blogs that print trashy stories and snark comments ever have one comment directly from me? None.

There is none. I was never a threat to anyone. I never sold a story, her friends did. And she did. She got paid for what she said. And some of America bought it. But some of them didn’t. And they came to me to ask questions. I have been answering them. Because I have stood here the entire time in my truth and told my story. Nothing more. I’m not making any of this up. This is exactly what happened. And I have so much proof how can anyone ever think it wasn’t real or didn’t really happen?

You all come here for some reason. Please make sure the reason is curiosity and not harm. I’m not a bad guy. I had an affair. I know better now. I’m doing better with my life. And I’m looking to make something positive come out of this whole mess. I take full responsibility for all of my own words and actions. When I have needed to apologize I have. When I have said to say I am wrong, I do.

I’m done trying to please everyone. If you want to be apart of my life and want to support me I am willing to give you a chance. Please contact me in some way and I will do my best to add you back.

If you are a troll, leave me alone and move on with your life. Your investigations went nowhere with zero result. All you did was make yourself look like a stalking, lying, asshole. And that part does amuse me. Because people are looking you guys up now. They are seeing all the horrible things you say and do. And it’s actually working against you because people are supporting me more and more based on what you all do online. So thank you for being assholes. Lol

And any troll that thinks they can get to me, or annoy me, or do anything to disturb my life anymore, you can’t.

Not on my watch.



About Samuel

Single dad of 4 beautiful kids, Heston & Alex my twin boys, and my daughters Peace and Sky. Dad of 2 angel babies in Heaven, Ryan and Talon. Divorced. Semi-retired app developer, business partner, Commercial Real estate investor, Chicago Bears & Chicago Cubs fan, vegan, lifelong Catholic, voting independent party member, guitar playing singer who owns a dog, and 2 cats. We live in beautiful Denver, Colorado. I started my first blog Janaury 1st, 2012. Official owner of and @NotBatmanYet Twitter account.
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  1. Email works too. I have so many questions and thoughts.

  2. I too started following the story once it broke. I was curious to say the least. I believe Lindsay and JO look similar but they are not one in the same. One person pointed out that if JO is so poor how could she fly or drive to Vegas. That is a great point! It shows how stupid all of the trolls are. I read somewhere that everyone has a twin and I can tell you from 1st hand experience that this is true. Samuel I believe you are real and screw what all those negaholics say about you. I pre-ordered your book and I can’t wait to read it. Oh, and I am a real person too 🙂

  3. Where in NC will you be?
    Near my IP address? 😉
    If so, in my most curious yet still sweet way, would you like to meet up?

  4. I was involved in a very similar situation some years ago…I am married, he was single. While I am aware that it was wrong, I really cherish that time of my life. We shared so much, and the fires burned white-hot. No one knew me, the real deal me, better than he did. I’ve never felt that way before, or since.

    There are reasons these type of situations rarely work. Married people rarely leave, period. The price is too high in every aspect. We think we can…we want to…Ohhh how we want to. And after it’s over, for years, we wonder what if we had. I haven’t seen him in many years, never talk to him, but I know he married, and I love(d) him enough to sincerely hope he is happy. I was starved for attention and affection. I think that’s what Meri needed, more than anything. She, like me, became dependent on you for providing that…and then she fell in love with you. Damn. Now what, Meri? I know all the dynamics of Meri, I was in her situation. Unfortunately, it’s a mirage. It’s not real until it’s real. And real ruins everything. But it’s very hard to let go when he doesn’t want to play anymore.

    Samuel, your angel girl is waiting for you, somewhere out there. And she will be real, and ready to wrap her life into yours. When it’s real, it’s not difficult.

  5. Sam, I started reading your blog when this story came out a few months ago. I believe you are who you say you are, and I love reading your posts. You blocked me on twitter when you went out of town. Can you please unblock me? (saltwatertaffy5). I do not normally post things but do like to read what you are thinking and feeling. You sound like a very genuine man and someone that anyone would feel lucky to have as a friend. Geographically, that isn’t probably possible, but I would like to be one of your online friends and supporters. I hope you will let me get back on your twitter.

    The holidays are upon us, so I hope you have a nice Christmas! Do you have family that you can share the holiday with? I hope you can find some relief from all the issues that are following you and have a joyous season! Take care and best wishes!

  6. I’m so sorry. You didn’t delete my post. I posted on another post of yours. I hate it when I screw up like that. 🙁 Anyway, I wish you the best.

