The truth shall set me free, again

I knew at some point she was going to speak out. She waited until she got an attorney to help her with a case. And then her side of the story came out. I told ya’ll, the truth shall set me free, again

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Look at the trolls attacking her on her twitter account now. It’s really disgusting. They are relentless. She is telling the truth and they are still harassing her. Someone that is innocent in all of this, someone that has enough going on in her own life, and they are still making fun of her, picking on her, slandering her.

Do you see what I have had to deal with for the last 6 months? These are the people that stalk me online. When are they going to stop? Disgusting!

She is going to sue People, In Touch, Meri, and TLC and she will win. They have to prove she is involved and they can’t. Because she had nothing to do with it. She’s going to go for a multi-million dollar lawsuit and I pray they settle out of court quickly so she can go on with her life. I’m sorry her name was involved but it wasn’t me that put it out there. Like she confirmed, I don’t know her. We have never met in person, I have spoken to her on the phone one time.

I have waited since October for her to finally speak up and clear my name. It was worth the wait.