It’s in the mail

Greetings from Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m at my hotel. I have to get ready for a meeting and a dinner thing tonight. I will be here a few days.

The book is at the end of processing for those that have not received it yet. Thank you for your patience. I’ve been getting some really great book reviews. One bad one, that’s expected. I will be posting those to the new Book Reviews page on here. As soon as I figure that out. I’m happy to get comments. I am not a professional writer. I’m just a guy telling his story. I hope that all of the orders will be completed by tonight or early morning. The company I hired started with the international stuff first. Those folks replied back with comments and they were dealing with that and stopped processing things. Apparently not everyone overseas knew this was an english version of the book and there is no foreign language version. There will be soon. I’m big in Amsterdam apparently Lol Not sure how that happened but I’m happy to know that. Love all the international customers as well as my fellow Americans. Ya’ll are helping me be able to donate all of the book profits to a great organization. The preorder check will be presented to them next week. I made over $31,000 on preorders and they are getting every penny of it.

I don’t need money from this book and I don’t want it. All I have ever wanted was my side of my story. Thank you for your patience. The link to buy it will be back up on Saturday. Love to hear from ya’ll about it!

I’m craving funeral potatoes and I know I’m not supposed to eat any of it. I smelled bacon the last time I was here and almost threw up. I hope I can find someone who makes those at my office so I can bribe them into making me some. I don’t even care if they are vegan, they are delicious. Bad name for them though.

Oh, and Lindsay will be back from Australia on February 2nd. I did not realize how many people miss her when she’s gone. I hope she is having a blast with her mom on their trip. The last time I emailed her she was googling Russell Crowe’s address so her mom could go blow a kiss outside of his house and snap a picture. Why? I have no idea Lol