  7. Why do you keep everyone’s comments but not mine? I’my not saying anything bad…

  8. If you are ever in DC I would love to chat.

  9. I knew Meri was going to be lonely and vulnerable once her daughter left home. While I enjoy watching Sister Wives, I don’t find it to be “reality” at all. I truly am an open minded person, but I do not believe it is possible to have 4 healthy husband/wife relationships. Meri was the predictable casualty here. I feel very sorry for her, and wish she had the courage to realize how short life is, and leave to live life on her own. I do not think Cody has the ability to invest enough emotionally in one relationship, much less 4. I think the wives are not the type to need the love and attention of a traditional husband. I understand her position, because I was there myself at one time.

    Sam, as much as you are hurting…please believe me when I say you probably dodged a bullet in the long run. It’s the “damn daily details” that would probably have prevented this from being what you wanted it to be. I think you and Meri crossed paths for a reason, but not a season. Take care and keep your heart open 🙂 Hugs.

  10. I have known Samuel for a little while now. I emailed him a few months ago when this story first hit the papers. I wanted to know more about it. What I found was what I didn’t expect. I am the most paranoid person about online people. I never thought he would email me back. When he did he had answered all of my questioned and thanked me for reaching out. He was actually nice to me. I thought he would be a dick. What guy would share all of this about someone he claims to love? That’s what I thought when I first emailed him. I began to emailing him back and forth and ended up on his twitter account. Everyone that keeps wanting in there, he never posts anything earth shattering. Inspirational quotes, football talk, and random events going on in his life. Until you start looking at it more closely.
    From emails to twitter to the phone. I kept asking for him to call me. He had offered to call others from his blog. To prove who he is. I admit I wanted to be sure. It took 2 months before he felt comfortable enough to call me. It was scheduled. The first few moments I was in shock. He was very polite. He thanked me again for reaching out and asked if I had any more questions. I did and he answered them. I felt he was honest and really truthful. Some of the things he shared haven’t been published or on tv. He obviously has a lot of inside information. More than he posts here or anywhere. As we were talking that afternoon he seemed busy and distracted but paid attention to what I was saying. His memory of the past emails is insane. Samuel has a memory that recalls things I had forgotten I had even said. Maybe that’s a part of the allure. The one thing that kept nagging at me is that Meri says he is a threat. In the few months I have talked to him he has never come across as anything threatening or even mean. When I asked about this group of women online that attack him he said he prays for them and hoped they would leave him alone. He admitted he understands why they do all of it and feels they are going to find out one by one on their own that he isn’t what they say he is. He thinks they are all being lead to information that isn’t true by people that either used to know him or people that want attention from all of this for their own sick purposes. I didn’t understand why he would pray for them. Or even try to understand them. I would be pissed. I would have went of as soon as it was brought up. But that’s not who he is.
    What I have learned is that Samuel is very charming. He is really, really funny. He draws you in. He seems to care and asks how you are doing. He is always polite and when you touch on something too personal he says he won’t answer it then explains why. Most of the time it was about Meri and he would say somethings are meant for anyone but the 2 of them.
    I admit I am completely mesmerized by him. I can’t help it. I want to talk to him more and more not to get information about anything. Because he is that interesting. He is curious. Asks a lot of questions. He speaks with all of his pain right there. You can tell he has been through a lot. I even began to call him at 2 or 3 in the mornings to try to catch him slipping into this Jackie voice or voice app that so many claim he is using. He has never broken the same voice sound ever. Even when I wake him up to test him. His accent is real and very soulful. His voice is addicting. I can’t explain that. The other women that have talked to him all said the same thing. He is very charasmatic. Very charming and has a great personality. He jokes around about silly things. Things that a lot of guys don’t talk about. He has never been inappropriate with me. I can only speak for myself on that. I found myself flirting with him a few times but I caught it and stopped myself from making a fool out of myself. I am a 54 year old divorced mom of 3 kids. I work in retail. So for someone like him to take the time to talk to me was something I have enjoyed.
    As for him never answering Meri’s calls. I can say he rarely answers mine from 8 am to 5 pm. After that he picks right up. I think she was bored at home and he works so she would call him while he was working and he wasn’t as available as she was.
    I really think Meri is lying. I think he is a good and decent man. I think the internet haters are piling on more and more crap to trash this man and he takes all of it. He is courtesy and very sweet. I would like to consider him a new friend. I don’t think it’s fair at all the amount of trash this group of pathetic women are trying to spread. He admitted openly to cheating with her. She denies everything. Who has more to lose here? Him or her? And where is the proof of his threats? I have never even heard him raise his voice. And I have said things to try to make him upset to see his reaction.
    I wanted to show my support. He is a good man and he needs help moving on. The one thing he has said over and over again about Meri is that he is still in love with her. He acts like it, he says it still. I believe it. I think he is trying to let her go but she continues to get her group of haters to attack him. It’s wrong. Let him go Meri so other woman can have a shot lol Not that I have a chance but someone will end up with him. He is a real charmer.

