I am a snowbird, for the weekend

Greetings from Snowbird, Utah. I flew up to Salt Lake City earlier to check on the new office we have here. Looks great. I like the new style of desks that came out this year. Very cool the materials used to make them and how they look. I want one to take back to Chicago.

Got my work done for the day and now we are in Snowbird, Utah for a ski weekend. I’m going to snowboard. Not much of a skier. My legs are too long and they tend to cross like shoelaces the further down the mountain I get. I’m trying to avoid injury. I figured once the twins are born my travel and adventure days are over for a few years. I’m trying to get as much traveling in on the weekends as I can.

We are going to enjoy a nice dinner at the resort tonight and head over to this local pub to listen to live music and watch people get drunk. I don’t drink so that’s not apart of my evening. Then going back to our rooms for an early night. I want to get up early, have a hot breakfast and hit the mountain like a rockstar. I haven’t been snowboarding this winter so I’m pretty stoked to go.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will be posting a few more times. It’s dang cold and I’m not one to stay outdoors all day Lol I think as I got older my skin got thinner and I just can’t do it. The girls will be shopping and I have already bought the 3 things that interested me in this town. New ski boots, new gloves, and a badass black glossy ski helmet. That’s all I need. I’m going to draw on it tonight. I bought some paint markers that are suppose to not wash off. I’m looking on the internet for cool stencils to print out while the girls get ready to go to dinner.

This place is beautiful. I am so excited to wake up in time for the sunrise tomorrow. God has blessed me more than I deserve. My life is amazing. Have a great weekend ya’ll! Love you guys!