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ebookcover1  We grew up going to Catholic school, Church on Wednesday nights and Sundays. Sometimes twice on Sundays. That depended on how bad we had behaved all week. And I was usually not the cause of that. I stayed quiet. It became easier to deal with my dad as the years went on. After a while I figured out how to handle his drinking and being mad. I coped. That’s what a lot of us do as kids. We know there is something wrong with one of our parents or a sibling and we ride it out. Instead of really knowing what to say or do, we hide what we feel or think. Then as adults all of this repressed anger comes out in our relationships and friendships.

It took me a long time to figure out why I felt I had to work out so much. It was all of this undeveloped anger I never let out as a kid. Working out made me feel better. I could be aggressive, push myself like I wanted to push on my dad. I coped. That’s not how things should be. We all need to learn at an early age to communicate. I also really believe you should take your kids individually on dates. Show them how a young lady or a young gentleman should respect you as their date. Maybe start around the age of 5 and go to dinner or a movie. Something that makes them use manners and open up to you. Lead them by example so when they do start dating they already have the necessary tools. No one took me aside and said this is how you treat a girl on a date. I just did what all of my friends were doing. I said a lot of really dumb things and embarrassed myself. I wasn’t using manners very well and I kind of blew off my date to go hang out with my friends as soon as we arrived somewhere. As an adult I would never pull a stunt like that. I figured out how to deal with it better. I think a lot of problems are the deterioration of manners and certain feelings of entitlement. I admit it I’m still learning how to deal with relationships. I’m obviously not very good at them. But I keep trying because one of these days I’m going to meet someone who stays around and molds me into this perfect version of myself. I can do all that I can on my own, but it takes a subjective and unconditional love to really get you fine tuned. Or trained, right ladies?

You might as well know by this point I tend to veer off from the topic I start out on. That’s how my mind works. I find myself writing this and wanting to talk about all kinds of life experiences I have had. You will get used to it. I make perfect sense without the guidance of grammar or sentence structure. I’m going to drive some strict spelling and grammar police nuts. That makes me laugh thinking of them reading my book wanting to bang their head on the table. It’s left exactly as I wrote it. I’m not a professional writer, obviously. I’m not trying to pretend I am by using words I would never really use in my life. I could write a soliloquy of extemporaneous topics but what fun would be that? I don’t talk like that. I actually had to look up both of those words to make sure I spelled them right. I didn’t by the way. I got close.

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  1. Just the mention of the spelling and grammar police, and the fact you know they are there, is funny. Really, it is my O.C.D., that causes me to notice things of that nature. Well, and I suppose the fact that spelling something wrong or not using proper punctuation would have my hands aching, gives me more motivation to use the English language properly. I guess, I just wanted to say, that section made me laugh. Not at you, just that people would find it necessary to ridicule your writing by scrutinizing your spelling and punctuation.

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