    Tracy Simpson

  11. I know plenty of people who look alike, look at Zooey Deshenal and Katy Perry! I still don’t know who Jackie is because I’m not into the entire story, I just know what happened on the show and started to read Sam’s blog as much as possible and became intrigued. I questioned one video people were talking about at first but never him. I never believed Meri because I could tell she was hiding something and nothing she said made sense. She always called Sam a “hel”. Why would he go to great lengths to prove they had an affair if it weren’t true? He’s not blackmailing her? I think Kody brainwashed her again or Robyn didn’t want her to leave Kody for someone better. Then again they had broken up so maybe she was just scorned. Anyway, I’m still blocked from his Twitter and don’t know why, I’ve never had or ever would harass Sam. I’m what you call a lurker. lol I did want to show him my support and to say that Lindsay, you sound hilarious! I love to go to the casinos around here myself, not a high roller like you lucky lady 😊 Hope Sam is having a wonderful time in Paris and Dubai he deserves it.

  12. Hi Sam, I am like so many others,. following your blog out of curiosity after the rumors started about Meri,. I actually stopped watching SW when the story lines became so outrageous and I didn’t like being treated as a naive fool,.yes it is a “reality show” so it is to be expected in small doses,. anyhow I was intrigued by your blog, feeling bad on how you had been treated while also thinking “this guy has balls!” You have not resorted to extreme anger or idle threats but rather answer questions over and over, explaining circumstances again and again,. you certainly have an amazing amount of patience,. it is a shame that you were caught up in this situation,. at the end of the day you and Meri have 6 months of your lives that you shared, nobody can take that away from either of you,. I believe YOU have given us the “reality” of Sister Wives, Thank You! I look forward to your book and wish you all the best in your future endeavors

    ps,. if possible, please don’t post my last name, thanx

  13. I went a few minutes ago and did another search on twitter like you told us how to do. Today is even worse than yesterday. The horrible trolls are making fun of Jackie being alone on Christmas. This time of year is difficult for so many people and the level of cruelty these trolls sink to is appalling. It makes me sad for Jackie who like you got drawn into this by these wicked, wicked people. The fact that they’re making fun of her being alone during the holidays just shows their souls are evil and despicable. Just like the Grinch, they have hearts that are two sizes too small.

  14. I agree Agnes! Unless all the wives are 100% loners, who could handle the loneliness? And there is always a favorite in a polygamy family (just has to be!). So I imagine the other wives feeling so poorly.. Christine vs Robyn for example…

  15. Obviously they aren’t a high intellect group. It’s apparent they are an unhappy group. They often turn on each other like a group of jackals.

  16. I too was blocked from Twitter. I am not good at it (**********), and am also new to using it. I mostly have a bunch of celebrities I follow. I would like to follow your adventures, but will probably not comment. I have seen some of what the crazy “peanut gallery” says & do not wish to engage. I am sorry you have to deal with that.

    I am just fascinated with everything, like a lot of the posters above me. It all started with Big Love on HBO, which spawned Sister Wives, which… Then follows the same path as the others who have been drawn in. Lol!

    If you allow me to follow you, fine, if not, I respect that. I will be a fly on the wall. I like following celebrities I like as well.

    Best of luck! You are such a captivating writer.

  17. I’m a 131 pound 55 year old happily married mother of a 23 and 25 year old girls from the sunshine state. I am a business executive at a real estate company based in Texas. I watch and follow Sister Wives because I am so fascinated by the way this family sells the concept of polygamy. I don’t think it works for anyone but the egotistical, chauvinistic, narcissistic Kody.

    I followed the story of Meri having an affair because it proves the fact polygamy doesn’t work. It proves that there isn’t enough love to go around. It also proves the woman will eventually seek someone else’s love. Meri did.

    It also proves she will do whatever it takes to discredit the person she had an affair with to protect herself, her family, polygamy, and her paycheck. Furthermore, you are now seeing an entire family in full gear protecting what they stand for, the absurd idea that no matter what, they will be there for each other. Sadly, we all know that in the deepest, quiet moments of the night, they are all thinking of the same thing. It isn’t working. They are all second guessing themselves. Perhaps the only ones who have feelings for each other are Kody and Robyn. And guess what. They are legally married.

