Sometimes the only thing left to say is nothing. I have a busy week at work. It’s my last week in Las Vegas before I go home. I have great news that I can’t share yet. But it does make me happy.

All of February I will be working on my Foster Parent certification and if I complete everything and get approved I will be able to take the twins when they are born. I won’t be able to legally adopt them. I will have to wait but the main thing is I will have my sons with me at home. 

That being said I’m doing all the traveling I can now because most of the Spring I know I will be at home every night with my boys. 

Im going to be a Dad! I never thought that would happen. And the best news is I can’t pass on any of my crappy family medical history to them. They have a much better medical history coming from my cousin’s branch of the family tree. My dad’s family is heart disease, alcoholism, and high blood pressure. My mom’s side, where my cousin and I share DNA is full of cancer. I would have passed on the double whammy.

I probably need to start figuring out names. Do I rhyme them? Do I go all Biblical? I need baby boy name ideas! Help! I know I will not be going all crazy unique like Kane or Hawk. Hawk Cooper? No. 

I guess I should start getting a nursery set up. I have a condo downtown in Chicago and a house on the lake an hour north in Lake Forest. They will be raised both places. I have no idea what theme to make the nursery. Did you know you need a theme?

This is why I probably need to start dating someone that loves kids and wants to help me. Because I am already in over my head Lol

Have a great week everyone!



    1. It’s a kinship adoption and there are different things to go through for the state of Illinois for it. Also the big problem is the family court docket is so full everything takes a while. The quickest I could do is go for Foster parent certification in order to take them at birth then wait it out for the legal adoption.

  1. Amy

    Congrat! I am so happy that after all that you have been through, that things are looking up for you. Nathan, Zachary, & Gabriel are great name ideas for you. Nursery ideas, well i always liked the idea of beach theme. You can even have a soothing sounds of the ocean waves.
    Again congrats!

  2. Tracy

    Samuel, don’t rhyme them. They’ll thank you later. We have 3 sets of twins in my family. My mother & her twin brother are Gene & Jeanne. Don’t ask! LOL See? Don’t rhyme them. In naming them, remember they may be twins but they are separate individuals.

    They’re always going to be twins – special. They’re always going to share the same birthday. They’re always going to be known as “The Twins.” Sometimes they will love it but …. sometimes they may resent it. You never know.

    So name them each for who THEY are, as individuals. That way, they each have something that is truly their “own,” that they don’t have to “share” with the other. You don’t have to name them until you meet them, right? A lot of women will tell you that they had a lot of baby names picked out but once they held their child, for the very first time, all those names got thrown out the window because one look at that child & they knew exactly what yo name them. So you see, Sam – go with your gut. It’ll never steer you wrong. 🙂

    ~Tracy, From Milwaukee

  3. I did rhyming AND biblical…..Ezekiel and Gabriel….lol! They aren’t twins though. Actually, they have a 8 year age gap, but they are my only two children and I wanted their names somehow connected. Since Ezekiel always has gone by Zeke, I didn’t want a first name letter connection because then there would be confusion about should I do mathing ‘E’ or matching ‘Z’ names. Good luck to you though….twin boys….yikes!!!;-)

  4. Moonglow

    Just some ideas. Nursery decor: hire a decorator. You’re simply way too busy to bother with such things. Anyone who tells you different, that it’s important you’re personally involved is full of it. As for names: start by envisioning them as adults living the lives you’d like them to lead, then name them accordingly. Give them names they could run for president with, be newscasters with, be authors or doctors or professors without embarrassment. No Cassidy Coopers need apply. You can always go to prison with a name like David Cooper, but you could also be president. It’s totally stupid, but people judge you on your name. Don’t limit their futures before they get their own chances to limit themselves.🙂