The Ebooks are done

The company distributing my ebooks emailed me and told me all of the ebooks have been sent out but one. Even the Free Ebook I promised someone because I insulted her husband.

I’m going to start posting the reviews. I’ve been sitting on them for a week because I don’t know how to work the Review plugin that Lindsay installed and I wanted to get all of the books out so the people who had not received it yet would be upset.

The delays are over. If you did not receive your ebook please contact me direcly. and I will look into it tomorrow for you.

Also if you are having issues opening your ebook let me know how we can help. I sent out 5 different formats to cover all devices. But there is always issues with this kind of thing.

Thank ya’ll for your patience. Anyone wanting to buy the book, the link will be back up on Saturday. And you can order it then.

The paperback book will be on Amazon, Itunes, and about a dozen other book retailer websites. I am self-publishing it. It’s currently being printed. It’s going to be very cool when I get them in to actually see a book with my name on it.

This is an ebook and I am not a professional writer. But you can follow along with my story. I hope you enjoy it. And if you don’t, I don’t mind hearing that too. I expected a lot of really bad reviews. So far only 1 bad one.

I’m in Salt Lake City, Utah until Saturday morning. Then I’m going to Denver for the weekend to see Mike. Hope ya’ll are having a great week!