  18. I dont think I am blocked by you on twitter…I have twitter…never use it and I have never followed you or any of those peeps…so how would I know if it is blocked?…actually..never mind twitter is annoying to me 😉 I will just stick to the blog

  19. Keep standing strong and be true to you. I support you and have been told I am Jackie on numerous occasions, and it doesn’t bother me a bit. Trolls will be trolls…will be trolls, same bulls shit makes their world what it is, nothingness.
    Have a happy day 🙂

  20. Yup they thought I was you. I already proved I wasn’t. 😉 your not talking to yourself.

  21. Tell me how to prove I’m not you. I’ll do it. 😉

  22. I wish there was a way of proving I am not you, Sam. I will not show them a picture or my Twitter handle. I don’t need them to harass me on Twitter like I’ve seen them do to others. I’ve been accused of being Jackie and they scrutinize my post. The only thing I can say is if you were the one answering all your post you would certainly need some help. It has gotten too big for you to be writing all these comments. If you are than you are remarkable and I am impressed.. They think there couldn’t possibly be anyone supporting you because they did such a great job in investigating you and have so much proof. If they did such a good job why aren’t you stopped. If you did all the things they say you did and have proof, why aren’t you in jail. Meri’s friend is going around saying they would be on the phone and you would call and ask them about exactly what they were talking about. Creepy! You would know exactly where she was. She believed her house was bugged etc., etc, etc and all this was done from Oklahoma. Oh yeah, the reason Jackie could afford going to Disney and trips to Las Vegas is because you stole from people like me. Why aren’t you in jail Sam? Also you even hurt a child? What? What are they talking about? How did you hurt a child? Who is Stacy that you took money from? You are a monster, did you know that. If you did all the things they say you did and they have proof. Then why aren’t you in jail? Why aren’t the news media not jumping on these stories? The problem is they have a bunch of theories but no solid proof. I know I am going to be ripped apart because of this post but guys, until you can show me absolute proof, STFU and leave me and everyone who post here alone because you are the stalkers. If what you are trying to do is bring Sam/Lindsay/Jackie down you are doing a horrible job. Your nastiness and harassment to people who just talk to Sam makes you the monsters and nobody is going to listen to YOU. Can’t you see that or are you all too far gone to look at anything clearly. You guys are doing more harm than good. A few of you might be in this for the right reasons you really believe what you are trying to sell but a lot of you are in it because they love being able to be nasty and rude and are having a ball being anonymous in ripping another human apart. After all this is not real it’s the Internet
    “HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA” (yeah, I saw that)

  23. Hi Sam,

    You blocked me too, I only followed you out of couriousty and to find out what you were referring to in your blogs, which I believe you. I only follow Christine on Twitter actually and just talk about sports lol I don’t follow any of the Browns. I don’t particularly like them and find Kody to be a huge liar.

    I read your blog as much as I can and I don’t know why no one believes you. I certainly wouldn’t harass you on Twitter, well unless you call Tom Brady a cheater, then it’s on like Donkey Kong 😊 but really I would never. If you don’t want me to follow you on Twitter that’s fine, I can just read if you would unblock me but I promise you I would never harrass you. Thanks

  24. I’ll be happy to prove to the trolls that I’m not you, Samuel. (Or Lindsay or Jackie, for that matter) I am a real life 40 year old woman, mom and wife from New England. I happened upon this madness when the story first broke. The truth seeker I am by nature, coupled with my curious self, led me here. I was absolutely skeptical at the beginning, but I kept it to myself. Kept reading this blog and following you on Twitter. I also read a lot of what “the other side” posted and saw so many holes and inconsistencies. Not to mention the hate…my goodness, how could anyone hold that much darkness in their hearts and spread the vitriol that they have?
    You have stood firm and have been nothing but kind, consistent and true to your heart. No, I don’t know you- other than what you’ve written. No, I would never ask for you to prove who you are via photo or Skype. My heart just believes you are who you say you are.
    Anything I can do to prove that I am not you or Lindsay or Jackie, I will.

  25. My Twitter name is…

    But I don’t want it published on here please. Thank you.

  26. Throwin' the bullshit flag on Meri

    I have got SO MUCH to say here. First of all – I have apologized before and I will again. I left a condescending comment on the photos page and I’m sorry for doubting you. I am the Southern girl who is an investigator and I told you to prove who you were by posting a picture of yourself. With that said – I believe you are who you say you are and will stand behind you 100% and have your back .. I will say that it would be nice to flip all of your haters off By posting a pic of yourself holding something showing the current date … if you don’t, oh well – but that’s how to shut all the idiots up. 😏
    Now. On to Meri. I can’t understand how in the hell she is trying to negate the fact that she had an affair.. It doesn’t matter who in the hell it was with and “who she thought she was talking to” … You’re not a computer or a robot.. You’re a human being and she had feelings for YOU. THE REAL YOU. Who you are aside from your looks or socioeconomic status – she fell in love with who was on the other end of the phone line and eventually who she met in person. So, by her saying you are a woman or whom ever she’s claiming you are… If she’s never met you like she KEEPS INSISTING, how the shit can she be so sure what you look like?!? I mean REALLY. That’s just ignorant on her part. It makes her look really shallow and immature. It would look better for her to say she’s never met you and doesn’t know if the rumors are true or not but to say you’re a woman tells me she’s most definitely met you, confirmed you’re a man named Sam and got her ass caught in a full fledged sexual affair!! And for Kody to pretend he’s naive enough to think it was just innocent “flirting” goes to show he doesn’t give a shit about her and is trying to sweep it under the rug so he can get back to having his wives fight over his attention.
    He knows what happened but he just doesn’t want to admit to the world that his wife stepped out on him cause he’s not superman like he thinks he is.
    Do you ever wonder if you’re the one who got used and exploited for ratings?

