On to better things this morning

I’m at the airport and I have another 45 minutes to wait. I’m heading down to Los Angeles for the day to check in on that office and meet my buddy Will for dinner.

The wedding was awesome. So happy for Kevin and his bride. We had a lot of fun at the bachelor party. I arrived a little late to the rehearsal dinner but as soon as that boring, tedious practice round was over with we headed out. Kevin kissed his soon to be bride and we whisked him away. She yelled “Make sure he’s on time tomorrow boys” Lol She must have heard stories.

10 of us hit the town and let’s just say we had more fun than I have had in a few days. It’s good to be among the guys I grew up with. We haven’t really changed much, at least not when we get around each other. We ended up sneaking into the bride’s room, stealing her dress and stuffing it in a non-damaging hiding spot. We left her a post it note, since she’s a big fan of Sex and the City, and took off without waking anyone in her room. We felt like ninjas. Until 8am the next morning when she came banging on everyone’s door screaming. That’s when I realized how dumb and hurtful that would have been if she hadn’t started cracking up and kissing on Kevin wanting her dress back. We have done some sort of prank on all of our guys that get married during their bachelor party. It’s usually on the bride with the exception of painting what we thought were removable whiskers on our buddy Joel. That was a close call trying to get that scrubbed off of him by show time Lol Will our days of pranks ever stop? No. That’s what life is all about, having a great time with the same guys you grew up with. And making memories only we can laugh about later. I know I know it’s immature. What can I say.

The wedding really was beautiful. Kevin poured his heart out, promised her the moon, and handed her a movie ticket he had saved from their first date to prove not only is he sentimental, but he knew from their first date he wanted to marry her. Not a dry eye, folks. The reception was all about the food and dancing. We turnt it up. I love to dance, but some of my friends really need to work on it. What is this new head in the arm move? I don’t even know what the heck that is. I’m supposed to google it. It’s a Cam Newton thing I guess.

We went sight seeing after the reception. I stuffed in as much as I could in a few short hours then headed back to my room. I was exhausted. I ordered dinner in my room and went to sleep. That’s why I got up so early today.

I’m really excited to get to Los Angeles today. I need to find a Church to at least go pray and light a candle in. I’m trying to get myself into a Church on Sundays. I found out I feel off if I don’t go. Even just a short Thank you God private prayer session will do.

I hope ya’ll have a wonderful Sunday. I will be playing on my Pinterest until it’s time to go. There are some really cool images on there. Great vegan recipes too. It’s become my new downtime addiction.

I love ya’ll, God loves you too. Talk to you in a few days!

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  1. If you still go to Catholic Mass, the website, Masstimes.org will help you find a church with Mass times anywhere in the US. I use it all the time when I travel or see the in-laws (outlaws really.) 😂

    I enjoy your blog and I check back often. Take care!

  2. I’m thrilled you had such a lovely time! Safe travels!

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