Happy Birthday to my Ebook!

Happy-Birthday-61  Today I am releasing my Ebook. The perfect day for it. The ebooks are being sent out over the weekend. Please be patient there were a lot more orders than I ever expected. There is a centralized link page where you will be able to download it from. For all of your devices. It’s an ebook so if your device is not compatible for some unknown reason, please reply to the email you get and let us know immediately. Obviously I’m not the one that’s doing this. The people doing it have been hired and will hopefully be respect and polite to all my readers. If anyone causes a fuss, let me know and I will work it out myself, Samuel@NotBatmanyet.com

I’m adding a whole new page for Book Reviews. I would love to hear from you guys. I worked very hard on this ebook. It’s a love story. All feedback will be welcome. Thank you for pre-ordering it. You are one of 5219 people who pre-ordered it. Most of them came from the International crowd. I was shocked Lol Had no idea anyone from outside of the U.S. knew about it. I’m going to have to work on multi-language ebook versions it looks like. That will be later on.

I put my whole heart into the book. We all know the ending. It’s a very personal and uplifting story. With a huge twist at the end. I hope you guys like it! Even if you don’t, would love to hear that too. I’m a first time author. And last. I highly doubt I have enough to say in my life to fill another book. I’m not that interesting.

I just want to say I really do appreciate you being interesting enough in my story to buy this. It’s the best $6 you may have ever spent on a first time author’s book.

My title, “Almost Meri’ed”. Enjoy!