  27. …”I have had this blog off and on since January 1st 2012.”…

    No you haven’t.

    One only need to look-up with site name with ICANN to see, clearly, the domain was recently created. FEBRUARY 22, 2015. It was paid for one year and will expire next year on that date.

    Anyone who has any smidgen of experience with a blog knows you can set the date on blog posts to be what you want them to be – you’re not stuck with the date you actually post something. Easy to change.

    Why lie about how long you’ve had the blog?

  28. Hey Sam. I was one of the one’s you deleted from following you on Twitter. **************..I am not a troll or associated with any of them, in ANY way. As I’ve told you, I follow some things that interest me on Twitter, but haven’t ever Tweeted. (I think I need “Twitter for Dummies”, the posting and re- tweeting confuses the heck out of me! )
    I also am dumbfounded that these crazy people can’t tell the difference between Jackie O. and Lindsay- their facial features are completely different! It’s so clear that they are not the same person!
    Something isn’t sitting right with me. These people are too invested and spend far too much time attacking you to be just “mega fans” or such. My gut tells me this group is really just a few people using multi accounts and they must know Meri in real life, or have some other connection. They are on a mission and it’s disgusting and sad at the same time.
    Count me in on purchasing your book! I’ve been mystified by this story since it first broke. You’re a great writer and seem like an all around fantastic person!
    PS Lindsay can do a background check on me if needed. Lol. This girl has nothing to hide! Just here to support you! 🙂

  29. Your blog invites any real people to follow your Twitter account, yet I was denied and blocked. Just curious as to why I wasn’t allowed to follow your Twitter account.

  30. Hi. Following your blog. Don’t have Twitter. You have my support 100 percent. To be honest, at this point doesn’t matter if you are male or female. Meri fell in love with YOU and your personality.

  31. Martha Beck is an outstanding author and so intelligent. In college her father, Hugh Nibly came and gave a lecture on conservation. He also was an intellectual. Too bad he (allegedly) was a wicked human being and father. 😕 I would love to read a blog post by you reviewing one, or all, of her books. It would be fun to share our thoughts, I think. 😊

  32. I agree that Lindsay and Jackie look different. Jackie has a thinner nose and more hooded eyes. It’s all very confusing.

  33. Sam, I am so happy to see you still writing. I’m a writer & love reading. I started writing as a child because it was therapy to me. I stumbled upon your blog for one reason (curiosity & seeking the truth) but stayed because of your writing.

    After what you’ve been through, I figured posting with my personal email (as only you see it) along with “Tracy from Milwaukee” would put you at ease in the sense of, ‘Okay. Here’s a real person. They’re upfront & not hiding anything.’ Plus, I recall seeing another Tracy’s posts & didn’t want any confusion.


  34. My God, Sam! I watched it about that many times too! That’s too funny that we did the same thing. I found it so compelling. Even though I can’t pretend to understand the FLDS mentality, I can understand the “why” when it’s the only culture they’ve known and their so isolated; or they isolate themselves because they perceive they will be persecuted by all outsiders. Even now, you can see the fear is real with Christine and that’s based on the indoctrination and culture in which she was raised. In reading Martha Beck’s book, the mainstream LDS are only slightly better. I’m an agnostic but find world religion fascinating.

  35. Curious if the book will finally publish pics of both of you? All I’ve seen are the ones using some sort of Skype chat but I was hoping to put it to rest with in person pics. Thanks!

  36. yes she did. janelle even went back with the realtor to see if she could cut costs in her home because she had kids that were going to be going to college soon and she wanted to spend as little as possible. then you got meri crying because she feels the others wives are mad at her but she can’t help herself as she just has expensive taste. robyn coddles meri and lets her know that its ok because meri takes care of her furniture and janelle and christine just sit there like, “ummmmmmm.” i am not surprised that meri lied about her affair, it is what she does. she is selfish and entitled and nothing is ever her fault. i think she is a very broken woman and fills her life with materialistic things because she lacks love from her spouse. but don’t forget kids, polygamy is AWESOME!!

