Easy like Sunday morning

Good morning blog readers and friends. Is everyone enjoying their weekend? Take today to rest before we all have to go back to work and resume the grind. 

I went to the weirdest Church service this morning in Bluffdale, Utah. It’s the 2nd time I’ve attended. No one remembered me which I like. They do some old school hymns that I haven’t heard since vacation bible school days. Checkmark Church off my To Do List for the day. That’s what it felt like walking out of there.

Im waiting on the girls to finish getting ready. Everyone slept in this morning. We are all sore. I’m hungry. I hope this buffet is as good as this brochure says it is. I could smell bacon when I walked through the lobby so there’s that. 

I need to eat then pack up and head back to Las Vegas. I have a big day of going through emails while I sit on the couch with my MacBook and watch football all day. It’s really cold up here. I can’t wait to feel that 60 degree day down there. 

Ive been staying in Lindsay’s house while she is in Australia. I’m dog sitting her dog and mine. I start to see how undisciplined my dog is. He’s basically a white and black skateboard with fur. He rolls through the house like he’s on fire. Her dog strolls in with the exact same attitude as Lindsay and sits in front of me waiting for me to entertain her. She doesn’t bark she only growls. She wakes me up by staring at me 2 inches away. You ever had a dog stare at you while you are trying to wake up? It would scare Lucifer! 

And there are lets call them surprises in drawers and shelves in her house. I was in the guest bathroom looking for floss and opened a drawer only to find a hammer, a dozen soy sauce packets, 2 bullets even though she doesn’t own a gun, a deck of cards in case an impromptu blackjack game busts out in the bathroom, and a golf glove. In the drawer, folks. I opened her spice drawer and 6 rolls of quarters flew out. What is she doing with roll of quarters? I emailed to ask her she just said put those back Lol 

I miss my home. Her guest bed is comfortable but God only knows who or what has slept in this bed. I can’t wait to go back home in a few weeks. 

Finally the girls are ready. Time to eat!