Rocky Mountain Adventure?

Greetings from beautiful Denver, Colorado. I flew in early this morning so I could catch the sunrise. I was late and didn’t make it. I will get to see it tomorrow. I wanted to take photos because it’s a great landscape here for it.

I’m here to take Mike and his mom to the AFC Championship game. He’s a huge Broncos fan and I promised (Lost a bet) to take him if his team advanced (I didn’t really think they would win Lol) so here I am. We don’t have the best seats but we will be there. And I said if he could get us into some cool tailgating parties with his buddies I would fill him and his mom up with stadium food all during the game.

I will be sporting my #6 Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears, jersey to the game. Because I will not represent a team I don’t like. Go Bears! Pretty sure I will be the only Bears fan there in jersey. Should get interesting with the folks sitting around us. We just finished breakfast and are back at my hotel for a few minutes. I spilled some orange juice on my shirt and tie so I need to make a quick change. His mom is planning out our shopping trip with what stores she wants to hit at Cherry Creek mall. I hope they have a candle store. I love candles.

All of the Ebook orders are processed and marked paid. There were a few people saying they did not get theirs. Please check your Spam folder. For some reason some of them went there. If you did not receive it please leave a comment anywhere on this blog OR email me at: and I will get the processing company to send it out today.

You can now purchase my Ebook from my website. The link is at the top left of my site. If you are using the Mobile version of my blog, please scroll down to the bottom and hit Desktop to see the link. The price is still $6.

The paperback copy and the 2nd version of the Ebook will be on sale in Amazon, Itunes, and about 12 other book sellers online. I have no reason to put them in actual book stores because I don’t think that I will have enough interest for that. I knew the preorders would be the bulk of the book sales. Now I think I might get a few more hundred more over the next few months but I think that will be it.

Yes there are some errors in the book. Yes I am aware of them. The 2nd version will have those fixed. There are a few people commenting on formatting errors. It was tested on the latest edition OEM operating system on 21 different devices. If you upgrade your operating system on your device it should be okay. If not, please let me know so we can fix the Ebook as soon as possible. The paperbacks are being printed and as far as we saw, there are no errors in the printing. I’m sure there will be some but I didn’t see any.

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Thank you all again. Have a great weekend! God loves you and I love ya’ll too!