  37. Samuel, thank you for your thoughts on the Book of Mormon. I too am Catholic, and have spent time researching the Mormon faith. I find that while, beliefs are rooted strongly in the family unit, there is much debate with how families should be structured. I would love to compare thoughts on their teachings. I am not about damning or speaking ill, I would just like to see how another Catholic views their beliefs.

    Perhaps we could have an email dialog. I don’t know that this forum is right for a topic of this nature. Sometimes people can misunderstand the desire to have an open mind and I would rather not be ridiculed for choosing to have a conversation of this nature. If you would rather not, I totally understand and won’t pester you further.

  38. I agree with your assessment on Mormon history. To add to that, they claim the Nephites (Native Americans to us non-Mormons) came from the Middle East. DNA has proven that to be inaccurate too. I find the psychology behind the mainstream and FLDS fascinating. Have you watched or read Prophet’s Prey? I recommend it!

  39. They are ALL financially irresponsible but please don’t play out like Meri is suffering in the Las Vegas heat, she can go home to her massive 5 bedroom house with air conditioning, granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Did you not see the episode where Kody tried to get her to stay within budget and she was whining because she wanted french doors and a wet bar? The victim complex is strong with this family.

  40. How can people who don’t have a Twitter account follow you there?

  41. Hi Samuel, just curious I noticed that you are Catholic, however you mentioned reading the Book of Mormon, did you find similarities between the two religions? What was your take on the information you read?

    • There are some similarities. I enjoyed the Book of Mormon but found it historically inaccurate.

      The awkward part for the Mormon church is the total lack of historical and archaeological evidence to support the Book of Mormon. For example, after the cataclysmic last battle fought between the Nephites and Lamanites, there was no one left to clean up the mess. Hundreds of thousands of men and beasts allegedly perished in that battle, and the ground was strewn with weapons and armor.

      Keep in mind that A.D. 421 is just yesterday in archaeological terms. It should be easy to locate and retrieve copious evidence of such a battle, and there hasn’t been enough time for the weapons and armor to turn to dust. The Bible tells of similar battles that have been documented by archaeology, battles which took place long before A.D. 421.

      The embarrassing truth—embarrassing for Mormons, that is—is that no scientist, Mormon or otherwise, has been able to find anything to substantiate that such a great battle took place.

      I did enjoy the Book of Mormon and have been discussing the book and the religion with Mormons. It’s fascinating.

  42. All the talk about how much money the wives get and how they are on a budget. Meri has to pay for Mariah’s school out of her 5000.00. Plus pay the mortgage etc. etc. She drives with no air conditioning in her car in LAS VEGAS heat. Yet, that bastard Kody drives around in his Porsche which he calls his 5th wife. What’s wrong with this picture. He has 17 kids for God’s sake. Isn’t he responsible for anything?

  43. I have been reading your posts for a while now, and only recently started commenting. I fully support you though. I was tempted to follow you on twitter, but thought that might be viewed as some sort of invasion so I didn’t.

    I can’t tell you how sorry I am that you’re still having to deal with trolls and hate. Why won’t they just let it go and leave you be? As always I am wishing you the best.

  44. i guess it will be on the next season then because it hasn’t aired yet. poor christine. meri needs to get the hell away from kody and take christine with her. i think there is some love still between kody and meri but with christine he is completely done.

  45. if it was filmed for the show then it hasn’t aired yet. they went to hawaii after meri and kody’s divorce i believe. a fan spotted robyn and kody there and posted a photo to the sisterwives facebook page but tlc deleted it.

  46. Look forward to buying it! Will you post here once it’s available and where to buy it?

  47. Hey Samuel, I am really new to this and I just realized that on my comments it shows my last name. Is there a way to remove that? I don’t want those people trying to contact me on Twitter or Facebook or whatever. I am really new to all of this, I’ve had a twitter for a few years but just started going on it once I heard about all this last month. thank you!

  48. kody and robyns trip was not filmed for the show. did meri tell you how much they make per episdoe? you can see this is a sore subject for me because they have filed bankruptcy 3 times, yet continued breeding more mouths to feed and now they are living in mcmansions that they can’t afford. these people are clueless leaches. just sayin’

  49. 😂😂 LOL, Sam! 😉

  50. in the earlier seasons of the show meri was getting the same amount as the other wives, she even admitted that. totally unfair. they did not have to buy those massive homes they could have bought a chunk of land and put smaller homes or a multi family home on it, saying that they couldn’t is bull. i don’t get this family at all. meri should be thanking you for defending her, lol! i just don’t understand all the spending that they do. brand new homes, trips to disneyland, kody and robyn even went to hawaii. like, if robyn has a medical lien, why is she jetting off to hawaii?

  51. can you answer my question about meri’s finances? did she ever tell you why she received the same amount as janelle, christine and robyn, even though she only had one child and therefore less expenses. i see this as kody favoring meri financially. so, at least she has his support in that aspect. i don’t understand why a woman with a child in collage would need a huge 5 bedroom house with a pantry/wet bar that costs more to buy then the other moms with kids at home. this is one of the reasons that i question meri’s integrity.

    • She doesn’t receive as much as them. She gets around $5000 a month the other wives get other amounts one of them $7000 for her and the college kids. The house issue is easy to explain. The reaso they ended up with houses double their original budgets is because they wanted the houses all together. Instead of building one giant house they opted to get land all together. When they were looking this was the only 4 lots all together like this. They had been looking for a year and a half. They settled on the 4 lots and were forced to go mortgage poor to get them. They all have monthly mortgage payments and two of the wives have medical liens on their homes because they can not afford to pay off their medical debts. Meri is paying for all of Mariahs college on her own. She also helps with random living exoenses or anything she needs. Kody does not help pay anything for Mariah or Meri. She told me him and Janelle figured out her budget for her, the family voted Mariahs college comes out of Meris income and they leave her to figure it all out. She puts things on credit cards and pays them off as she can. She also goes tanning and has a gym membership. So she is doing okay but is not rich. They all live month to month except Kody. He has control of the money.

  52. Thank you for the add. If you do write a book I will definitely buy it. Good luck 🙂

  53. Everyday in the news–the sick people in this world – do their best to screw things up for someone else–probably because they cannot be happy and cannot stand for anyone else to be either–you have worked hard and are successful, and that makes you an even bigger target for the “have not’s”–maybe when the next big scandal comes along they will leave you alone—until then I feel you are strong enough to handle it–and not give them “wood for the fire” that they have tried to create for your life. Linda

  54. This makes me quite angry. I cannot believe the venom spewed on Twitter toward you and Lindsay, even on Thanksgiving day no less. These people are obsessed and creepy! So sorry you had yet another betrayal from someone thought you could trust. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for the choices you make and certainly not for trusting someone who is 100% loyal to you and a trustworthy friend! I wish you nothing but the best. I hope these nasty vermin go back to their dank sewer dwellings soon!

  55. One of the main reasons I think that you are not a catfish is because a clever catfish would have owned it by now. They’d be able to step aside and look at the possible outcomes- sticking with the story that they are, in fact, exactly who they said were doesn’t get them all that much. A tawdry six month romance with a D- list reality star? Well that’ll net you fifteen seconds of fame on fringe news sites. And it doesn’t even net the catfish fame- it’s awarded to the alter ego instead. No one would ever know it was the catfish who was so clever all along.

    Now saying that you’ve created a fictitious person and have managed to seduce a straight-laced, religious person out of her marriage? Now, there’s something that grabs the attention and sells a book. People would love to know the details of how that was accomplished. Sure the catfish wouldn’t be able to use that alter ego ever again but who cares, they could create another.

    In the end though I think people need to realize that it doesn’t even matter that much who you are. Man, woman, alien or three legged dog, you still had a very provable six month romantic relationship with Meri. You admit that. She admits that, though to a much lesser degree- with the obvious motive of covering her ass. Who you are doesn’t invalidate what happened. It happened. Meri cheated. She can spin that however she wishes.

  56. I have noticed in ALL your posts you mention the severe guilt you are carrying over the affair.
    Just let go of that guilt. We all make mistakes.
    I am more interested in your journey of healing from this than you proving your identity.

  57. My question has always been if Jackie is so poor as they say then how does she afford to go to Disney with Meri. Not only that she has been to Meri’s house and saw her a couple of times. What does she get on a plane to Las Vegas, get a hotel room, see Meri and then fly back to Oklahoma. This does not make sense, all for a scam that the only benefit is to embarrass Meri. It was never stated that she got money from Meri ever or even tried to.

  58. A lot of people been following this affair. Why would anyone believe trolls when Meri clearly lied on TV about the affair. She even go so far as to blame fans for her actions! The trolls and the Brown family has lost all credibility. So sorry to hear they are still after you, Sam. Some people tend to have a vendetta against others who have better lives. They will soon tire of all of this.

  59. Hi Sam,
    I’m one of the ones you blocked on Twitter. I actually got really scared and wondered how you even knew I was reading your page.. Lol.
    I am just a curious reader… Been watching sister wives forever and once this came out I just felt like it was fake (as is MOST reality TV.. All staged and scripted). So of course I googled and found your blog and now it’s taken a considerable amount of my life away because I am so wrapped up in the story. 😉
    I would love to be accepted to follow you on Twitter; not a troll; just a curious reader who only goes on Twitter to read yours and Lindsey’s posts so I can argue with my friend (that I watch the show with) that you are real!

  60. Thanks Sam.

    1- From the very beginning it was very obvious Meri was intrigued by you. I read her direct messages to you, including the ones on your birthday. She even had the guts to ask if you had a “lady” in your life. Only a person who is “scoping” another person for a potential partnership will do that. Therefore any accusations of targeting her or her family are non sense and unfounded. Her lawyer, if she has one might as well go take a hike.

    2- Her claims of being cornered into leaving her family are pathetic. She wouldn’t have confided in you about how miserable she is about her marriage to Kody if she wasn’t seeking refuge in someone. She was seeking refuge because she wanted to escape and that was you. It was short lived though because as you got closer to making it real she realized what she was about to lose – a paycheck.

    3 – Her claims of having doubts about you and the red flags are the most bizarre accusations. I consider her a woman of average intelligence. If she was seriously questioning her judgment of you, wouldn’t she have confronted you about her doubts, and if she wasn’t satisfied with your explanations she would have severed contact with you? But no, she trusted you which is total contradictory to claims of being threatened by you. How odd.

    4 – Her claims of not meeting you as you can tell from the interview made her so uncomfortable. Her body language said it all. She didn’t know if she wanted to look at the camera, wipe her face, look at Kody, touch her hair. Those are all signs of putting barriers between her and the truth. Actually, she did that during the entire time she was answering questions about the affair. It made me so uncomfortable watching her. Like I said, I don’t know how she must be sleeping at night. I do believe she still loves you and is still thinking about you.

    5 – My last compelling point as I said earlier is the identity of Jackie Overton. I think a lot of people missed this. Lindsay is not Jackie. People look at the photos online.

    Sorry this was too long.

  61. Hi Sam, I was blocked on twitter and am not a mole. I’ve actually commented here before. Just here out of curiosity. Can you unblock me please? 🙂

  62. Hi Sam

    I’ve been following your story for two months now. I’m very curious, just like others I don’t buy Meri’s story.

    At first, I was going to write a point by point analysis of what I think, since the nature of my job being a corporate business analyst lends itself to analyzing people, situations without me realizing it. However, none of the points I would have made will make a difference because you already made them.

    The one thing I wanted to,point out is the identity of Jackie Overton. I hope anyone who reads this goes back online and looks at the photo of her mug shot in the yellow shirt and compares it to the photo of Lindsay with Meri. Big difference. The only thing they have in common is the short hair. Look at the jaw line. If you do a side by side comparison of their photos you will see they are two different people.

    I can’t imagine how heavily this must be weighing down on Meri because only the two of you know the truth.

    Best wishes.


  63. I for one can totally vouch for what Sam is saying. Because I supported him I was totally made fun of on Twitter and called a product of Jackie’s imagination. I can’t possibly be real because nobody with any brains would ever support him. Heaven forbid you talk to him on Twitter, you get bombarded with a bunch of them telling you a bunch of garbage about Sam. It is within seconds of you posting anything. What do they do, sit on his Twitter account just waiting 24/7. If you don’t listen to them then they totally harass you. Geez, you have to be brave and prepare for battle if you are going to say anything to Sam on Twitter. To be honest I was on the fence at first on what to believe but after seeing how obsessed and creepy these people are I cannot believe a word they say. They say Sam is Jackie and she is a very sick woman. Yet what I see is a bunch of totally obsessed and nasty individuals who need to look in the mirror and get a life. They are the sick ones.
    Sam I can’t blame you for being careful with who you allow in. It is a total jungle out there. I actually closed down my Twitter account to get away from these trolls.
    Just for the record I am not Sam/Jackie. I am a grandma who is in her 60’s and have been around the block a couple of times. I think I am totally able to take care of myself and I don’t need a bunch of unbalanced individuals tell me who I can and can’t talk to.
    Also, once I read one say to another. I wish I got involved sooner this is so much fun. Sad when you think tearing another person to shreds fun.

  64. I came here out of curiosity. I am still here because I saw truth. I keep supporting you because I found a friend. You deserve better than all this hurt, Sam.

  65. I’m not sure what to think anymore. Loved sister wifes. They are good people. I really don’t think Meri is going around getting these trolls to hate on u. They are doing it by them selfs. I don’t have a Twitter. What I’m saying Sam post a picture with u and meri. That will shut em up. U have a kind heart looks like. Then maybe they will leave u alone. I doubt they ever will a lot of people love Meri and u saying she’s lieing is making people mad. Wasn’t going to comment on your blog. And no I’m not a troll just want answers. Sorry u have to go though this crap but you put yourself there not us.

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